• For Me Like All

    For me there may not be a tomorrow i only can live my life by the day
    I never do look far into the future the now is all that matters anyway
    At sixty six i have seen a lot of seasons on length of life never a guarantee
    If this is how it is for everybody why should it be any different for me... more »

  • For Me Like All Others

    For me like all others there will be a last night and day
    And where my last resting spot is why should i care anyway
    And of a heaven or a hell ask one other than me
    Since i only believe in what my eyes do see... more »

  • For Me Like Everybody Else

    For me like everybody else there will be a last December
    And it does not even bother me if none me do remember
    And though like everybody else i do have a life story
    You will not hear anybody say of me he scaled the heights of glory... more »

  • For Me Not Far Away

    What is in life for me now an aging old hack
    The end of my life's journey not distant there is no turning back
    I can only return in memory to my life's prime
    The only way that we can go back in time... more »

  • For Me Penning Of Rhyme

    I am in my mid sixties with little money to my name
    But for that i only have myself for to blame
    I had my money making opportunities but i left them go by
    In some ways i feel a failure that i will not deny... more »

  • For Me Penning Rhyme

    With little in the way of assets and money to my name
    For me penning rhyme a hungry belly game
    I say here again what I've often said before
    I just write for pleasure that and nothing more... more »

  • For Me This Penning Of Rhyme

    For me this penning of rhyme is a hungry belly game
    But it is something i enjoy doing just the same
    Rhyming never does add money to my name
    And in it for me not even much fame... more »

  • For Me To Live In

    For a better World for me for to live in
    With my own self i do have to begin
    And in this instance what applies to me also applies to you
    With some self improvement most people could do... more »

  • For Me To Say

    Who is or is not successful is not for me to say
    Since success can be gauged in many a different way
    The one successful to you may not be so to me
    This is how it is and it always will be... more »

  • For Me To Say Differently

    For me to say any differently would be to tell a lie
    Since i hope to be rhyming until the day i do die
    As a younger man i hoped i might become a poet
    But now i realize that i will never become one of literary note... more »

  • For Mid April

    In the sunny blue sky just a few patches of gray
    For mid Autumn and April such a warm Summer like day
    A weather temperature high for the day of twenty seven degrees
    And a non seasonal warmth in the gentle breeze... more »

  • For Millions Out There

    For millions out there life is an Earthly Hell
    Of hardship and suffering they only can tell
    In camps overcrowded with climate and war refugees
    Many suffer and die of hunger and disease.... more »

  • For Most Of Us

    For most of us our existence revolves around the me, myself and i
    And this includes me of that why should i lie
    Suppose the selfish gene we do need to survive
    As materially the self centered do seem to thrive... more »

  • For Most Of Us Ageing People The Past

    For most of us ageing people the past has been a mixture of laughter and tears
    But in memory we only can go back the years
    To when we were younger a long time ago
    Long before time itself did become our foe... more »

  • For Most Words

    For most words you will find there's a word to rhyme
    That's how it has been now for centuries of time
    But nowadays literary experts never refer to a rhymer as poet
    They reserve such a title for one they see as more worthy of note... more »

  • For My Lack Of Material Success

    For my lack of material success i only have myself to blame
    Though i never yearn for wealth and for fame
    Just one of the literary never do well
    Like every old scribbler who pens doggerel... more »

  • For My Lot

    For my lot in life my own self i do blame
    There is none other i can name
    Good judgement is a thing I've not shown
    And all of my mistakes are my own.... more »

  • For My Mistakes In Life

    For my mistakes in life i only have myself for to blame
    And for everyone else it has to be the same
    But from our mistakes we should learn as the wise one does say
    Though some slow to learn it does seem this way... more »

  • For My Own Enjoyment

    I do not write for financial gain or for literary renown
    The rhymes come to me on paper i pen them down
    And then email them to be published on a literary site
    The simple sort of rhymes i pen anybody could write... more »

  • For My Own Enjoyment And Little Else More

    There is not money or fame for me in the rhymes i do write
    And regularly email to an internet site
    Amongst internet bloggers not one to the fore
    I just write rhymes for my own enjoyment and little else more... more »

  • For My Rhymes

    For my rhymes i do not expect or receive any pay
    And yet i am one who writes rhymes every day
    And to those who advise me to give rhyming away
    We all have our addictions to them i do say... more »

  • For My Sins Against Others

    For my sins against others to Karma I must pay
    If not in the immediate future then in some future day
    What goes around does come around applies to everyone
    To Karma we will have to pay for wrongs to others done... more »

  • For My Sins Against Others The Price I Must Pay

    For my sins against others the price i must pay
    But i do not hate anybody since this is not my way
    I only wish to be forgiven as i do forgive
    Since i believe in the philosophy of live and let live... more »

  • For My Wrongs Against Others

    For my wrongs against others to Karma i will pay
    At least that's how it seems to me anyway
    In life we do create our friends and our foes
    And we all have our own beliefs one must suppose... more »

  • For My Years

    In wisdom and knowledge for my years i have little to show
    And so little about life i can claim to know
    Though we never stop learning as some like to say
    And life has new lessons for us every day... more »