• Give To Receive

    For to feel disappointed something one does not choose
    But for one to win someone else has to lose
    It is part of what's known as our life's destiny
    This is how it is and it always will be... more »

  • Giving Tax Breaks To Billionaires

    Any government will not save the economy by marginalizing the children of the lesser god
    The disadvantaged of the nation the poor and down-trod
    And giving tax breaks to billionaires and bankers people of any financial help not in need
    It does not help the economy by rewarding the privileged breed... more »

  • Gladys Aylward

    Physically she was a tiny woman but in life she made her own history
    And in China she did more than anyone did to alleviate the scourge of poverty
    The decades go by but she is still remembered and history it always will recall
    That Gladys Aylward the great humanitarian was one of the greatest missionaries of all.... more »

  • Glasgow Jean

    Goodbye and may luck be with you the grand old lady said
    You need lots of good karma for the tough road ahead
    You may be in your late fifties but I am eighty two
    And one might say I've been around so much longer than you.... more »

  • Glen Alvie

    The swallows from Glen Alvie to North Queensland have gone
    But life in the old Mountain Country goes on
    The sheep they are bleating the cattle are lowing
    Though at this time of year natural growth it is slowing.... more »

  • Glen Forbes

    Glen Forbes in the high country ten kilometres from the sea
    A place of natural beauty and of marvellous scenery
    With houses in the valley and brown hills all around
    Amongst the high country of South Gippsland such beauty to be found.... more »

  • Glen Iris

    On trees on the streets and parks of leafy Glen Iris the mynas sing in the morning sunlight
    And flowers are blooming in the Suburban gardens and everywhere is looking green and bright
    As near a place as you'll find to Utopia a poet of this place such great poems could write
    And despite the buzz of traffic on the highway Nature's beauty fill the senses with delight.... more »

  • Glenrowan In December

    I once walked down through Glenrowan that delightful countryside
    Where Ned Kelly was taken captive and his brother Dan, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne died
    Ten miles south of Wangaratta and eighty north of Melbourne Town
    Glenrowan last stand of the Kelly gang a place of beauty and renown.... more »

  • Global Warming

    The temperatures are soaring to 38 degrees
    The day is warm and humid with scarce a puff of breeze
    El Nino is around again sucking moisture from the ground
    And brown and dry the countryside and the landscape all around... more »

  • Go And Have A Good Time Jean

    Go and have a good time Jean
    For life is short or so 'twould seem
    And enjoy yourself as well you may
    For time so quickly ticks away.... more »

  • Go Out And Spend Your Money Friend.

    Go out and spend your money friend 'tis soon you'll have to die
    So what use in piling riches up for others to enjoy
    And don't have some relation say on the day they lay you low
    He forgot me he left me nought the bloody so and so.... more »

  • Go Quietly

    Go quietly like the river near the great ocean shore
    Back to Nature's bosom to rest forever more
    Go dignified though you're experiencing pain
    And grudges you hold to your end don't retain... more »

  • Go Save Your Own Soul Mister

    I feel confused and disenchanted my soul is full of strife
    And I do not have achievements for to tell of in my life
    I've never been to Uni or can boast of a degree
    Go pray for yourself mister don't waste your prayers on me.... more »

  • Go Sing It Again Eugene Brosnan

    Go sing it again Eugene Brosnan i sure do love his solstice song
    By him so well rendered and so well written up there with the best he belong
    In Millstreet an old Town in Duhallow where he grew into a young man
    The lust of the wander was in him and from there the journey to fame for him began... more »

  • Go Sing Me A Rhyme

    Go sing me a rhyme of the wild birds of song
    Who in their nesting time of year sing all the day long
    On every bush and on every tree
    When there is so much beauty in Nature to see... more »

  • Go Sing Me A Song

    Go sing me a song of the birds and the bees
    Whose songs and buzzings are carrying in the freshening breeze
    On a sunny Spring morning of twenty degrees
    When pink blossoms are blooming on the fruit bearing trees.... more »

  • God Bless The Salvos

    God bless the Salvos says old Jenny Gray
    For those in need they go out of their way
    They feed the hungry and broken lives repair
    The Salvos for all social outcasts care.... more »

  • God For Us All

    An old saying from my younger years i do recall
    Every man for himself and God for us all
    A saying that so many does seem to live by
    And that to so many people nowadays does apply... more »

  • God Helps Those

    Though to the one God everyone does not pray
    God helps those who help themselves the more cynical say
    But in what they do say there is truth to be found
    Since in the Human World greed does seem to abound.... more »

  • God In Her Eyes

    In her early thirties so gentle and wise
    The beautiful woman with God in her eyes
    I feel that I did speak to a living saint
    A person on canvas an artist would love for to paint... more »

  • God Is For

    God is for everyone with good deeds to their name
    But never for those who commit acts of shame
    Who plunder, persecute, maim, rape or kill
    Or impose on others by foul means their will... more »

  • God Is For Everyone

    If there is a god this god is for everyone
    And not for the billionaires and their daughter and son
    And not for a muslim or christian or jew
    Yes god would be for everyone and not for the few... more »

  • God Is On Our Side

    I laugh when i hear them say God's on our side
    And on our great achievements we can take great pride
    Another war victory we can celebrate
    But then some of our egos not hard to inflate... more »

  • God Of The Mind

    On my thoughts after death why should i pretend
    When i believe it will be all over for me when my journey will end
    On this alone i can only speak for me
    Though on what i say on this many would disagree... more »

  • God On Their Side

    Some say that after death the soul in the body does not dwell
    The good souls go to heaven and the bad souls go to hell
    And others believe in our deaths our souls die
    What is true to some others see as a lie.... more »