• Get Rid Of

    Rid the Human World of rank and class distinction than those we need something more fair
    Get rid of the titles of the Sirs and Madams and tax to the hilt every millionaire and billionaire
    And strive for to alleviate the pain of poverty the poverty afflicting the poor
    I disagree with those who say that poverty is like an incurable disease since for poverty there is a cure.... more »

  • Get Rid Of Passport And Visas

    Get rid of passports and visas and let people travel free
    To any Country they wish to go to by land or air or sea,
    Get rid of every warlord and get rid of poverty
    And get rid of class distinction and here's to equality,... more »

  • Get Rid Of The War Planes

    Get rid of the war planes, the bombs and the guns
    That deprive mothers of their daughters and sons
    Without them the World would be a safer place to live in
    For in the wars we won't have everybody will win.... more »

  • Gift

    The longest lived human life in time not a long span
    So live for as long as you possibly can
    Your greatest gift is your life as the wise one has said
    Only earthworms live in the graves of the dead... more »

  • Gift Of Memory

    For as long as your gift of memory you retain
    The past as you knew it with you will remain
    Though some of your memories give rise to regret
    And sometimes we remember things we wished we could forget... more »

  • Gillard V Ruud

    It will happen again as it has often happened before
    It is a squabble for power between Gillard and Ruud that and nothing more
    For themselves and not for their Country the very aspirational politicians only does care
    Something of which i am sure many are aware... more »

  • Gillian Gilbourne

    Blond, tall slim and elegant beauty in her does glow
    As a woman of fashion her reputation does grow
    In Ireland she has won first prize at many a race meeting and show
    In Irish fashion circles the woman everyone does seem to know... more »

  • Ginalyn

    Nostalgia can be painful for nostalgia it is real
    And how homesick for her friends and family in Lipa City young Ginalyn must feel
    From her Hometown in the Philippines he now lives far away
    And she dreams of home at night time and she pines for it by day.... more »

  • Ginger

    Bonny is the word that does surely apply
    To Ginger the baby sister of young Django Ry
    For Damian and Vanessa a girl to go with their boy
    The birth of a baby is a gift of joy... more »

  • Giovanni

    He talks about the people he never more will see
    In his old fishing Village far north in Italy
    Most of the mentors of his boyhood years with the departed lay
    And he in his early sixties now showing his years in gray.... more »

  • Giovanni A Widowed Grand-Dad

    He may be in his eighties but he still does enjoy
    Observing the beauty born of Nature as he did as a boy
    From her one never does stop learning of Nature he does say
    Though to that he adds her secrets from us hidden away... more »

  • Giovanni And Marie

    As a young husband and wife Giovanni and Marie
    Arrived by boat in Melbourne Australia in nineteen fifty three
    From their far away City of Milan in Italy
    For to begin a new life by the southern sea... more »

  • Giovanni From Milan

    In his early thirties Giovanni from Milan
    One can say of him quite a well traveled man
    With Jo Ann his beautiful brown haired Australian wife
    With a son of four and a daughter of five their gifts to their union in life... more »

  • Giovanni From Rome

    He's a bit homesick and he's far away from home
    From here it is a long way north to Rome
    But with an Aussie wife and a two year old daughter and another on the way
    He is in Victoria for what's known as the long stay.... more »

  • Giovanni In His Late Seventies

    So many have been born since he left and so many have died
    In the coastal town far north of here where he first did reside
    A place perhaps that he will see never more
    Where he first saw light of day by the Adriatic Shore... more »

  • Giovanni Is An Aged Man

    Far south of the place where his life's journey began
    Poor gray haired Giovanni is an aged man
    He and his dark haired wife Sophia with their young children Dino and Marie
    Came to live in this Country in nineteen sixty three... more »

  • Gippsland Drought.

    The farmers not too happy and the price of cattle down
    And the hills above Wonthaggi are looking dry and brown
    And the parched paddocks of Gippsland are crying out for rain
    But the forecast for the coming week is warm and dry again.... more »

  • Girls Become Young Women

    Girls become young women and lovely to behold
    But to time lose their beauty as they do grow old
    Then they use hair dyes and makeup to fight time's decay
    But the look of freshness of youth as they age with them does not stay... more »

  • Girls Of My Boyhood

    The girls of my boyhood in my thoughts remain
    And in my flights of fancy i see them again
    Walking in the town with the wind in their hair
    In the bloom of youth and unburdened by care... more »

  • Giuseppe

    An old man the years have left him bald and gray
    He only has memories now of far away
    And the town where he first looked on the lamp of day
    Where many of his life's early friends at peace now do lay... more »

  • Give Me A Cause To Fight For

    Give me a cause to fight for I'll fight for it as long as the cause is worthy and just
    As long as the cause it does not entail violence or secrecy that does lead to mistrust
    As long as the cause is of benefit to others like the forgotten children of the lesser god
    Poor refugees who flee from war and famine the Stateless and the homeless and downtrod.... more »

  • Give Me Recognition Whilst I'M Living

    I know that I was born in a far Country but I'm not to know or where my life's journey will end
    And on our life's journey there's many a crossroad
    and on our life's journey there's many a bend
    In life we all have different expectations and dreams for everyone do not come true... more »

  • Give Me Something To Laugh At

    Give me something to laugh at and i will laugh along
    Like a laughable joke or a humorous song
    Life must be as boring for those without fun
    As a cloudy rainy day that is bereft of sun... more »

  • Give Me Spring

    Frost and sleety rain and snow
    And cold the wintery winds do blow
    Leafless trees and hedgerows bare
    And signs of Winter everywhere.... more »

  • Give Port Arthur Back It's Beauty

    Much about him has been written of his life and acts of shame
    And for all the worst of reasons his has become a World known name
    He shot to death thirty five people maimed and injured many more
    And in half an hour of brutal hatred he left grief and pain and gore.... more »