• Gennady Golovkin

    Gennady Golovkin alias G G G the World middleweight boxer supreme
    World champion and hardest puncher pound for pound in the World it does seem
    In the middleweight division he has k o'd the best
    And he has not yet found to be wanting when put to the test... more »

  • Geoffrey Gurrumul

    As Australia's greatest singer his legend has grown
    The wonderful Geoffrey Gurrumul in a class of his own
    A voice for all ages that to him only belong
    The man who was born with the gift of song... more »

  • George

    Though the best years of his life he surely has seen
    On his way home from the pub at night he sings God save the Queen
    Though five decades of years out of Manchester in time quite a span
    George remains a royalist and a loyal to England man... more »

  • George Cardinal Pell

    If he is not telling the truth then at lying he does well
    The best one can say of George Cardinal Pell
    To say of the child abuse in Ballarat that he did not know
    Is like saying the Antarctic in Winter is free of ice and snow... more »

  • George Crabbe

    He wrote about the England of the times
    'The Borough and the Village and Peter Grimes'
    And he wrote about the hardships the outcasts did endure
    George Crabbe the poet of the English poor.... more »

  • George Crabbe Wrote Of

    George Crabbe wrote of hardship and poverty and woe
    In the England he lived in a long time ago
    But perhaps his poems might be more popular today
    Had he looked at life in a less truthful way.... more »

  • George Crabbe's Poems Deserve To Live On

    George Crabbe one who championed poor causes he was more than a man of rhyme
    One of the best if not the greatest poet in the England of his time
    A friend of the poor they inspired some of his verses devoted to their cause till the day he died
    Nowadays he is all but forgotten though greatness of him cannot be denied.... more »

  • George Dummett

    Like many others i know of many people but only a few of i do wish to know
    Those who do have empathy in them and are blessed of the inner glow
    And one of them his name is George Dummett he lives in old Port Fairy Town
    He is a compassionate fellow who would never see anyone down... more »

  • George From Bordertown

    He talks about his youth in South Australia
    Raised on a farm south east of Bordertown
    The happiest years of his life he remember
    Were spent out on the paddocks gray to brown.... more »

  • George From Northampton

    I've often wondered why he did not stay
    In his green country all those miles away
    Since nostalgia he has not yet outgrown
    And he still refers to Northampton as home? .... more »

  • George Is His Name

    A baby boy born into royalty and great wealth and fame
    For him special privileges by birthright and George is his name
    One destined for to become a king one day
    The privileged few do have all of the luck it does seem this way... more »

  • George Michael

    In the English speaking pop World George Michael is an almost forgotten man
    But his song Last Christmas at Christmas is huge in Japan
    Played on the Japanese airwaves many times every day
    The Japanese favorite Christmas song believe that if you may... more »

  • George Soros

    To worthy causes he's given two billion
    Which surely makes George Soros a true great
    He's helped the drug addicts the poor and homeless
    And to the underclass he's a true mate.... more »

  • George Tarrant

    In my youth a man I often did see
    And one who lives in my memory
    He always seemed very carefree
    George Tarrant of Moher in Derrinagree.... more »

  • George The Greek

    Me do not speak the English well i'm quoting 'George the Greek'
    And few still seem to understand when me to them do speak
    Been in this Country twenty years and me English not so good
    And me would be a happy man if me were understood.... more »

  • George The Poet

    George the Poet is a person of fun
    He recites his poetry whilst eating his bun
    And drinking coffee at the Downtown Cafe
    His sort of person a dying breed of today... more »

  • George W Bush

    George W Bush will always be remembered but not for any good that he has done
    With the help of others he's declared war on distant Nations one well might say he is his father's son
    He mentions God by name in many of his speeches and on some Nation leaders only can speak ill
    Whilst he ignores old Moses fifth commandment which clearly states for all 'thou shalt not kill'... more »

  • Gerald Healy

    In Murphy's Terrace in Millstreet in Duhallow where he lived as a boy
    A carefree existence Gerald Healy did enjoy
    But in view of Clara mountain he was not one to stay
    He would raise his family from there far away... more »

  • Gerald Mccarthy's Pride

    The man who believes he has right on his side
    Gerald McCarthy who talks of red jersey pride
    But since Cork's finest hurlers for him refuse to play
    His sense of right does seem all wrong anyway.... more »

  • Gerard Dromey

    I remember Gerard from the Millstreet Convent school he was sensitive and shy
    Since then near six decades in time has ticked on by
    But from the Millstreet Boys Primary School him i cannot recall
    My memory at times not the best and does not serve me well at all... more »

  • Geriwerd

    Mt Abrupt, Mt Sturgeon and Piccanniny like sentinels looking lovingly down
    On the woods and on the brown landscape on all sides of old Dunkeld Town
    The gateway to the Geriwerd ranges that has a history of it's own
    Around the Indigenous tribes who once lived here a legend of history has grown,... more »

  • Germaine Greer

    A woman now in her mid sixties and one the conservatives fear
    And she is a marvellous writer and one might say a female seer
    She stands on the side of the battlers though her message not all wish to hear
    And she is an Australian icon the one and only Germaine Greer.... more »

  • Germaine Greer Is Such A Brave Woman

    Germaine Greer calls it as she sees it and public scorn she does not fear
    She is a huge loss to Australia her thinking uncluttered and clear
    She tells the truth as she does see it and her truth is not a popular thing
    She doesn't laud legends or heroes and her praises few bother to sing.... more »

  • Germs

    They are in our mouths and nostrils, they are in our eyes and hair
    In our toilets and wash basins they live around us everywhere
    In our hearts, kidneys, brains and intestines they work their way in there
    And the damage they do to us doctors can't seem to repair.... more »

  • Get On With Your Life

    If tomorrow I will not see the light of day
    Get on with your own life I will be okay
    And though success in my life I do not have to show
    I've had a good innings as good innings go.... more »