• I Fancy I Can See You Old Duhallow

    I fancy I can see you old Duhallow
    The swallows o'er your fields wing to and fro
    And cows from wintering houses out on pasture
    And birds are whistling on the green hedgerow.... more »

  • I Fancy I Hear

    I fancy I hear the male robin again
    His red breast puffed out as he sings in the rain
    In the grove near where I lived many Seasons ago
    A different life now from the one I did know.... more »

  • I Fear Death

    I do not believe in the hereafter one reason that i do fear death
    One reason i wish to keep living and that i will fight for my final breath
    I do not believe post bodily death that the soul has wings to fly
    To the paradise of the God people believe in a World somewhere beyond the sky... more »

  • I Feel A Stranger

    I feel a stranger amongst the indifferent and many seem to look on me as strange
    I long to live where nobody might know me I have in me this great desire for change
    To live in some quiet place near Mother Nature by a wild wood near where a river flow
    On it's long journey to the distant ocean through woods and fields and by many a hedgerow.... more »

  • I Feel Grateful

    I feel grateful for all of the beauty I've seen
    Since I've last seen wildflowers bloom by the bohreen
    And though little of Nature's ways I seem to know
    Her beauty surrounds me where-ever I go.... more »

  • I Feel Grateful Another Day I'Ve Lived To See

    Though my worth as a writer I often do doubt
    There are no shortage of things for one to write about
    The birds in the Parkland just across the way
    Are chirping and whistling for to greet the new day.... more »

  • I Feel Happy To Be With Nature

    I feel happy to be with Nature alone in the wood by the hill
    When the white backed magpie on the tall gum he opens his sivery bill
    And pipes his own natural music so beautiful free flowing and clear
    His wonderful song it is timeless and something quite pleasant to hear,... more »

  • I Feel I Am A Non Achiever

    I feel I am a non achiever my life's come to nothing at all
    I go to the pub meet my mates there drink beer with them and talk football
    And politics and the economy and work and family and war
    That seems to forever keep raging in Lands where from we live afar.... more »

  • I Feel I Do Love

    I feel i do live in my own Earthly Hell
    For many years i have been an infidel
    If you have a God with me that is okay
    Since each to their own as the wise one did say... more »

  • I Feel I May Be

    I began writing rhyme in nineteen seventy three
    And addicted to rhyming i feel i may be
    At twenty seven years of age in my physical prime
    And this is going back many Seasons in time... more »

  • I Feel Lady Luck

    I feel lady luck must be smiling on me
    For wherever i turn to look only beauty i see
    A crimson rosella chirping on a sunlit tree
    A beautiful image to live in memory... more »

  • I Feel Life Is Like A Battle

    Never done anybody harm yet can't seem to do no good
    Is there one who understand me, why am I misunderstood?
    At parties and get togethers I always feel out of place
    Get the strangest sort of feeling that mine's not a welcome face.... more »

  • I Feel Like A Leaf In Autumn

    I feel like a leaf in Autumn borne along by flooded rill
    Running down the silent valley down along the moonlit hill
    Down to join the flooded river towards it's final destiny
    To it's deep grave in salt water in the bosom of the sea.... more »

  • I Feel Lucky

    Why should i yearn to visit beautiful places from here far away
    When wherever i turn to look every day
    Nature at her finest is all around me
    Such beauty that i do feel privileged for to see... more »

  • I Feel Lucky In Life

    I feel lucky in life in some sort of a way
    On the kind and nice people i meet every day
    Those who on humanity my faith does restore
    Though of their kind the World is in need of far more... more »

  • I Feel Lucky So Lucky

    I feel lucky so lucky everyday i does see
    The beauty in Nature everywhere around me
    Birds chirping and singing on bushes and trees
    Their pleasant notes carrying in the freshening breeze... more »

  • I Feel Lucky To Live In This Country

    We did have some showers in the morning though it was quite welcome the rain
    And the day it has turned out quite windy and the sun is out shining again
    For mid Fall it is such good weather the butterflies dance in the breeze
    And the temperatures so very pleasant a tad over twenty degrees.... more »

  • I Feel Privileged To Know

    You may not be the popular one of the town
    And even live as a stranger to local renown
    But you are one of those who does give to receive
    And on a fair go for all you do believe... more »

  • I Feel Rather Lucky

    I feel rather lucky in truth i can say
    In the amazing wildlife i see every day
    Koalas and echidnas and gray kangaroos
    And emus and wallabies, corellas and cockatoos... more »

  • I Feel So Disappointed

    I feel so disappointed when I hear the unenlightened say
    Of how they support the bombing of Cities far away
    And as for the poor people whose dreams by war have been destroyed
    They say it's their bad luck if they have nowhere for to run to and from the bombs can't hide.... more »

  • I Feel That

    I feel that my ego is out of control
    And on my thought patterns is taking it's toll
    I envy the people with humility
    Though sadly they are of the unassuming minority... more »

  • I Feel That I Am Very Lucky

    I feel that i am very lucky in some of the people everyday i do meet
    Some of the people i meet in the parkland and some of the people i meet on the street
    To me many of them are strangers who happen to be passing my way
    With a smile and a cheerful how are you they help to bring joy to my day... more »

  • I Feel That I Have Been

    I feel that i have been running out of rhyme
    Suppose eventually we all become victims of time
    Of any success as a writer i do not have stories to tell
    But here's to the birth of one more doggerel... more »

  • I Feel Very Happy To Be Living

    I feel happy to wake in the morning and know that i am very much alive
    The Reaper's of lives is not looking my way one needs luck in life to survive
    And i feel very lucky to be living since many younger and fitter than me with the dead
    I only take each day as it comes to me and i never do look too very far ahead... more »

  • I Find Your Subjects Boring

    I find your subjects boring your conversations seem so dull
    Of politics, religion and nationalism I've had a bellyfull
    The World only divided by human created borders in reality 'tis all of the one crust
    We were born of a woman and we decay to dust... more »