• He Is From The Place Of Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo

    He is from the place of yellow tail black cockatoo
    The large dark brown parrots known to some as the weerloo
    Fresh in from the high country and new to the big town
    The tall slightly built young man with hair of nugget brown.... more »

  • He Is From The Wooded Hills

    He is from the wooded hills of wallaby and roo
    And laughing kookaburra and yellow tailed black cockatoo
    In his mid twenties with a young boy and a beautiful wife
    It looks like in suburbia he will grow old in life... more »

  • He Is Going Back To Sandy Point

    He is going back to Sandy Point the Village by the sea
    The wide and flat brown Countryside is not for such as he
    He needs to ride the huge surf waves that roll into the shore
    And feel and smell the ocean spray and hear the breakers roar.... more »

  • He Is Hardly An Honorable Fellow

    Though society sees him as a good person since he leads a materially successful life
    He is hardly an honorable fellow since he beats his children and his wife
    His wife often seen in dark glasses to hide from view the swelling around her eyes
    That there is a dark side to many a successful fellow should not come as any surprise... more »

  • He Is His Father's Son

    His father a decorated soldier a noble hearted one
    And he the ballad singer sings of battles fought and won
    A true chip of the the old block when all is said and done
    He has his father's D N A and he is his father's son.... more »

  • He Is In The Graveyard

    He is in the graveyard the man without fear
    But of the bullet that killed him the shot he did not hear
    It was his choice to fight in the war far away
    And he died for his glory of him one can say... more »

  • He Is Into Self Promotion

    He tells everyone who care to listen to him of my name you take note
    Since you will hear of me again I'll be a famous poet
    One day I'll be remembered in the Poetry Hall of Fame
    And in the World of Literature mine will be a household name... more »

  • He Is Just A Troubled Poor Fellow

    He is just a troubled poor fellow his life has been a continuous war
    He fought in Vietnam in the late sixties from his home Suburb he travelled far
    For to prove his manhood in battle where many of his comrades fell
    He is one of the war forgotten his story someone ought to tell.... more »

  • He Is Living Far South

    He is living far south of where Araglen flow
    In the fields of the badger the rook and the silver backed crow
    In green old Duhallow where he first saw light of day
    The years have left him looking old, tired and gray... more »

  • He Is Mentally Tortured

    He is mentally tortured by his inner strife
    Another day out of his miserable life
    The sadness that engulfs him for him hard to bear
    Of any happiness in his life he does despair... more »

  • He Is Not A Rock Of Sense

    He's getting on in years now his hair is silver gray
    But he's not learned much from life or so 'twould seem that way
    To win the old man's wars for him good young men have to die
    And why some grow less tolerant with age I often wonder why?... more »

  • He Is Not A Sports Fan

    He is not a sports fan or a pub frequenting type
    And it is not tobacco he smokes in his pipe
    But stuff that slows the reactions down to a snail's speed
    That often goes by the nom de plume of wizzy weed... more »

  • He Is Not All That Cuddly

    He is not all that cuddly as he appears to be
    As he sits eating leaves on high branch of manna gum tree
    Tonight on the ground with a male of his own kind he'll fight for territory
    They will claw snarl and bite till the loser must flee... more »

  • He Is Not Camera Shy

    He makes sure that the locals him will never forget
    His photo is often in the Moyne Gazette
    His ego of attention he would never deny
    One can say of him he is not camera shy... more »

  • He Is Not My Foe

    He really dislikes me for he told me so
    Though i do not look upon him as a foe
    I never wronged him in any way or he never wronged me
    We just look at life one might say differently... more »

  • He Is Not One Of The Rare Breed

    He is not one of the rare breed who to the higher self is true
    But he is not a bad sort for to give him his due
    He never beats his wife and children and he never beats his dog
    But he does have his addictions in his fondness of nicotine and grog.... more »

  • He Is Now In The Land Of The Reaper

    He is now in the land of the reaper the one who penned many a song
    One of if not the last of the rhymers to the bardic tradition he belong
    A fellow who loved life and Nature he surely had the gift of rhyme
    Right up till his end he was writing the greatest song man of his time.... more »

  • He Is Of The Place

    He is of the place of the gray kangaroo
    And the pied currawong and the dark brown weerloo
    Tall and handsome in his early twenties with hair of light brown
    Homesick for the high wooded country far from the industrial town... more »

  • He Is One

    He is one of the high country many miles north of the big town
    Where the brown creek from the mountain towards the big river travels down
    At the start of it's long journey towards the distant ocean shore
    The sound of it's familiar babble will live on forever more... more »

  • He Is One I Meet Sometimes

    He is one i meet sometimes and not every day
    Can you help me with money he always does say
    I do not ask for that much a silver coin or two
    Whatever you give i will be grateful to you... more »

  • He Is One I See Often

    He is one i see often though not every day
    And to each other we never have much for to say
    Except a hello in passing whenever we meet
    We never do stop for a chat on the street... more »

  • He Is One Of Those

    He does not take drugs, smoke cigarettes or drink wine
    And he does not have a beer when he is out to dine
    And he does not taste alcohol of any kind
    Yet better than he is would not be hard to find... more »

  • He Is Part Of War's Collateral Damage

    He cannot sustain relationships this orphan of a war
    That took place many years ago in a Country from here far
    His only offspring his daughter and her children he has not seen for years
    In the privacy of his room his memories often move him to tears.... more »

  • He Is Poemhunter's Favourite Son

    He is Poemhunter's favourite son
    And he feels he's God's own chosen one
    In P H's forums every day
    He surely does love to have his say.... more »

  • He Is Quite A Sensitive Fellow

    He is quite a sensitive fellow not in any way haughty or rough
    And his bogey is low self esteem he feels his best not good enough
    Sensitive to the negative comments of others one might say he takes them to heart
    Of trading in derogatory comments he is one who could not be part... more »