• He Was So Young For One To Die

    He was so young for one die and in such a painful way
    The teenage body surfer who died of shark bite in Northern New South Wales today
    Just sixteen years a decade from his prime his best years of him ahead
    The family are left to grieve when they bury their dead.... more »

  • He Was Supposedly Happy

    He was supposedly happy in his married life
    But he is one who did not stay with his wife
    He is with one young enough to be his daughter today
    One would have thought that a happily married man with his wife would stay?... more »

  • He Was The Dunce Of The Classroom

    He was the dunce of the classroom in the primary school
    A boy dismissed by many as a fool
    But the once dunce today a multi millionaire
    And what makes him a better person some of his wealth he does share... more »

  • He Was The Little Boy

    He was the little boy who played in the Schoolyard
    Now in his prison cell by life he has been scarred
    His future looking bleak a black mark against his name
    Time behind prison walls only earns one ill fame.... more »

  • He Was The Son Of God

    He was the son of God 'tis said yet him they crucified
    And nailed to a timber cross on Calvary wearing a crown of thorns he died
    And a similar fate him would befall were he around today
    The good condemned to suffer as some are known to say.... more »

  • He Was Yesteryear's Hero

    He was a champion athlete when he was in his prime
    But now his face is wrinkled the mark of father time
    The years have left him weary and silver gray his hair
    His best years are behind him he seems the worst for wear... more »

  • He Will Always Be

    He will always be the aging bloke from elsewhere
    A blow in from the bigger World out there
    That he is not a local is not hard to tell
    His accent is strong he does not speak the language well... more »

  • He Will Always Be Loved By One Person

    He will always be loved by one person despite what some of him might say
    His mother will surely grieve for him the man they are hanging today
    His mother for his life she pleaded and she must live with the heartache
    That will live with her till the reaper claims her since her son is to die at daybreak,... more »

  • He Will Be There

    Tomorrow morning at dawn he will join in the parade
    Up to the war memorial where the last post will be played
    Where heads will be bowed after speeches are made
    Old wars though long gone from the memory won't fade.... more »

  • He Will Hang On To Life

    With Little to show for his existence at all
    He feels that his biggest achievements are small
    His best days behind him his prime years long gone
    And only due to the fear of death to life he clings on.... more »

  • He Will Never Be Australia's P.M. Now (2000)

    No friend of the Aussie workers he gave the Trade Unions hell
    And those who judge will too be judged as we all know too well
    And the ruthless minister Peter Reith has sounded his own political death knell
    He will never be Australia's Prime Minister now on his own sword he fell.... more »

  • He Will Never Be One Of The In Crowd

    He will never be one of the in crowd to be different to most is his sin
    Uninterested in sports and drinking grog one might say that he does not fit in
    To the ways of the tribes of the township his interests are different to most
    To any local successes one who never does join in the toast... more »

  • He Will Not Be Going

    He will not be going back to the old country town
    Where the creek from the foothills in waters of brown
    Babbles towards the big river towards the sea far away
    It flows on forever by night and by day... more »

  • He Will Not Be Going Back

    He will not be going back to the far away town
    Where few new businesses open and many close down
    Where job opportunities as ever are few
    He has moved to better things from the life he once knew... more »

  • He Will Not Be Going Back To The Town By The Hill

    He will not be going back to the town by the hill
    Where gray butcher bird with the musical bill
    Does greet the gray dawn with his familiar song
    A voice from once heard that one could not get wrong... more »

  • He Will Not Be Like His Father

    He has said his goodbyes to the old Coastal Town his future is elsewhere
    And he has gone to try his luck in the bigger World out there
    The wanderlust is in him and he has gone on a long train ride
    And his best days are ahead of him and youth is on his side.... more »

  • He Will Return Next April

    In this Land he does feel feel homesick and alone
    And sometimes by email and sometimes by phone
    He contacts friends and family that he is okay
    And tell of his travels in a Land far away.... more »

  • He Will Return To Duhallow

    His accent is rare in this City a migrant from old Duhallow
    He comes from that fertile green Countryside where the waters of Araglen flow
    On it's journey to the Blackwater through old fields and by many a hedgerow
    Through places made famous by long deceased writers going back many Seasons ago,... more »

  • He Will Soon Leave The Hometown

    He will soon leave the Hometown for places elsewhere
    The lust of the wander is in him for the big World out there
    At the doorstep of his prime he has just turned Eighteen
    He daydreams of places that he has not yet seen... more »

  • He Won'T Be Going Back

    When wildflowers are blooming by the babbling rill
    He won't be going back to the town by the hill
    To see the old fields in their wildflowers of May
    He won't be going back he's been too long away... more »

  • He Won'T Be Going Back To The Town By The Sea

    He won't be going back to the town by the sea
    Or he'll never again hear the chaffinch on the silver birch tree
    Sing in the grey dawn of a cool April day
    By his old Homeland shore from here far away,... more »

  • He Wore Dark Sun Glasses

    The sun it was not shining and dark gray were the skies
    Yet he wore dark sun glasses for to conceal his eyes
    From the gaze of other people what was he trying to hide
    Since to the mirror of his soul daylight he had denied.... more »

  • He Works Hard And He Drinks Hard

    He works hard and he drinks hard and his is not an easy life
    And he has lived alone for the past ten years since his long suffering ex wife
    Went off with another she has found love at last
    She had grown weary of his drinking and he is of her past.... more »

  • Head Cases Indeed

    They must be into drinking lunatic juice or smoking wizzy weed
    The Millstreet Town Park vandals are head cases indeed
    Perhaps venting their frustration on society
    But their vandalizing of a beautiful timber fence does seem all wrong to me... more »

  • Heaven On Earth

    Heaven on Earth is for the privileged few
    That's something quite well known not anything new
    And millions are living in their Earthly Hell
    With only sad stories of their lives to tell... more »