• A Magpie Is Warbling

    The day it is breezy and sunny though cool
    And in the coastal City of Warrnambool
    A magpie is warbling on a sunlit tree
    His flute like notes familiar to many and familiar to me... more »

  • A Mainstream Thinker

    Going by what you say you are trying to tell me your opinions can't be wrong
    Though with your ideas on what is right many may go along
    Your's does seem mainstream thinking and mainstream thinking is not always right
    In a World ruled by mainstream thinkers for many life's an uphill fight... more »

  • A Male Chaffinch Is Singing

    A voice from the past that to memory belong
    In fancy i do hear the male chaffinch on song
    On a leafy birch tree in the prime of the May
    From where i now live in distance far away... more »

  • A Man For Every Sleeper

    The railway track from Mallow to Killarney through a green old countryside
    Where a man for every sleeper in Ireland's famine died
    A man for every sleeper that's what the old man said
    And tears of loss and sorrow won't wake the famine dead.... more »

  • A Man For The Ladies

    He was the young dad of the sixties he is the old man of today
    Married and divorced for the third time that's life as some are known to say
    He is seven times a great grandfather one might say his flock multiply
    And he is not yet finished with women he says he will give marriage at least one more try,... more »

  • A Man From Claraghatlea North

    A man from Claraghatlea North is all I'll ever be
    And a man from Claraghatlea North seems good enough for me
    From by the Town of Millstreet where Finnow waters flow
    And where to the old fields in view of Clara the Seasons come and go,... more »

  • A Man From Duhallow

    I have seen a bit of the World though many have seen more of it than me
    But a man from Duhallow is all i can be
    Duhallow far north of here as the migrant bird fly
    In distance by air thousands of miles of sky... more »

  • A Man From Duhallow Is All I Can Be

    Wherever my road in life to does lead me
    A man from Duhallow is all i can be
    The accent i was born into is with me to stay
    For as long as i live till my last night and day... more »

  • A Man From Far Away

    In this great Land I've met many nice people and in this great Land I am growing old and gray
    But whereever I live here I won't be a local I'll always be a man from far away
    Some Aussies ask me mate where do you come from? when I tell them Millstreet in Duhallow they do say
    We've never heard of Millstreet in Duhallow but you learn something don't you every day.... more »

  • A Man From Rathmore

    In his early fifties his once brown hair is gray
    And from the Cork and Kerry border he lives far away
    Far south as the crow flies from Hibernia's shore
    And from his old border Hometown of Rathmore.... more »

  • A Man From Welshpool

    I met a man from Welshpool an old Village by the sea
    And he had drunk something more intoxicating than lemonade, coffee or tea
    He came up to me on the street and he slapped me on the back
    And shook my hand saying how do you do, hello my name is Mac.... more »

  • A Man In His Seventies

    It's obvious that he has known a better day
    The hopes that he had are now fading away
    Of going home to Scotland his Homeland for to die
    To the vale by the hill where he lived as a boy.... more »

  • A Man Named Bill

    In a little valley by a bracken covered hill
    Stand a white washed cottage by a rippling rill
    The owner of this cottage is a batchelor named Bill
    And his only true companion is his border collie Jill.... more »

  • A Man Named Dan

    On his way home from work in the evening he call into his local pub Dan
    Just for a few drinks the down to earth working man
    And then home to his dinner to his two young daughters and Ann his wife
    One loyal to his marital duties and happy in his life... more »

  • A Man Named John

    In a car accident John lost his two young daughters Lisa and Bella and Ann his lovely wife
    He is one who knows of the hard knocks of life
    Now in his early fifties he never married again
    Yet of his sorrows in life he never does complain... more »

  • A Man Of

    I am of the fields where the waterways meet
    Green old Claraghatlea by the Town of Millstreet
    Through time and through distance the past follows me
    A man of the Boggeraghs is all i can be... more »

  • A Man Of Doggerel

    I have penned one might say a lot of rhyme though i do not write that well
    I am just one of the ordinary a man of doggerel
    Yet penning rhymes on different things brings lots of joy to me
    And to rhyme to me is easy as easy as can be... more »

  • A Man Of Great Courage

    If he should write his life story a million copies of it he'd sell
    He has known great disappointments life for him is Earthly hell
    Lost his wife and their two young children in a car smash he lives with that tragedy
    But he has got on with his life and few as courageous as he.... more »

  • A Man Of Many Talents

    A singer and a musician and a writer of poetry and song
    At the pub the one who leads in the sing along
    The gifts he possess with others he does share
    A man of many talents his type are so rare... more »

  • A Man Of The Boggeraghs

    Since from there i realize i have been too long away
    In Duhallow i would be a stranger today
    Many of the people i knew there are deceased or have migrated and time ticking on
    And i only have memories of the long gone... more »

  • A Man Of The Boggeraghs Is All I Can Be

    I was born and raised near where the rivers do meet
    A mile and a quarter west of the Town of Millstreet
    The accent i was born into has come far south with me
    A man of the Boggeraghs is all i can be... more »

  • A Man Of The Fifties

    He looks on those different as way out and strange
    But at his stage of life he is not going to change
    The whole World it is black and white in his eyes
    He may be growing older but he is not growing wise... more »

  • A Man Who Knows Much About Nature

    He has not been to college or uni and for so called success in life he does not have much to show
    But about flora and fauna and Nature there is so much he seems to know
    He knows all of the trees in the Parkland by the bark or the leaves that they wear
    A man who knows much about Nature and for the health of Nature he care.... more »

  • A Man With A Closed Mind

    A fellow once described me as a teller of tall stories
    He told me you go pull my other leg
    I often hear you talk of Clara mountain
    And of the mountain fields of Clarabeg.... more »

  • A Man With A Mind Of His Own

    His praises he does not need others to sing
    He lives in his own way and he does his own thing
    He has no desire to be popular and well known
    One might say a man with a mind of his own... more »