• For My Years Of Life

    For my years of life success I cannot show
    Though from living a few things I can claim to know
    And one is from life we earn what we receive
    On such an assumption I am one who believe... more »

  • For My Years Of Life I Have Little In Knowledge To Show

    For my years of life i have little in knowledge to show
    And of the ways of Nature and people so little i can claim to know
    And as we do live we do learn every day
    In life we never stop learning as the wise one did say... more »

  • For Myself Why Should I Feel Sorry

    For myself why should i feel sorry mine is not a sad life at all
    I'm happier with my lot more than most are and i have good memories to recall
    Of my walks in different places and of Nature's beauty i have seen
    When i visualize i can picture the bluebells on the ditch of the bohreen... more »

  • For Narcissistic People

    For narcissistic people some sympathy one must spare
    Since with most in common they have little to share
    But sad to think nowadays their kind are not rare
    Their numbers on the increase of that i am aware... more »

  • For No Two Seems The Same

    The journey through life for no two seems the same
    Some born to know of wealth and widespread fame
    And many are born into poor circumstance
    And of any success in life does stand little chance.... more »

  • For Oil Not For Freedom

    My heart goes to those who grieve for their war dead in war torn Iraq
    Life when it is taken cannot be given back
    Those who started this war from Iraq may live far away
    But to Karma they do have a huge price to pay... more »

  • For Old Claraghatlea

    For old Claraghatlea and the long gone years
    And the what used to be i have shed my last tears
    My better years are in the forever gone
    And life all around me as usual goes on... more »

  • For One

    For one who often kneels and prays to God
    I must say some of your ideas do seem odd
    When you say all of those with a different God to your's are wrong
    To a narrow church 'twould seem you do belong.... more »

  • For One Football

    In some ways humanity does not seem advanced at all
    People in their physical prime tussling over possession of one football
    They ought to get a football each with for to play
    And for many it would be just as enjoyable for to watch anyway... more »

  • For One His Age He's Not Learnt Much

    The old fellow Bill he spoke quite loud he must have had drank a few beers
    And it would seem he does not have that much between his ears
    And anyone of Irish race at him would take offence
    For one his age he's not learnt much and he doesn't make much sense.... more »

  • For One In His Mid Seventies

    The years are telling on him his balding head is gray
    The old man in his seventies from the Northlands far away
    The young man of the sixties his better years long gone
    And only his great lust for life itself that keeps him living on.... more »

  • For One Like Willy Chaplin

    One could be called worse things than a poetaster
    A person known for penning doggerel rhyme
    It does seem an inoffensive sort of a hobby
    And never should be looked on as a crime... more »

  • For One Of His Years He Is Full Of Elan

    For one of his years he is full of elan
    There is lots of life yet in the sprightly old man
    With one young enough to be his grand-daughter he walks hand in hand
    That money speaks every language is not hard to understand... more »

  • For One To Grow Wealthier

    For one to grow wealthier others grow poorer human life it is this way
    There are winners and many losers in the World every day
    It is now as it was always and this is how it will always be
    Financial gains for some it does seem for others lead to poverty... more »

  • For One To Live

    A blow fly stuck in a spider's web is buzzing in distress
    The vibrating of the web to the black house spider is an S O S
    That living prey is for the taking he puts on the fly the death bite
    The hunter can enjoy it's meal and rest at ease tonight,... more »

  • For One To Win

    To be second best one never to does aspire
    But in the one gracious in defeat so much to admire
    'Tis easy for winners to laugh since their joy is complete
    But only the bravest can smile in defeat... more »

  • For One To Win Many Must Lose

    When she was in her twenties of fame she used to dream
    And in her wild imaginings she always reigned supreme
    Amongst the big stars of Hollywood she took pride of place
    And all around the World her's was a well known face.... more »

  • For One To Win Others Must Lose

    In all things in human life it does seem for one to win others must lose
    And everyone wants for to be a winner losing is something one never does choose
    Doubtless far fewer winners than losers the poor of the World are not rare
    There are at least a thousand poor people for every known millionaire... more »

  • For One Who Claims He Loves God

    For one who claims he loves God you are not very kind
    And better than you would not be hard to find
    You pass judgement on those you see as different as if it is your right
    Is everyone not equal in your God's sight?... more »

  • For Our Bad Environmenta Practices

    Of few votes on action against Climate Change politicians are aware
    And of the consequences of Global Warming too few do seem to care
    More fossil fuels are burned than at anytime in the World of today
    For our crimes against the Natural Environment the future generations of humans will pay... more »

  • For Our Every

    For our every error and our every mistake there always is some price to pay
    For us this is how it is and will be life always works in this way
    But why burden your mind with regrets though bad memories with you last
    Since it is true we can only learn from our mistakes of the past... more »

  • For Our Every Mistake

    Of life the more we do learn the more we come to realize
    That we do know so little this not a surprise
    New lessons for us for to learn every day
    That we never stop learning does seem true to say... more »

  • For Our Ignorance And Stupidity

    What we do to our natural environment to our own selves we do
    To our Earth Mother who feeds us we owe it to her to
    Respect her other life forms and their habitat not to destroy
    We owe that to the children of the future every young girl and boy... more »

  • For Our Mistakes

    She liked him because he always praised her verses
    And complimented her on her beauty and her shoulder length brown hair
    And she was flattered by his interest on her
    She valued his friendship as young men like him are rare.... more »

  • For Our Mistakes In Life

    For our mistakes in life always some price to pay
    This is how it is life works in this way
    We learn as we live in truth one can say
    And life has new lessons for us every day... more »