• A Greenfinch Is Singing

    The voice of a bird his kind in the past i have known
    A little green creature with ways of his own
    With yellow tips on wings his kind sing a wheezy song
    From once heard you know the bird to whom the voice belong... more »

  • A Grieving Mother

    The patriots celebrating the war has been won
    But the grieving mother weeps for her dead son
    Who died a young hero in a war far away
    His twenty third birthday it would be today.... more »

  • A Grieving Widow

    From the cemetery in Cameron Street she's a short walk away
    And often at her husband's grave for his soul she does pray
    An old miner of the black coal two years ago he died
    Soon she will go to join him to lay forever by his side.... more »

  • A Grounded Silver Gull

    It cannot fly with a drooping left wing
    Grounded on the beach it does seem such a sad thing
    The disabled silver gull that i did see today
    For dog or cat or fox is now easy prey... more »

  • A Grudge I Will Not Harbour

    It was his choice that he chose to become my enemy
    But I've chosen to forgive him I hope he forgives me
    I do not wish to spend my twilight years nursing a worthless grudge
    His opinions of me scarce does matter and I'm not to be his judge... more »

  • A Grudge In The Mind

    Some easier to get on with than others happens to be so
    But few go through life without making a foe
    And it is not unusual that a grudge in the mind can escalate
    In the one with the grudge to feelings of hate... more »

  • A Happy Migrant

    He won't be going back to the field by the high wood by the hill
    And walk along by the old stream whose tongue is never still
    He is happy in this tropical town of sun shine every day
    And he doesn't pine for what has been and brown hills far away... more »

  • A Happy Old Man

    It has been awhile since his hair was dark brown
    The wrinkled old bloke from the far away town
    Five times a grandfather divorced by his wife
    But he feels quite happy in his single life... more »

  • A Happy Person

    She is such a lovely young lady free of conceit and of guile
    She helps me for to feel younger when she greets me with a smile
    Every time that i do see her in the park or on the street
    People like her are worth knowing and always a pleasure for to meet... more »

  • A Happy Person Always Nice To Meet

    Time ticking on old age of you ahead
    Enjoy yourself for you'll be forever dead
    Life is too short for worry and for stress
    Such only barriers to happiness... more »

  • A Happy Sound

    In the children's playground in the park by the bay
    The joy in the laughter of children at play
    A happy sound that does bring joy to my day
    Laughter is the best medicine as some like to say... more »

  • A Hard Old World To Live In

    A hard old World to live in where it is each to self and own
    Where from over swollen egos false legends are grown
    We are now in the age of the me, myself and i
    But only memories of true greatness outlives the graves of death and all others do die... more »

  • A Hard Working Fellow

    Though a new challenge in life every day he does face
    In his mind for sadness there is not any space
    With a wife and two young children for to care about
    He cannot afford to spend time on worry and self doubt... more »

  • A Heartbreaking Thing

    It does seem that you will pine for her for years
    Yet she does not love you she is not worth your tears
    She married another rears his baby boy
    A young mother in love her life she enjoy... more »

  • A Heaven Without Fauna

    'Tis said that only humans have been blessed with a soul
    And we refer to them as dumb creatures the dog and bird and cat and foal
    But heaven without birds, fish, insects and animals would seem a lonely place
    No young lambs in the Springtime in sunlit fields to sport and race.... more »

  • A Heavy Fog

    The fog silently crawls across the sky and on the ground
    And cloaks the countryside for miles around
    And motorists drive with their headlights on though the clock has struck mid-day
    And visibility down to twenty metres and everywhere looking gray.... more »

  • A Hero Of Mine

    Your Greatest achievement to some may seem small
    But what is a great to many does not apply to all
    On what constitutes success no two feel the same
    Since not everyone see an achievement in being a celebrity and being one of wealth and fame... more »

  • A Hero To Me

    As he struggles to cope with financial worries and stress
    He feels so unhappy his life in a mess
    His wife in an asylum feeling mentally unwell
    At present life for him it is Earthly Hell... more »

  • A Hobby To Their Kind

    My inspiration well it seems is running dry
    And Poesy of late she keeps passing me by
    And though I never did pen what you would call good stuff
    My writing efforts as I age becoming more rough.... more »

  • A Holy Person

    In her lounge room she has a small altar where she often kneels for to pray
    To God and his Saints and his Angels she prays for to join them one day
    Unmarried and pure in her seventies her wavy hair is silver gray
    Her life to her God is devoted unmarried and pure she will stay... more »

  • A Holy War

    I've always thought that the word holy involved prayer
    But the Muslims of Ambon in Indonesia say they ought declare
    A holy war on all Christians living there
    And religious tolerance seems strained beyond repair.... more »

  • A Homeless Man

    When compared to mine his dreams are very humble he does not seek much out of life at all
    A small flat he could call his home to live in compared to most his wishes seem quite small
    At sixty seven years he's on the street and homeless a Winter dawn is breaking cold and gray
    With long gray beard and looking thin and shabby he walks uptown as he does every day.... more »

  • A Homeless Old Man

    'Tis said he has fleas in his long gray beard the homeless and sad faced old man
    And his is such a tough existence at the twilight of his life-time span
    He drinks cheap brand wines by the bottle perhaps alcohol his downfall
    If you judge him don't judge him too harshly or why should one judge him at all... more »

  • A Homeless Woman

    She does not ask much out of life not very much at all
    Her dreams compared to many to say the least are small
    A little home beside the ocean from the mean streets far away
    From the poor and neglected suburb where she lives homeless today... more »

  • A Homesick Refugee

    So tall dark and lean looking and so light on his feet
    One must feel were he so inclined he would make a great athlete
    But in his mid to late thirties he's past his physical prime
    And he like all the rest of us is losing out to time.... more »