• I Once Was A Boy As You Are Now

    I once was a boy as you are now when my hair was dark brown
    In Claraghatlea far north of here near famous Millstreet Town
    The sports I played and that you play as different as can be
    But your strong bond to Nature makes you similar to me... more »

  • I Once Was A Roman Catholic 'To Joe'

    I once was a Roman Catholic but I'm not one no more
    For I've not been to church to pray since nineteen eighty four
    And I don't have a religion for I have seen the light
    And I still think God likes me and I think God's all right.... more »

  • I Only Call It Stuff

    What I pen is not poetry I only call it stuff
    And it does not bother me at all If I'm not seen as good enough
    I am an addictive rhymer I've said so much before
    And now that the urge is on me I will go and pen some more,... more »

  • I Only Can Hope

    I only can hope i have not seen my last Spring
    The great gift of life is a wonderful thing
    I want to live on for as long as i can
    And die in my sleep without pain as a very old man... more »

  • I Only Can Live In The Moment

    Some who claim themselves to be seers claim into the future they can see
    But such gifts are not mine for to talk of i cannot even say how tomorrow will be
    The future i cannot look into i take it one day at a time
    Just food for thought as the old saying goes another chance for me to rhyme... more »

  • I Only Can Look Up To Him The Better Man Than Me

    A good side to everyone he only seems to see
    I like him for his non judgmental ways the better man than me
    I have never heard him in his words put anybody down
    A credit to his neighborhood and to his side of the town... more »

  • I Only Can Sing

    I only can sing of the beauty i have seen
    When Spring is in Koroit in her gown of green
    And on trees and bushes the nesting birds sing
    The workings of Nature an amazing thing... more »

  • I Only Can Tell You

    I only can tell you of what my eyes do see
    Of the beauty of Nature that is all around me
    On a drizzling Spring evening with only a slight chill
    From the lookout above the Lake of Tower Hill... more »

  • I Only Do Write Of

    Of my worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
    And few interested enough in to read any of the things i have written about
    Such as the pink spots on the skin of the wild-born brown trout
    On the bed of the clear river pool when the sun is out... more »

  • I Only Fear The Thought Of Death

    I do not fear death 'tis the thought of it I do fear
    And of the death of one I know when I read of or hear
    I think of my mortality and time on us doesn't wait
    For with the dreaded Reaper I too do have a date... more »

  • I Only Have Cause To Be Happy

    The lorikeets on the flowering gums chirping the silver gulls call in the Bay
    The sun through the gray clouds is peeping it sure is a beautiful day
    The noisy miners chirp around their borders aggressive and noisy by Nature and name
    The rivalry between different bird species is for real but in the Human World it is the same.... more »

  • I Only Have Memories

    Perhaps i will never see Clara again
    And hear the birds sing in the wind and the rain
    When Spring in the old fields is spreading her green
    And bluebells are blooming on ditch of the bohreen... more »

  • I Only Have Memories Of Christmas

    I only have memories of Christmas of the Christmases I used to know
    When Clara by the Town of Millstreet wore his hat of December snow
    And the bare fields and bare woods were echoing to the harsh caws of the silver back crow
    And down from the Boggeragh Ranges the cold winds of December blow... more »

  • I Only Have Memories Of The What Used To Be

    The clock on our lives ever ticking away
    In time it only does seem like yesterday
    Since to the fields of my young years i said goodbye
    On looking back the Seasons how time seems to fly... more »

  • I Only Have Memories Of Winters I Did Know

    I only have memories of Winters i did know
    When the Boggeragh mountains were covered in snow
    And every rill, stream, river and drain
    Flowing swollen in brown waters of recent rain... more »

  • I Only Have Mental Pictures

    I only have the mental pictures of beauty i have seen
    Like bluebells in May on the ditch of a bohreen
    And old fields resplendent in their Nature's flowers
    Looking lush and green after recent Spring showers... more »

  • I Only Know That

    I only know that my life's journey one day or one night has to end
    And any talk of a life after bodily death is too much for me to comprehend
    Many believe in a life hereafter that the soul has wings for to fly
    That there are Worlds for good and bad people millions of miles beyond the sky... more »

  • I Only Love The Quiet And Lonely Places

    No I don't sing the anthem of Cork City
    The green green banks of my own lovely Lee
    I'd much prefer to sing of distant mountains
    Or places like the woods of Reanaree... more »

  • I Only Pen Rhymes As A Hobby

    I only pen rhymes as a hobby since i am a stranger to fame
    And in death to me it will not matter if mine is a forgotten name
    Wealth and fame is only of benefit to the living since the dead to all feelings are dead
    It cannot be said of a dead person that success has gone to her or his head... more »

  • I Only Reminisce

    From there i have been many Seasons away
    And by all accounts Millstreet is a changed place today
    But the old fields of Claraghatlea would look much the same
    I remember some of them by their given name... more »

  • I Only Retain The Mental Images

    I only retain the mental images of the beauty i have seen
    When bluebells, snowdrops and primroses bloomed on the ditches of every bohreen
    In Spring in view of far away mountains that i only now can visualize
    Though far south of the place i was raised in i may witness my last sunrise... more »

  • I Only State Here

    I only state here what is a fact of life
    The bloke who beats his dog too beats his children and wife
    For those cruel to animals can be cruel to their own kind
    To control by violence they are that way inclined... more »

  • I Only Want To Be A Better Person

    I once was a man driven by ambition
    But the dreams i had were really only small
    And the moments of my life i thought were memorable
    Now don't seem so memorable when them i recall.... more »

  • I Only Want To Grow Old With Some Grace

    I only want to grow old with some grace
    And whilst in company of others know my place
    And live and let live and do my own thing
    Who knows I may have lived my final Spring.... more »

  • I Only Want To Live And Be Let Live

    I don't know if I've got an enemy
    Though no one is an enemy to me
    I only want to live and be let live
    And be thought of as one who can forgive.... more »