• I Do Not Wish To Meet Him

    When he sing his own praises I pretend not to hear
    So good I don't meet him often just a couple of times a year
    I know about his top job and his expensive new car
    And he feel so proud to tell me of how great his buddies are... more »

  • I Do Not Write

    I do not write for reasons aligned to wealth and fame
    And writing of verse for me has been a 'hungry belly game'
    I am one of those addicted to the penning of rhyme
    Though in a Land of free speech that cannot be a crime.... more »

  • I Do Not Write Any Writing Points For To Score

    I do not write any writing points for to score
    Only to try to understand life and little else more
    And though i know little of life of this i will not lie
    We do learn every day till the day we do die... more »

  • I Do Not Write For Fortune Or For Fame

    I do not write for fortune or for fame
    Or that mine may become quite a well known name
    I only write because writing I enjoy
    I have loved rhyme verse ever since I was a boy... more »

  • I Do Stand For Something

    My achievements in life compared to most others may seem small
    But i do stand for something and that is a fair go for all
    Of people of all Races of white, black and brown
    Color, race or creed or gender should not be for anyone a barrier to renown... more »

  • I Don'T Feel Sorry Anzac Day Is Over

    I don't feel sorry Anzac day is over enough of talk of war for one more year
    I did not attend the ceremony at the war memorial their tired old speeches I did not wish to hear
    I do not wish to belittle their glory but their sameness I find boring just the same
    They pass their torch to the young generation who to the war drums march on towards their fame.... more »

  • I Don'T Know What

    I don't know what sort of a bloke I am or to what Country I belong
    For with the Land I was born and raised in my bond it doesn't even seem strong
    And here in this vast Land I live in a migrant till death I will be
    You boast of the flag of your Country but flags not important to me.... more »

  • I Don'T Live In His Shoes

    Though we go to the same pub and we drink the same brand of booze
    I cannot judge him i don't live in his shoes
    His life experiences are very different to mine
    Though we drink the same beer and we both like red wine,... more »

  • I Don'T Really Feel That Homesick

    I don't really feel that homesick as of that I've had my fill
    But I oft times think of Ireland and my home by Clara hill
    And the green fields around Millstreet Town and the bogs of Claraghatlea
    In North Cork and Duhallow where it rains most every day.... more »

  • I Don'T Talk To Others

    I don't talk to others of my boyhood experiences though sometimes in paper I do write them down
    When I was a young lad of the fifties and by my old home near Millstreet Town
    In mid May in green old Duhallow the hawthorns were cloaked in blooms white as snow
    And in the rank grass by the hedgerows the male pheasants did cuck and crow..... more »

  • I Don'T Want To Be A Hero

    I don't want to be a hero renowned for my bravery
    All I want is heaps of money and of my worries I'd be free
    To pay my bills I have to struggle I live close to poverty
    I don't want to be a hero what use would that be to me? .... more »

  • I Don'T Want To Hear Of

    I don't want to hear of your mates at the pub
    Or of the latest success of your football club
    Or of how many pots of beer you drunk last night
    Can't say that your stories fill me with delight.... more »

  • I Dream Of A World

    I dream of a world where none wish for renown
    Or where none does desire to be best in the town
    And where everyone lives in perfect harmony
    Perhaps i do dream of what never may be... more »

  • I Dreamt I Was In Africa

    I dreamt I was in Africa neath Serengeti sky
    I heard the wild dogs barking, the spotted hyenas cry,
    I heard the male lion roaring his anger pierced the night,
    I dreamt I was in Africa neath African moonlight.... more »

  • I Enjoy Nothing Better

    I have said it in the past so many a time
    I am just one of those people who loves penning rhyme
    I enjoy nothing better than scribbling away
    Adding to my numbers of rhymes every day... more »

  • I Envy Our Human Ancestors

    I envy our human ancestors though we've come a long way from the cave
    They did not hunt with heavy powered rifles and to survive they had to be brave
    I hope that today they are happy in that kingdom beyond the sky
    They lived in a different World so different to you and I.... more »

  • I Envy The Forgotten Hermit

    Our kind has climbed the highest mountains and jumped out of planes in the sky
    And walked upon outer space planets in places to where birds cannot fly
    We even try to compete with Nature with the emphasis on the word try
    But Nature wins out in the long run for we age and grow old and die.... more »

  • I Envy The Migratory Birds

    I envy the migratory birds their freedom from Country to Country they fly
    Their wings take them to distant places they travel thousands of miles by sky
    Their life span is a brief span but they travel far and wide
    Above the timeless oceans and miles of countryside... more »

  • I Envy The People

    I envy the people who can cope with stress
    They are on the high road to happiness
    They have anger caused by frustration under control
    The one who can laugh under stress has a beautiful soul... more »

  • I Envy Them

    I envy them their close links to Mother Nature and I envy them their freedom of the sky
    And I envy them their grace and natural beauty for a thing of natural beauty is a thing of joy
    As Winter nears the swallows do not tarry off to the warmer climate they do fly
    And I worry about myself and my needs are they not that much happier than I?... more »

  • I Envy Them For Their Resilience

    The most of us have our own worries Though to another your problems may seem small
    But lucky are they very lucky who never seem to worry at all
    Although in financial difficulties they don't allow that for to get them down
    They never appear to be worried they smile as they walk in the town... more »

  • I Envy Them Their Love Of Home

    Many left the old Town by the river to work and live in Cities far away
    From where they went to school and spent their early years and first saw light of day
    But some remained in the Homeplace and there worked for lower pay
    And credit them for their love of home those who at home did stay.... more »

  • I Envy Them Who Never Yearn

    I envy them who never yearn for riches and renown
    Who with others never compete for success in their side of the town
    Quite happy with their lot in life and easily satisfied
    The smiling Goddess of Happiness is surely on their side... more »

  • I Fancy

    I fancy I can hear cock chaffinch singing
    On hawthorn white with blossoms of the May
    His wife in nest of brown moss on her eggs sit
    In fork of tree from prying eyes hid away.... more »

  • I Fancy I Am Walking

    I fancy I am walking where I often walked before
    On the roadway that leads from Millstreet Town just a short car drive to Rathmore
    The tiny brown wren with the big bird song sing in the green hedgerow
    And flowers of Spring bloom in the fields where the Finnow waters flow.... more »