• A Horrible Thing

    Such sad news we hear of and read of every day
    Of wars fought in Countries from here far away
    People killing each other because of religion and culture and land
    Why people never learn from past wars seems hard to understand... more »

  • A Huge Population

    A huge population in the World of six billion or more
    And the numbers increasing as never before
    And people dying of hunger and in war zones every day
    Life for most not easy 'twould be fair to say... more »

  • A Human Rat Race

    Life has it's ups and downs you lose and you win
    And is there one amongst us not guilty of sin?
    And greed now in every Land and every place
    Of the World we inhabit we've made a rat race.... more »

  • A Human World Of Winners And Losers

    A Human World of winners and losers is the sort of World that we are living in
    Where many do end up as losers just for a few for to have a win
    Yet many of the wealthiest of people can be spiritually poor in some way
    Everyone becomes a loser when Life's Reaper on our lives has the say... more »

  • A Human World Without Love

    A Human World where anyone for the feelings of anyone does not care
    Even the very thought of such does seem hard to bear
    Yes a Human World without love would be a sad World indeed
    When it is of more love not less of it that the most of us are in need... more »

  • A Humbling Thing

    On the church belfry to where i am near
    The tolling of the funeral bell i do hear
    To proclaim to all of human mortality
    A similar bell will one day ring for me... more »

  • A Humid October Day

    The sky is a mixture of clouds blue and gray
    And the sun at intervals shines through on this warm Spring day
    With a high of a humid thirty one degrees
    And little relief from the heat in the freshening sea breeze... more »

  • A Hungry Belly Game

    This writing verse is a 'hungry belly game'
    And there must be an easier road to fame
    For of the many who write verse only the few
    Can ever hope to see their dream come true.... more »

  • A January Day

    It is warm today over thirty degrees
    And warmth in the sunshine and warmth in the breeze
    That blow across the bare dry paddocks from the nearby bay
    In the clear blue sky just a few clouds of gray... more »

  • A January Day In Koroit

    In the sunny and blue sky just a few clouds of gray
    It is warm and humid in Koroit today
    In temperatures quite close to thirty degrees
    The air is so still without any breeze... more »

  • A January Day In The Moyne Shire

    It is warm today over thirty degrees
    And the cattle are sheltering in the shade of the trees
    Out of the sun where it is a bit more cool
    In the brown and bare Moyne Shire coastal countryside close to Warrnambool... more »

  • A January Day West Of Millstreet Town

    The river from Kippagh in storm waters of brown
    Bank high in the old fields west of Millstreet Town
    From recent heavy rain on this January day
    And stealing down Clara the rain fogs of gray... more »

  • A January Evening

    Though my worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
    In Nature no shortage of things for me to write rhymes about
    The day it is warm the sun it is out
    In this beautiful place in the far coastal south... more »

  • A January Evening In Port Fairy

    A high for the day of a warm thirty eight degrees
    But in the late evening a cool freshening breeze
    Just before sunset has brought the temperature down
    On this beautiful January evening in Port Fairy Town... more »

  • A January Morning In Knocknagree

    It's cold in Duhallow this morning and the fields that were green yesterday
    Lay chilled to the frost that the night brought a cover of silvery gray
    And the little dunnock on bare hedgerow too cold and too hungry to sing
    On nude branch he perch sad and silent the hardship that January can bring.... more »

  • A January Night In Millstreet Town

    Few cars on the quiet street do pass up and down
    On a cold Winter night in old Millstreet Town
    The pub doors are locked not a human in sight
    On what is a typical January weekday night... more »

  • A Jimmy Carter Fan

    David hails from Newark in New Jersey and from his Hometown he lives far away
    And what keeps him here is his Aussie wife and their two young children she never would live in the U.S.A.
    Through the internet he keeps up to date with news from the Homeland politics, sports, grid iron and baseball
    And to the stars and stripes he is still faithful that flag he says is the greatest flag of all.... more »

  • A Journey On The South Gippsland Freeway

    From Cranbourne to Tooradin and Kooweerup
    The flatlands off the freeway looking brown
    From Lang Lang on through Grantville down Bass highway
    On the coast road towards old Wonthaggi Town.... more »

  • A Joy For To Meet

    In the park or the pub the shopping centre or on the street
    One with a happy smiling face is a joy for to meet
    Where-ever they are at joy is to be found
    As they bring it with them and spread it around... more »

  • A Judgemental Man

    Who am i for to judge another though judge some i will and i can
    If in my books they don't seem worthy since i am a judgemental man
    They don't go with my way of thinking and on them my views i will express
    Though my words they may well go un-noticed i will have my say none the less... more »

  • A July Day In Port Fairy

    The sun intermittently shines in the sky blue and gray
    But in Port Fairy it is cold, wet and windy today
    Yesterday for Winter it was warm and dry
    The weather changes quickly in the southern July... more »

  • A July Night

    The frogs in the pond singing in the moonlight
    As the rain drizzles down on a wintery night
    And the cry of a fox in the paddock nearby
    On the second last evening of the southern July... more »

  • A July Night In The Country Town

    The rumble of thunder in the darkened sky
    And the barn owl utters it's familiar shrill cry
    As above the town park to the tall trees nearby
    On silent wings the nocturnal hunter does fly... more »

  • A June Day

    Though the warbling of the magpies one does often hear
    It is cool and wet in south west Victoria in early Winter of the year
    The southern June is often chilly in the damp coastal breeze
    And many morning though not freezing just above zero degrees... more »

  • A June Day In Duhallow

    Above the slopes of Clara overlooking Claramore
    The little plain brown skylark is carolling as he soar
    His territorial melodies a small speck in the sky
    And higher ever higher he carols as he fly.... more »