• Home

    To the Londoner it is London to the Roman it is Rome
    We all have a place to call home
    The migrants from New York and Bombay
    Will tell you their home from here is far away... more »

  • Home In Belgrave

    For the past ten years he had lived in the rainforest country
    In northern New South Wales north of Lismore
    And now back in Victoria in his old Hometown of Belgrave
    A stranger where he was well known before.... more »

  • Home In May

    Now the nesting birds are singing in the green woods far away
    And above the bracken mountain skylark piping all the day
    And the jackdaws are stick gathering in their cloaks of black and gray
    And the hawthorns are resplendent in their white blossoms of the May.... more »

  • Home Is Where

    Home is where you live as some does say
    And not where you once lived in distance far away
    And though one's truth to others seldom does apply
    The truth in the saying seems hard to deny... more »

  • Home Is Where One Is Contented

    Even in the Townland he was born and raised in he might now feel a stranger there
    And in the Town he now live in he is seen as one from elsewhere
    Home is where you feel contented wise people are known to say
    And with such thinking i do not beg to differ as i too do see it that way.... more »

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Her mum and dad brought her to Australia
    When she was two years old in seventy two
    And you'd never know she once came from Ireland
    As she speak and act as all Queenslanders do.... more »

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is Some Are Known To Say

    Your life journey may have begun in a place far away
    But home is where you live now the house where you stay
    Though the migrant Roman will tell you where he now lives is home
    The home of his heart it will always be Rome... more »

  • Home Is Where Your Heart Is

    Home is where your heart is only true to say
    And home to you now from your first home in distance is far away
    And in home to you now you hope for to stay
    For as long as you live till your last night and day... more »

  • Home To Kiskeam

    Will the locals know him when they see him
    And will they remember his name
    Or will he feel a complete stranger
    When he goes back to Kiskeam?... more »

  • Home To Macroom

    He says he will go home again to Macroom
    When wildflowers in the fields by Sullane are in bloom
    And the hawthorns are cloaked in their white blooms of the May
    Good old memories live on as the wise one does say... more »

  • Home With Their Trophy

    The citizen band plays the local footballers the main street up and down
    Home with their trophy to the old country town
    For the team members many a rapturous hooray
    This will live in them as a memorable day... more »

  • Homesick Coastal Man

    In his dreams he hears the big waves roll by his Hometown by the sea
    And in the coastal park the magpie lark is calling out pee wee
    And the strong smell of sea weed and kelp that on the white beach lay
    He is not an outback sort of bloke his home is far away... more »

  • Homesick Cullen Man

    The blackbirds sing their songs of joy
    In the green groves of Lisnaboy
    And orange breast robin pipes his tune
    And countless wildflowers are in bloom.... more »

  • Homesick For Bombay

    She speaks in a beautiful accent one could listen to her all day
    The dark haired brown one in her twenties a beauty from distant Bombay
    So friendly and so unconceited of her beauty she does not seem aware
    A good wife for some lucky fellow for people like her are so rare... more »

  • Homesick For Meningie

    Her shoulder length hair is as dark as the wing of a crow
    The girl from the place where the brown Murray flow
    Through bare paddocks of the Coorong to the Pacific shore
    The river that will flow on forever more... more »

  • Homesick For Semaphore

    From the coastal suburb near Port Adelaide she yearns for the old brown shore
    And she won't be staying on here in Melbourne she will return to Semaphore
    And she misses the wide beach by the ocean that stretches from Sem to Largs Bay
    The dark haired one from South Australia she thinks about home every day.... more »

  • Homesick For Warrnambool

    He was born and raised there and there he went to school
    And he is feeling homesick for his Hometown of Warrnambool
    And though he is only twenty two and at the doorstep of his prime
    Two years out of Warrnambool for him seems a long time... more »

  • Homesick In Geelong

    She cannot hear the currawong
    In the shopping centres of Geelong
    Nor yellow robin piping low
    Where the traffic buzzes to and fro.... more »

  • Homophobia

    To the holier than thou in their judgmental way
    Homophobia is always one of their fear words of the day
    To them all non heterosexual people have in them something wrong
    And to human society they ought not belong... more »

  • Honest John Clare

    In his home village the young John was seen as odd
    Poor Parker's son was of a lesser god
    But his fame outlived the fame of the landed gentry and squire
    And all of his contemporaries in the Northampton Shire.... more »

  • Honest Peter

    I will try to tell a story as I heard the story told
    About Peter who hailed from Hong Kong he was three decades old
    He lived south east of Melbourne for just two years or so
    And that will take us back in time to about eight years ago.... more »

  • Honesty Does Not Always Pay

    The hard working and honest people the justice system does fail
    Since the World's wealthiest criminals seldom serve time in jail
    They run big corporations but of them one can say
    That they do not live their lives in an honest and honourable way... more »

  • Honeyeaters

    Birds one does see often in southern gardens sometimes every day
    New Holland honeyeatersin black and gold and gray
    Of pale eyes with dark iris and dark beard of feath Hollanders under chin
    And for sucking nectar from the flowers dark bill long curved and thin... more »

  • Honour The Good Living

    Honour the good living and respect the dead
    And learn from the past as a wise one once said
    Though many leaders never learn from history
    Wise people do not become political leaders it does seem to me,... more »

  • Hooded Dotterel Or Hooded Plover

    With dark brown head light brown wings and unders gray
    Birds I see often though not every day
    They stop to eat marine insects on the beach as they run along
    Once seen small shore birds one cannot get wrong... more »