• A June Day In South West Victoria

    It is a cool showery and windy Winter's June day
    But the magpies are singing in the park by the bay
    The black and white songsters with a song quite beautiful to hear
    The birds who do sing every day of the year... more »

  • A June Day In The Moyne Shire

    Though the sun now appears from behind clouds of gray
    It has been a wet and windy and chilly start to the day
    And early evening though sunny and dry is on the side of cool
    In the coastal countryside between the town of Koroit and the City Of Warrnambool... more »

  • A June Evening In The Moyne Shire

    The sun slowly setting in the gray Winter sky
    And gray kangaroos grazing in the paddock nearby
    To the woodland where they do spend most of the day
    Most of them wary of humans fear on their survival some part does play... more »

  • A June Morning

    An overcast sky with pregnant clouds of rain
    And the magpie geese back in Tower Hill again
    And i hear the distinctive call notes of the pied currawong
    Of the dark birds it is said they do tell of rain in their song... more »

  • A June Morning In Ballydaly

    The river from the lake in Kippagh through Ballydaly winds it's way
    And above the field crowded with rushes the lark carols at break of day
    The young birds they chirp on the hedgerows at sun rise the sun looking red
    It looks like good hay making weather a warm Summer's day is ahead.... more »

  • A June Morning In Koroit

    An overcast sky with pregnant clouds of rain
    And the magpie geese back in Tower Hill again
    And i hear the distinctive call notes of the pied currawong
    Of the dark birds it is said they do tell of rain in their song... more »

  • A Kind Enough Person

    A kind enough person who has never done anyone wrong
    For all of his life he has been struggling along
    And few wish to know of you when you are down
    And doing it tough on the poor side of the town... more »

  • A Knocknagree Rose

    The bigger World out there she yearned for to see
    She would not spend her lifetime in green Knocknagree
    When the hawthorns were cloaked in their blossoms of pale gray
    She left home on a Spring morning in early May... more »

  • A Known To Be A Respectable Family Man

    A known to be a respectable family man the multi millionaire
    Who with his family and wife in church do kneel in prayer
    It is by people like him many are inspired
    A pillar of his community and greatly admired... more »

  • A Koroit Beauty

    Her type of woman most men like to admire
    One of the prettiest nubile young women of the Moyne Shire
    With shoulder length wavy hair of a dark brown
    Surely one of the finest in old Koroit Town... more »

  • A Koroit Identity

    Perhaps he will end his days in Koroit Town
    Where he does enjoy his local renown
    Though he has many friends of enemies he has a few
    In life you win some and lose some is not saying anything new... more »

  • A Koroit Truckie

    A bloke in his early forties a truckie formerly of Koroit Town
    On many of the highways and freeways of Australia he has driven up and down
    From Melbourne to Brisbane via Sydney for him not a long drive
    Twenty years of accident free driving on travel he does seem to thrive... more »

  • A Last December

    For all of us there is a last December the ripened fruit off of it's branch does fall
    Each dawn we see one nearer to our last dawn life's journey has an ending for us all
    The longest lived human life as time goes not a long span the clock on our lives keeps ever ticking fast
    At the stroke of midnight we will be in tomorrow and today it will be of the past... more »

  • A Late April Day

    A cool enough start to a late Autumn day
    But the magpie does sing in the park by the bay
    And the dainty black and white magpie larks are singing pee wee
    Birds familiar to many and familiar to me... more »

  • A Late Bloomer

    She was not as beautiful in her life's prime
    The woman who grows prettier with the passing of time
    Some women mature like good wine i suppose
    In her early forties she blooms like a rose... more »

  • A Late October Dawn

    The brown flood that was flowing bank high yesterday
    Though somewhat subsided towards the ocean rapidly babbling it's way
    And in the cool gray of a late October dawn
    The salmon against the strong current are swimming upriver to spawn... more »

  • A Law Written By Mother Nature

    A law written by Mother Nature that the strongest in their kingdom do rule
    But amongst the creatures of Nature none are born to feel guilty of being cruel
    For Nature's creatures kill for survival if they don't eat of hunger they will die
    Those who say that birds and animals are cruel to each other are naive or preacing a lie,... more »

  • A Legend Of Rhyme

    The poetess long dead but her words living on
    Since she passed away many Seasons have come and have gone
    The one who had penned many a memorable poem and song
    To the long deceased legends she now does belong... more »

  • A Letter Home

    I remember in December it was cold and wet and gray
    And I hope you keep the peat fire burning for to keep the chill away
    From the lounge room and the bedroom you need warmth this time of year
    Don't think I could live in Ireland I've got used of living here.... more »

  • A Liberal Party Blueblood

    A Liberal party blueblood so the political columnist say
    But from his photos he looks quite healthy and physically okay
    And he surely would die if his blood turned blue
    Some cliches we use they are so far from true.... more »

  • A Lie

    I have never been in an army and trained to use a gun
    Though i am one who does like to lay in the sun
    And expose my body to supposedly deadly violet ray
    Few sun lovers live to die old as some are known to say... more »

  • A Life For A Life

    The Government may be ruled by a dictator or elected democratically
    But any Government with the death penalty in place seems autocratic to me
    People should not be executed for whatever the crime
    Such laws should not belong to an enlightened time... more »

  • A Life Of Enduring Love

    A life of enduring love and happiness is based on a lie
    We grow too old to love though not quite ready to die
    Love as is said is not always young of heart
    And few stay in love until death does them part... more »

  • A Life's Winner

    Pay no heed of what others of you say for you have proven to be good enough
    You keep hanging in there though the going on you is tough
    You have been homeless at fifteen and lived rough on the street
    At twenty the toughest challenges in life you have happened for to meet... more »

  • A Likeable Bloke

    The hard roads of life he has been up and down
    He has travelled in many a countryside and worked in many a town
    But he won't be going back to the town far away
    To the place where he first looked upon lamp of day... more »