• A Memory Of Lisnaboy

    The Summer holidays i did enjoy
    In uncle Dan and aunt Mary's farm in Lisnaboy
    When i was a young boy going back in time
    Many years before i discovered rhyme... more »

  • A Memory Of Long Gone Years

    The song of the robins I fancy I hear
    In Claramore wood in the Spring of the year
    A memory from long gone years I do retain
    Despite the passing of time in me it does remain... more »

  • A Memory Of Mcloughlins Beach

    O'er the mudflats of McLouglins beach in South Gippsland it is pleasant to hear
    The flute of the curlew at this time of year
    Though five hours by car distant to my heart 'tis near
    That beautiful music melodious and clear... more »

  • A Memory Of St Davids

    In St Davids in Wales i picked potatoes in my early twenties
    And though that was more than thirty years ago
    On looking back in time it doesn't seem that long
    The months and years did not drag on that slow.... more »

  • A Memory Of The Old Glasheen Rill

    The elvers in the clear pool of the old Glasheen rill
    How often I watched them from the little bridge near the Town by Clara hill
    The rill that marks the border between Inchaleigh and Claraghatlea on the roadway to Rathmore
    Their mothers made the long journey to give them birth from the saltwater shore... more »

  • A Memory Of The Wood By Mushera Mountain

    I cut down trees in wood by Mushera mountain
    Where in the snow the sheep of hunger died
    In Winter 'twas a bleak and barren country
    But Spring brought beauty to that mountain side.... more »

  • A Memory Of What Was

    In pubs in the Town in view of Clara hill
    They sung and re-sung the song Bold Thady Quill
    In June when the flowers by Finnow were in bloom
    And Millstreet had won a big game in Macroom... more »

  • A Memory To Cherish

    The wildering flowers are blooming in the Parkland by the sea
    And nesting birds chirping and singing on bush and shrub and tree
    And there is the scent of freshness in the cool clean coastal air
    Days like today are perfect and perfect days are rare,... more »

  • A Memory To Cherish And For To Retain

    Than the coastal scenery few things seem so fair
    The smell of the kelp in the cool evening air
    The babble of the waves lapping on to the shore
    A sound destined to live forever more... more »

  • A Memory To Remember

    Sparrows chirp in the sunshine it is a marvellous day
    And the silver gulls are calling in the park by old Port Bay
    And there is not one rain cloud in the bright blue sky
    A memory to remember for decades to enjoy.... more »

  • A Mere Fact Of Life

    Since most races and all colors of people i have mixed with and known
    From those with racist views in my thinking far apart i have grown
    We all do belong to the one big human family
    At least anyhow that's how it seems to me... more »

  • A Mere Infidel

    Life must be lonely for a mere infidel
    One who does not believe in a heaven or a hell
    On a god or a satan he does not believe
    Yet he laugh and he smile and for lost love he grieve.... more »

  • A Mere Mortal

    I am just your ordinary mortal of blood and flesh and bone
    And one day i will be dead to life and as lifeless as a stone
    Or as dead as the dodo as some are known to say
    We live only for a short while and then to dust decay... more »

  • A Mere Shadow Of The Man

    He walks stiffly with a cane He has arthritic knees
    And he feel his heart race if he does cough or sneeze
    Not a mere shadow of the man that he once used to be
    Time takes care of all and it will take care of me... more »

  • A Message Here For All You Poets

    The love poet writes of lovely things like true love and flowers in bloom
    And the roses in the poet's garden scent of a sweet perfume
    And the gentle hearted applaud him saying what a marvellous poet
    He surely is a child of God and one worthy of note.... more »

  • A Migrant From Cork City

    Nostalgia it is such an amazing thing
    He still talks of the hurler the great Christy Ring
    His sporting hero as a primary schoolboy
    Reminiscing of his young years is a thing he enjoy.... more »

  • A Migrant From Duhallow

    Far north of here I spent my best years though old memories refuse to fade
    And there I grew to love the famous writers the legends of the wordsmith trade
    Twenty one years in Australia in time may seem a lengthy span
    But I'll always be a migrant here I was born an Irishman.... more »

  • A Migrant From Elsewhere

    A migrant from elsewhere and a stranger to renown
    And an ageing newcomer in the old coastal town
    One wearied a bit by the passing of time
    And addicted to the penning of doggerel rhyme... more »

  • A Migrant From Macroom

    Never more on balmy Spring evenings of birdsong and wildflowers in bloom
    Will he fish with rod and line on the Town bridge above the Sullane that flows through Macroom
    When the hawthorns are heavily laden with their fragile white blossoms of the May
    Though now in his old Hometown in mid Cork he might feel like a stranger today,... more »

  • A Migrant From Sliabh Luachra

    He is from the place of the silver back crow
    And the hills where the gorse, heather and bracken grow
    On land too rough and high for the plough around every stone
    Near Rathmore in east Kerry by the Paps of Shrone.... more »

  • A Migrant Here

    The river in it's flood waters of brown
    Flow bank high in the fields by the old town
    The town where he lived in as a boy
    There the best years of his life he did enjoy.... more »

  • A Migrant Here And A Stranger There

    The life I once knew far away now a fading memory
    And nothing seems to stay the same or so 'twould seem to me
    And no man or woman irreplaceable there is one to take our place
    And how many times have I heard said, I can't recall that face?... more »

  • A Migrant In His Seventies

    In his nostalgic flights of fancy he sees them every day
    The old hills by his Hometown twelve thousand miles away
    Far north of this southern city even as the crow does fly
    Thousands of leagues of ocean thousands of miles of sky.... more »

  • A Migrant In This Land

    A migrant in this land is all i can wish to be
    And time it would have made a stranger of me
    Far north in Claraghatlea west of Millstreet Town
    Where i used to live when my hair was dark brown... more »

  • A Migrant In This Land I'Ll Always Be

    They had lived here for sixty thousand years or maybe more
    Before the first white sailors moored their boats and came ashore
    Illegal migrants without passports to show
    Two centuries and two decades ago.... more »