• A Liking For Rhyme

    My literary tastes have not changed with the passing of time
    I have always been one with a liking for rhyme
    To rhyme is so easy as some like to say
    Though rhymers seem so out of fashion today... more »

  • A Literary Dinosaur

    I'm close to the three score years and well beyond my prime
    A literary dinosaur a minor man of rhyme
    In the modern Literary World an outsider looking in
    Suppose there must be many losers for even one to win,... more »

  • A Little About Life

    For my years of living i have little in material things for to show
    Though a little about life i can claim to know
    And i do live far from where i first saw light of day
    Perhaps in sky distance seventeen thousand kilometers away... more »

  • A Little Bit

    A little bit of love of self is a good and natural thing
    But you ought to leave it to others your praises to sing
    In this the twenty first century narcissism is rife
    Some do see themselves as far greater than life... more »

  • A Little Bit Of Self Interest

    A little bit of self interest is a thing that one can condone
    But a well lived life is never one lived for self alone
    Yes there's more to life than self interest that can lead to greed
    The good person is always quite willing to help the one of helping in need... more »

  • A Little Bunch Of Shamrock

    A little bunch of shamrock to wear on Patrick's Day
    Dug from a field in Ireland thousands of miles away
    Sent to her by her mother a sprig of Irish green
    On St Patrick's Day in Melbourne her colours will be seen.... more »

  • A Little Fear

    Of brave acts of courageous people we often do read of and hear
    But we all have our fears and our phobias though we only live in fear of fear
    Still we do need fear for our survival where are they the bravest of the brave
    Their lack of fear proved their undoing it gave to them an early grave.... more »

  • A Little Hard Work

    A little hard work never harmed anyone
    The hard working dad's advice to his son
    Though some would consider this to be a lie
    That the harder you work the sooner you will die... more »

  • A Little Joy And Laughter

    A little joy and laughter a little grief and tears
    And living life would not change that much if you lived for a thousand years
    The moments of self confidence the moments of self doubt
    The high points and the low points that's what living life's about,... more »

  • A Little Piece Of History

    In the early nineteen twenties when Britain as a World power
    did rate
    In the treaty of Ugayr to Iraq and Saudi Arabia they gave some of Kuwait
    And for full independence from the U.K.another four decades to wait... more »

  • A Little Pride

    A little pride is useful for one it does seem
    But not healthy for the mind when in the extreme
    For a strong sense of pride in the words of the wise
    To feelings of self conceit of has been known to give rise... more »

  • A Little Self Improvement

    You cannot be true to others if to your higher self you are not true
    If your narrow ways of selfishness you only do pursue
    You well may read your bible but you take and never give
    And you do ignore the basic law of live and let live,... more »

  • A Lively Old Man

    For his age he is full of elan
    He is such a lively old man
    He laugh and he dance and he sing
    To him life is a wonderful thing... more »

  • A Local Narcissist

    Since of himself he only has great things to say
    I feel glad that i do not meet him every day
    He always tells me of his expensive new car
    And of how on the social ladder he is climbing far... more »

  • A Local Outsider

    To the local community he is not one of their own
    And apart from them in every way he has grown
    He does not share their interests of work, sports, small talk, drinking and football
    In fact with them in common he has nothing at all.... more »

  • A Loner

    To a community or sporting club he does not belong
    And he does not have friends though with him nothing wrong
    He is very different to you or to i
    A loner he will be till the day he does die... more »

  • A Long Dry Spell

    It's been a long dry Summer and it's been a dry Fall
    And the water reservior almost empty and the old bloke recall
    That in seventy years of living he has not known it so dry
    And he has seen many a Season since he was a boy.... more »

  • A Long Enough Time Span

    I would not want to live for three or four hundred years
    For of life i feel i'd become bored to tears
    Three score and ten seems a long enough time span
    For any woman or for any man.... more »

  • A Long Long Way

    The magpie fluting softly on the gray gum and currawong sing in the early day
    And a long long way from here to Ballydaly and Rathmore even further still away
    And a long long way from here to Clara mountain and from the
    quiet fields of Claramore... more »

  • A Long Time Ago

    I thought it was love but it wasn't And when she dumped me love's ache I did know
    But from my sense of loss I recovered though my ego had received a blow,
    Her parents did not think much of me my station in life seemed too low
    Perhaps it was all for the better and that was a long time ago.... more »

  • A Long Way From

    A long way from the Town of Millstreet and ancient Clara hill
    And from Claraghatlea north and the old babbling rill
    That flows down to the river that journeys to the sea
    There is no time span on Nature as there is on you and me.... more »

  • A Long Way From Here

    A long way from here this far southern shore
    To Pomeroy's high wood in green old Claramore
    Where nesting songbirds welcome each dawn of the May
    When the wildflowers bloom in the fields far away.... more »

  • A Long Way From Here From The Old Paps Of Shrone

    A long way from here from the old Paps of Shrone
    And from Gortavehy with the face of stone
    From Mushera and Caherbarnagh and Clara Hill
    And Inchaleigh and the ever babbling Glasheen rill... more »

  • A Long Way From Here This Far Southern Shore

    A long way from here this far southern shore
    From the road out of Millstreet that leads to Rathmore
    And from the old rushy fields where Cails and Finnow flow
    On to the Blackwater by ditch and hedgerow.... more »

  • A Long Way From Here To Duhallow

    A long way from here to Duhallow from Millstreet, Kanturk and Banteer
    And a long way from Cullen and Kiskeam and Newmarket is distant from here,
    Knocknagree on the Cork-Kerry border on the high roadway up from Rathmore
    And Ballydaly, Dromtarriffe and Rathcoole are far north of this far southern shore,... more »