• He Is Some Mother's Son

    Out of work and poor and racked by self doubt
    And by life he is one who has been knocked about
    And though the judgemental may say in life little he has done
    Like them he was born to a woman he is some mother's son... more »

  • He Is Such A Joyful Winner

    He is such a joyful winner but he does not like to lose
    His favourite team won at the weekend so he went on the booze
    He could not go to work today he feels fuzzy in the head
    And nursing his hangover he lay at home in bed.... more »

  • He Is Surfing Again

    He miss the surf beach of the town by the sea
    Where he surfed with his mates when younger and carefree
    Often tossed from his surfboard covered in the big wave
    Nowadays he feels that he might not be so brave... more »

  • He Is That Big Man Of Wonthaggi

    He is the big man of Wonthaggi one who has travelled far and wide
    And he knows of life in the Outback out there in the brown Countryside
    He has travelled all over Australia from Darwin down to Ballarat
    Across the south western deserts he has been there and he has done that.... more »

  • He Is That Man

    He is that man who sent young men to die
    In battle underneath a foreign sky
    And wars are never won if lives are lost
    In human life how can one count the cost.... more »

  • He Is The Odd One Out

    Well educated and very knowledgeable and one who is very well read
    But to himself he is often heard talking 'tis said he's not right in the head
    Yet he could not be talking to a nicer person he does seem so gentle and shy
    And it truly can be said of him that he would not harm a fly.... more »

  • He Is The Young Man

    He is the young man from the far country town
    Where the creek from the high country babbles on down
    In a brown tongue never silent by night or by day
    On it's way to the river to the sea far away... more »

  • He Is Tired

    He is tired of the boredom of his humdrum life
    And tired of being nagged at by his ageing wife
    Always trying to goad him into a verbal fight
    Whatever he does with her does not seem right... more »

  • He Jogs In The Park

    The silver billed magpie is piping at the close of a wet Autumn day
    Yet the weather not too cold and wintry quite typical enough for May
    A week from the calendar Winter time does not wait as some do say
    The middle aged man in his forties already showing his years in gray... more »

  • He Keeps On Keeping On

    The years are creeping up on him he has turned ninety three
    And though he has seen many Seasons he's still a better man than me
    He says one never is too old for to partake in cheer
    And with the young blokes at the pub he laughs as he drinks his beer.... more »

  • He Knew About Poverty

    Confined in Northampton Asylum for years
    He knew about poverty and sadness and tears
    As a Nature poet of the English language with the best he does compare
    The poet of all Seasons the amazing John Clare... more »

  • He Knew About Poverty And Sadness And Tears

    Confined in Northampton Asylum for years
    He knew about poverty and sadness and tears
    As a Nature poet of the English language with the best he does compare
    The poet of all Seasons the amazing John Clare... more »

  • He Knows All About The Tough Times

    He knows all about the tough times by life he's been knocked about
    And though often down he refuses for to be counted out
    For he is not a quitter he refuses to lay down
    They make them tough on hungry street on the poor side of the town... more »

  • He Knows How It Feels

    He will never be seen to be a success of the town
    And he know how it feels to be financially down
    And he knows how it feels like to live rough on the street
    Though life's every challenge head on he does meet... more »

  • He Likes To See Old Clara Every Day

    He said I am happy in my own home place
    For I like to see old Clara every day
    And why should I want to leave old Millstreet Town
    To live in a big city far away.... more »

  • He Lived To A Great Age

    He lived to a great age he was ninety four
    But sad to think him I will see never more
    On the parkland pathway walking quite slow
    He greeted friend and stranger with a cheerful hello... more »

  • He Lives Far South

    He lives far south of where his life journey began
    Of where he went to school and grew into a man
    Tall in his early twenties with short clipped hair of brown
    The handsome stranger from the northern town... more »

  • He Lives His Own

    A penniless fellow yet he laugh and he sing
    But wealth some will tell you is a relative thing
    He laughs at the World one not fettered by stress
    And what happens tomorrow he could not care less... more »

  • He Lives In A Home In Dollars Worth

    He lives in a home in dollars worth more than five million the trappings of wealth he does like to show
    And of his many material successes he wishes everyone for to know
    Of since he has a very big ego far too big for his head one might say
    But all of his employees will tell you that their work effort for him not matched by pay... more »

  • He Lives In Regret

    His son and daughter in their early twenties close to their lives prime
    And he and his wife in their early fifties showing the wear of time
    As a younger man he daydreamed of adventure elsewhere
    And of living and working in the big World out there... more »

  • He Lives In The Wrong Side Of The Town

    His chances of finding employment are against him for he lives in the wrong side of the town
    And when he tells the job interviewer where he's living his would be employer looks him up and down
    Saying sorry for this job you don't seem suited but if we need you we'll give you a call
    But he has learnt for to live with rejection since his address is against him after all.... more »

  • He Lives Up To His Nickname

    Financially in trouble his life in a mess
    But he is one who will not succumb to stress
    Though doing it tough since the factory he worked in closed down
    He is one who does not live without hope on the poor side of the town... more »

  • He Love

    He love the unfenced land of his World flat and wide
    The buzzing of the flies in his own countryside
    The yap of the wild dog just as the sun goes down
    The silence of the sky far from the lights of town.... more »

  • He May Have Great Power

    He may have great power at his disposal and none as successful as he
    But one day he will lay in earth's bosom just like the mighty forest tree
    That weakened by age crashes to earth in a storm to die off and slowly decay
    What is born out of an act of Nature must return to Nature one day... more »

  • He May Never

    He may never see the Paps of Shrone again
    Or Caherbarnagh in the fogs of rain
    Or Gortavehy with the stony face
    He is growing old far south of his first homeplace... more »