• I First Fell In Love With Mother Nature

    I first fell in love with Mother Nature as a boy in old fields far away
    In time going back more than five decades and i still do love her today
    The creator of flora and fauna she takes every life she does give
    She never does cease to amaze me her i will love for as long as i live... more »

  • I First Fell In Love With Nature

    I first fell in love with Nature going back more than five decades of time
    And by the animals and birds who lived near me in my late twenties I was inspired to rhyme
    Yet the more that I learn about her so little about her I realize I know
    Our Earth Mother she is amazing and my wonder of her only grow... more »

  • I First Grew To Love Her

    I first grew to love her when i was a boy
    The beauty of nature is a thing of joy
    Her wonders are many her secrets not few
    And everyday from her we learn something new... more »

  • I First Heard It As A Boy

    I first heard it as a boy long before my physical prime
    And it has lived in me over decades of time
    The years have left me balding and silver gray
    But the flute of the curlew i hear it today... more »

  • I Found Him To Be Rather Boring

    He must have thought I have a hearing problem he kept talking loudly in my ear
    I found him to be rather boring his talk quite uninteresting to hear
    He had more than one drink too many like water he swallowed his beer
    I thought to myself after this drink I am on my way out of here.... more »

  • I Found Welcome At Moloneys

    I found welcome at Moloneys there was welcome there for me
    At their house in Kallioota Street not far from Wendouree
    I was looked on as an equal felt part of the family
    Mary treated me to biscuits bits of cake and cups of tea.... more »

  • I Get A Buzz Out Of Rhyming

    I was twenty seven when I penned my first rhyme going back thirty five years in time
    A man with great hopes for the future but that was back in my life's prime
    I daydreamed of fortunes from writing that I would be one of literary note
    I'm just one of millions of minor rhymers who daydreamed of fame as a poet... more »

  • I Go Back In Time

    I go back in time to a long gone Spring
    To where i last heard the male robin sing
    On the tall cypress tree by the garden wall
    Such memories are always a joy to recall... more »

  • I Grew To Love Nature

    I have loved Mother Nature since i was a boy
    And learning of her ways today i enjoy
    But the more i learn of her the more i realize
    That i know little of her is this a surprise?... more »

  • I Grew To Love Nature When I Was A Boy

    I grew to love Nature when i was a boy
    And learning of her ways today i enjoy
    And of Nature i learn new things every day
    We do learn as we live it does seem this way... more »

  • I Grew Up In A Time Of Many Changes

    When I was young I witnessed many changes
    In the wide by-road side margins where the travellers parked before
    The grass grow rank and the briers have taken over
    And somethings gone and lost for evermore.... more »

  • I Had My Daydreams

    I had my daydreams as many do of great wealth and renown
    Of making a name for myself far south of my Hometown
    But of successes sad for me to you I cannot tell
    I will end my days perhaps unsung as a man of doggerel.... more »

  • I Had My Daydreams In Old Fields Far Away

    Most people have their daydreams in life to pursue
    Though daydreams for many not known to come true
    I too was a daydreamer decades ago
    Long before time that rusts iron did become my foe... more »

  • I Had My Daydreams Of Great Literary Renown

    I had my daydreams of great literary renown
    Back there in the old fields west of Millstreet Town
    Just dreams of success I was never to know
    And that is going back many Seasons ago.... more »

  • I Had No Power To Keep You

    I had no power to keep you I'll only have you know
    That water must flow downhill uphill it cannot flow
    You have made your decision and I won't fight to keep you
    Since him you do love better and love rings ever true.... more »

  • I Had This Great Dream

    I had this great dream that I was a poet
    A man seen as worthy of literary note
    A winner of many a literary prize
    My success to me even quite a surprise... more »

  • I Hail From The Land

    I hail from the Land of the gray hooded crow
    Where Araglen and Finnow to the Blackwater flow
    Through green old Duhallow on it's way to the sea
    When I visualize such great beauty I see.... more »

  • I Harbor No Desire

    I harbor no desire for wealth and for fame
    That mine would be a very well known face and name
    I just want to live for as long as i can
    Live and become a better and a far kinder man... more »

  • I Hate Mob Law

    I hate mob law the mob can be so cruel
    For 'tis not by the rule of law that the mob rule
    I'd prefer to face a judge and jury any day
    Than have the mob upon me have their way,... more »

  • I Hate The Word Loser

    I hate the word loser when it is used in a derogatory way
    One of the worst verbal put down words In the World of today
    Used by people who find pleasure on putting others verbally down
    Such people are not an asset to any village, city or town... more »

  • I Hate The World I Live In

    I hate the World I live in though live in it I must
    Where the value of a poor person is seen as equal to a piece of dust
    I feel detached from most people their attitude to life I hate
    To money only money they do seem to relate.... more »

  • I Have

    I have been told by some my rhymes are not good enough
    For the twenty first century a bit slip shod and rough
    Perhaps their way of saying i should give rhyming away
    Though to their advice any heed i never does pay... more »

  • I Have Always Loved You Truly

    I have always loved you truly Mother Nature
    But about you I have much to learn and know
    I see your changing beauty in the Seasons
    And I feel your anger when your wild gales blow.... more »

  • I Have An Addiction

    I have an addiction of penning of rhyme
    But suppose i could be doing worse with my time
    And though in literature i will never be one to the fore
    I write rhymes for enjoyment and little else more... more »

  • I Have Been

    I have been lucky in life of this i can say
    In the beauty around me i see every day
    The great beauty in Nature one does not pay to see
    It is all around you and it is all around me... more »