• He May Never Again

    He may never again see the town far away
    Where he once was well known but may not be today
    When he visualizes he fancy he hear
    The song of the chaffinch in the Spring of the year... more »

  • He May Never Return

    He may never return to his old Homeplace again
    And hear the birds sing in the wind and the rain
    When the cool winds of Spring through the high country blow
    And the hawthorns are dressed in their blooms white as snow.... more »

  • He May Not Be There

    He may not be there when the deciduous trees sprout new leaves of green
    And the bluebells are in bloom on the ditch of the bohreen
    And the robin on song on a silver birch tree
    Many Springs have gone by since the home fields he last see... more »

  • He Mirrors The Face Of The Majority

    He mirrors the face of the majority
    The Nation's Government leader he seems so ordinary
    We voted for him since we like what we see
    You hear many say he thinks similar to me.... more »

  • He Miss The Old Town

    He miss the old town by the ocean and he misses the smell of the sea
    And in his moments of nostalgia in fancy he hear and see
    The silver gulls above the wide beach in small flocks they call as they fly
    And the soft pipings of the sooty oystercatchers echo in the clear morning sky.... more »

  • He Mourns For Lucinda

    He mourns for Lucinda the love of his life
    For forty five years his devoted wife
    She was in her late sixties and was ill for two years
    And mention of her name still has him close to tears... more »

  • He Must Know

    Those animals traps i readily can recall
    Displayed for sale there in his market stall
    One might have thought that the ageing bloke ought know
    That those rusty steel jawed things were outlawed years ago.... more »

  • He Needs Help In A Hurry

    Forsaken by good lady luck and financially embarrassed
    And by those he owe money to he is threatned and harassed
    Without money he has come to know that one is in deep trouble
    Each day his problems multiply and his worries seem to double,... more »

  • He Needs Someone To Help Him

    He sleeps on park bench in city park his boots still on his feet
    And overcoat that cover him to keep in body heat
    And two apples for his supper does not seem too much to eat
    For one of the city's homeless a poor child of the street.... more »

  • He Never Will Become The New Napoleon

    He never will become the new Napoleon for Napoleon always led his men to war
    Whilst he enjoys the good life with his wealthy buddies his fighter pilots and soldiers fight for him afar
    At night his fighter pilots fly o'er distant cities and dropp their deadly parcels from the sky
    And he deludes himself into believing that he is quite a good and decent guy.... more »

  • He Never Will Go Back

    He has been in distant places far off of the beaten track
    And to his country Hometown he never will go back
    Strangers now live in his old home beside the rippling rill
    That flows to meet the river on further down the hill.... more »

  • He Never Will Go Home Again

    He never will go home again for time's not on his side
    And he never more will see again the Atlantic at full tide
    And watch again the rowing boats amongst the wild waves dance
    From his sea side Village far north of here in Brittany in France.... more »

  • He Now Is At Peace

    The man who was often clock watching in life was buried yesterday
    But time will not worry him where he now lay
    Too busy worrying about making money for the financial security of self and family and wife
    The doorway to happiness was closed in his life... more »

  • He Now Realize

    He thought his friends they were many a decade ago
    But we learn as we live he now realize this is so
    Once a very wealthy person of a town
    Where few wish to know of the financially down... more »

  • He Often Thinks Of Rosie

    He often thinks of Rosie where might she be today?
    Is she still back home in Derry from here long miles away
    For three years they were an item but for them things did not work out
    As often can happen in love affairs between one from a Northern Land and one from a Land in the far South.... more »

  • He Only Grows Older And Gray

    I know of this arrogant judgemental fellow in his brain a screw slightly loose
    In public he called me an ordinary poetaster just another literary goose
    I did find his words quite insulting but to his kind ignorance is bliss
    His type to put down other people the opportunity never do miss... more »

  • He Or She A Rare Person

    He or she a rare person the one known as a living saint
    For so very few are flawless with minds free of taint
    Perhaps it is part of natural law
    For to be born with some human flaw... more »

  • He Remembers

    He remembers the fields where the rank rushes grow
    Where in Spring all day long on the wildering hedgerow
    The birds sing and whistle from dawn until dark
    And amongst the gray clouds the carolling lark... more »

  • He Remembers With Much Sadness

    He remembers with much sadness of a love that used to be
    All he has left are a few photos and the mental memory
    Of a woman of great beauty who could not become his wife
    The divorced grandfather in his eighties who knows of the good and bad of life... more »

  • He Represents The Nation

    With everybody won't like you one cannot disagree
    The less I'm impressed with him the more of him I see
    He doesn't look honest he does not sound sincere
    His statements ambiguous or so 'twould appear.... more »

  • He Said

    He said you have written a lot but you do not write well
    So many like you who do pen doggerel
    Such stuff from the memory that is quick to fade
    But then everyone is welcome in the wordsmith trade... more »

  • He Said And She Said

    He Said.

    For more than twenty years we lived as man and wife together
    And some happy moments with her I can recall... more »

  • He Said To Me

    He said to me you pen your slipshod verses of a distant place far north and far away
    And of old fields in view of bracken mountains where hawthorns wear their white blooms of the May
    Your old rhymes like you do seem out of fashion you do seem stuck in a time warp somehow
    You fail to realize the past has gone forever and what only matters is the here and now... more »

  • He Said You Write Rhymes Every Day

    He said you write rhymes every day
    Of places from here far away
    In Australia why do you stay
    To grow older and balder and more gray... more »

  • He Sang A Song Of Christy Ring

    The old bloke in the bar room sung a song of Christy Ring
    And in his strong accent how sweetly he did sing
    And he talked of Munster Finals in good old Thurles Town
    Where for County pride and glory men hurled for renown.... more »