• A Long Way From Here To The Fields Near Millstreet

    A long way from here to the fields near Millstreet
    Where the Cails from Kippagh and the Finnow does meet
    Where the hawthorns now wear their white blooms of the May
    And the nesting birds whistle and sing every day... more »

  • A Long Way From Here To The Old Paps Of Shrone

    A long way from here to the old Paps of Shrone
    And from Gortavehy and his face of stone
    And a long way from here ten thousand miles or more
    From the fields and the cliffs of Hibernia's shore.... more »

  • A Long Way From Home

    A long way from here to where the waterways meet
    Near the County Cork Duhallow Town of Millstreet
    But in fancy i can hear a male song thrush sing
    On a tree by Finnow on an evening in Spring... more »

  • A Long Way From Koroit

    A long way from Koroit north to Millstreet Town
    And a long way from Clara ever looking down
    On the high mountain fields of green old Claramore
    A long way far north of this southern shore... more »

  • A Long Way North

    A long way north of where i now live Koroit near Warrnambool
    In Millstreet Town in Duhallow i was dunce of the school
    Many Seasons before i grew into a man
    Well over fifty years ago in time quite a span... more »

  • A Long Way North Of

    A long way north of this Southern Country from Koroit Town near Warrnambool
    Near Millstreet a Town in Duhallow i was born and raised and went to Millstreet School
    That was in the early fifties to the early sixties going back half of a century ago
    I now am five years with the sixty and time is becoming my foe... more »

  • A Long Way North Of Koroit

    A long way north of Koroit in Victoria near the coastal City of Warrnambool
    To Millstreet Town in old Duhallow where i went to primary school
    In years going back close to six decades and time as ever ticking on
    And all i have left are the memories of Seasons in the forever gone... more »

  • A Long Way Out Of Date

    A war fought more than three hundred years ago they see fit to celebrate
    One might say they are not up with the times a long way out of date
    What happened three hundred years ago can hardly be of relevance to today
    That seems more than living in the past that does seem fair to say... more »

  • A Long Way South

    A long way south of the fields in view of Clara
    And Gortavehy and it's face of stone
    And a long way south of rugged Caherbarnagh
    And Anu's Breasts known as The Paps of Shrone... more »

  • A Long Way South Even

    A long way south even as the migratory bird fly of Clara's old brown rugged hill
    In my mind I only hear today the babble of the Claraghatlea rill
    In the flat fields damp and rushy flowing to the river night and day
    On it's journey out of Duhallow to the saltwater shore far away... more »

  • A Long Way South Of Claraghatlea

    On many roads of south eastern Australia I've driven up and down
    A long way south of Claraghatlea a mile from Millstreet Town
    And my old home by the Millstreet-Rathmore road where my life's journey began
    Where I first grew to love Nature as I grew into a man... more »

  • A Long Way South Of Claraghatlea And Millstreet

    A long way south of Claraghatlea and Millstreet my Hometown
    I have learned the road of life is a hard old road of many an uphill and down
    And all i have left are the memories of what has been and gone
    And like everyone else with the living of life i have to carry on... more »

  • A Long Way South Of Millstreet And Rathmore

    He will never again see old Caherbarnagh or Gortavehy and it's face of stone
    Or he will never again see the sun rise above the legendary Paps of Shrone
    An aged migrant from the Cork and Kerry border a long way south of Millstreet and Rathmore
    The passage of time has left him walking slower though he looks well for one of eighty four... more »

  • A Long Way South Of Near Clara

    A long way south of Near Clara Mountain where i grew to a man from a boy
    In this great far southern Country i have lived in Ballarat and Clifton Hill in Fitzroy
    And in Mt Evelyn not far from Healesville where at dawn the kookaburra laugh and the currawong call as they fly
    And in Belgrave in the Yarra Ranges where the tall gums seem to touch the sky... more »

  • A Long Way To Claraghatlea

    A long way to Claraghatlea near Millstreet Town
    Where Finnow from the high country winds it's way down
    Through old fields a home to the rook and gray crow
    On towards the Blackwater in a babbling flow... more »

  • A Loser You Never Will Be

    If you can accept what life gives you in grace though times for you have been quite tough
    And never complain to others of your lot as a person you are good enough
    You refuse to surrender to your ghosts of despair and with life's battle carry on
    You feel that life for you could even be worse and all hope out of your life has not gone... more »

  • A Lot Of Good People

    A lot of good people are locked up in jail
    In Countries governed by autocratic regimes the flawed justice system them did fail
    For having the courage to speak out against the ruling government is their only crime
    Deprived of their human and lawful rights in their life's prime... more »

  • A Lot Of Men

    A lot of men in my young years in Millstreet did like their sports and did enjoy their grog
    And they shlauned peat to warm their family homes in Winter in early Summer in Gneeves mountain bog
    Around their fire grates on nights in the depths of Winter current affairs were discussed and other things they did recall
    Such as politics and sporting greats and of great teams and games of hurling and gaelic football... more »

  • A Lot To Desire

    The impressionable masses you may well impress
    And in their thinking you are a great success
    But majority thinking does not always have it right
    Since many into materialism seem lacking on insight... more »

  • A Lotto Big Jackpot Winner

    A lotto big jackpot winner today celebrate
    Financially he was not doing well of late
    But a ten dollar lotto ticket has made him five times a millionaire
    The lucky as he is in the World are rare... more »

  • A Love Hate Relationship

    Every evening i hear the fellow next door quarreling with his wife
    Their angry voices bring no joy to my life
    For months on end between them it has been this way
    One has to wonder why with each other they do choose to stay... more »

  • A Lovely Day In September

    The nesting songbirds are singing on the sunlit bushes and trees
    On this warm day in September of close to thirty degrees
    The cows in the nearby paddock sit and chew their cuds at ease
    And there is a pleasant freshness in the freshening coastal breeze... more »

  • A Lovely Old Lady

    Her smile it betrays her for her rotting teeth
    That lovely old lady that I often meet
    Out walking in the park or on the main street
    Too careless of her looks to know of conceit.... more »

  • A Lovely Spring Day

    In the clear blue sky woolly looking clouds of gray
    The sun it is shining on a lovely Spring day
    A high of a warm enough 28 degrees
    With only the faintest sign of a slight breeze.... more »

  • A Lucky Boy

    Young Thomas is eleven and to his mum he often say
    I'll climb to the top of Mt Everest you'll be proud of me one day,
    You will say that's my son Thomas there is none so great as he
    He has made world news headlines and is often seen on the t v.... more »