• A Man Without Ruth

    He likes to tell anyone willing to listen to him of the hard times he has known
    How his wife left him and took the children and he is now on his own
    Though the stories he tell them are lacking in truth
    Since in reality he is a man without ruth... more »

  • A Man's World

    It is and will always be a man's World after all
    Men have so much to talk of war and football
    And their wives and their lovers and women they have been with in bed
    On such stuff the male egos always are fed... more »

  • A Man's World After All

    Few women in business and politics succeed
    For most males think it is their right to lead
    And so few women have ever known renown
    Down through the ages they have been kept down.... more »

  • A March Evening In The Moyne Shire

    A beautiful evening of around twenty degrees
    With only the slightest of a sea breeze
    Blowing above the paddocks bare, dry and brown
    In the coastal countryside close to Koroit Town... more »

  • A March Evening In Warrnambool

    The silver gulls mewing above Lady Bay
    And in the blue sunny sky just a few clouds of gray
    The welcome swallows chasing flying insects do chirp as they fly
    The dark fleet winged speedsters of the southern sky... more »

  • A March Night In The Village

    The Harvest moon in a sky of stars is looking full and bright
    Above the rural Village in the stillness of the night
    The streets are quite deserted there's not a soul in sight
    And small grey moths are circling around the lamp of the street light.... more »

  • A Marvel Of Nature

    A house sparrow's egg a tiny thing scarce larger than bean size
    In Nature suppose one can say anything should not surprise
    Pale of tiny brown spots to wonder it does give rise
    That a tiny nestling can be born from it seems hard to realize... more »

  • A Marvellous And Beautiful Person

    I'd like for to meet her more often since she never fails to make my day
    A marvellous and beautiful person though the years has left her hair gray
    Her smile is a thing of great beauty it lights up her beautiful face
    If everyone were only like her to live in this town would be a far better place... more »

  • A Marvellous Gift

    A marvellous gift the great gift of compassion it is a gift not everyone possess
    Compassionate people feel for other people for those who know of great unhappiness
    They are not selfish or in any way self centred for to help and comfort others they go out of their way
    And for themselves they are building up good karma what goes around does come around they say... more »

  • A Marvellous Morning

    The nesting birds singing on bushes and trees
    And warmth in the sunshine and warmth in the breeze
    And daisies in plenty amidst the short grass to be seen
    And the Townpark is looking so healthy and green... more »

  • A Marvellous Thing

    Of ageing heroes and warriors some may choose to sing
    But the great gift of youth is a marvellous thing
    The boys of the fifties belong to the past
    They did have their good days but good days don't last... more »

  • A Marvelous Person

    So kind and gentle in her own sweet way
    I see her often though not every day
    On meeting she always smiles as hello she does say
    About her she does have a winning way... more »

  • A Marvelous Thing

    I have lived for sixty five years in time quite a span
    And if living in ten years from now i will be an old man
    And though i have lost all of the youthful elan
    I want to live on for as long as i can... more »

  • A Member Of The I W Club

    A member of the Club of Enterprising Women her great dream is to climb the social stair
    With their support she hopes to be a great success that in big business she will be a major player
    Maybe one day be a company director but not all dreams as we know do come true
    And though nearly everybody dreams of fame and glory such dreams as we know are realized by very few.... more »

  • A Memory

    I fancy I can see him still the bird with breast as white as snow
    He dip and bob on moss covered rock where the stream rapids flow
    With chestnut coloured head and short stiff tail and mostly dark to brown
    I hear him pipe his scratchy notes as he bobs up and down.... more »

  • A Memory For To Cherish

    White butterflies are dancing in the warm evening breeze
    And the house sparrows are chirping on the sunlit garden trees
    On a warm day in April in the far Southern Fall
    Of the Southern Land's four Seasons the most pleasant one of all,... more »

  • A Memory From 85

    I've always thought that Gaelic Football was a grand and a sporting game
    But after witnessing a match between Rockchapel and Kiskeam
    Played in the Gaelic Playing Field half a mile from Knocknagree
    The uglier side of Gaelic Football was all brought home to me.... more »

  • A Memory From Childhood

    I remember and why not I that saturday in July
    I was ten years or eleven since then many years gone by
    And the weather not so summery rain clouds gathering in the sky
    Slashing thistles for my uncle in a field in Lisnaboy.... more »

  • A Memory From Nineteen Fifty Seven

    When I was young long years ago ten years going on eleven
    Cork were Munster football champs that year in nineteen fifty seven
    And Toots Kelleher from Millstreet Town was in his prime and glory
    One of Ireland's best forwards in his day and of him there's many story.... more »

  • A Memory From Puck Fair

    In Killorglin Town at old Puck Fair she sat on her pinto pony
    With wavy brown shoulder length hair i recall her name was Joaney
    A member of the travelling clan she looked so fit and active
    In her early twenties at the most so young and so attractive.... more »

  • A Memory From The Past

    In my flights of fancy I often do hear
    The male snipe o'er the bog in the Spring of the year
    With his whirring wings he makes a drumming sound
    As in the night sky he flies around and around... more »

  • A Memory From The Past That Today I Recall

    A memory from the past that today i recall
    The night the cross on Clara in the storm did fall
    The wind from the north did blow loud and strong
    And in the tree branches did howl all night long... more »

  • A Memory I Remember

    Old Clara in his hat of snow, the stream bank high is flowing
    And across the wet and bare and deserted fields the cold north winds are blowing
    Winter arrives in his cloak of gray on the first morning of December
    And the redwings chirp on the bare hedgerows old memories i remember,... more »

  • A Memory Of Destroyed Beauty

    It was the Cork County Council i remember
    Who cut the small wood by our house away
    They did it for the purpose of road widening
    But what a barren mess it looks today.... more »

  • A Memory Of First Love

    She was quite young not even in her twenties
    And i was two years younger seventeen
    And i loved her but the thought of love it scared me
    For to the ways of love i was still green.... more »