• I Only Wish

    I only wish I were a better person
    And do at least one good deed every day
    There is plenty room for me of self improvement
    On the righteous path to go I have some way.... more »

  • I Only Wish To Be Alone With Nature

    Forgive me if to you I seem indifferent and your ways I will never imitate
    For I only wish to live in peace with others and I do not have the will in me to hate
    You say this is a good race and this a bad race with such thinking I never could agree
    I never was into comparing races there's good and bad in all of humanity.... more »

  • I Only Write Rhymes

    I only write rhymes of the beauty i see
    The beauty everyday that is all around me
    With the sun on their dark wings in the blue and gray sky
    In pursuit of flying insects the welcome swallows fly... more »

  • I Owe The Man

    A good favour done for me I readily can recall
    I'd left my workbag on ground by door way at the Patch Hall
    Which contained arcosteel flask which keep water hot for tea
    And sandwich box that meant so very much to me.... more »

  • I Pen

    I pen rhymes about people and places and about the natural beauty i do see
    And of the animals and birds i do see often who have their own homes not distant from me
    Of life and Nature every day we are learning we learn as we live is only true to say
    The book of life is full of endless knowledge and something new to learn of every day... more »

  • I Pen Rhymes

    I pen rhymes in life that's my hobby
    But as a rhymer I do lack in class
    And the test of the average rhymer
    I feel that I would not even pass... more »

  • I Pen Rhymes Because

    I pen rhymes because it is something i like doing and not for money or literary renown
    Rhyming helps me in my maudlin moments when i am feeling mentally down
    It does give me something to live for since i cannot talk of personal success
    Of such i have never known of any so my thoughts in rhyme online i express... more »

  • I Pen Rhymes For Enjoyment

    I've said it so often many times before
    I pen rhymes for enjoyment that and nothing more
    And if I stop enjoy rhyming that will be the day
    That I'll decide to give penning stuff away,... more »

  • I Pen Rhymes For Enjoyment That And Nothing More

    I have told you in rhyme many times before
    I pen rhymes for enjoyment that and nothing more
    If i did not enjoy doing it i would give it away
    Since for it i never receive any pay... more »

  • I Penned My First Verses At 27

    I penned my first verses at 27 when I was in my prime
    In the Fall of 1973 and that's going back in time
    Penning has become my addiction I pen more every day
    Though from any sort of literary success I do seem far away... more »

  • I Pity All Poor Creatures

    And though i envy the birds their freedom of the sky
    I pity all poor creatures that run or jump or fly
    They live in fear of people from us they hide away
    And many die because of us that does seem sad to say.... more »

  • I Pity Her

    I pity her 'twas her worst ever birthday
    With so little money and big bills to pay
    And the best years of her life sad to say for her gone
    And only her will to live keeps her keeping on.... more »

  • I Pity Poor Jenny

    I pity poor Jenny who grieves for her pet
    Her happy times with him she will never forget
    Her black labrador Doogie had known a better day
    Though sorrowful tears she has shed for her loyal friend passed away... more »

  • I Pity Them

    I pity them those children of the street
    They eat the food that dogs refuse to eat
    From trash bins food people have thrown away
    Half eaten burgers that smell of decay.... more »

  • I Pity Them The Children Of The Present

    I pity them the children of the present
    Due to climate change tough times may be ahead
    The Planet getting drier and much warmer
    Yet we ignore what climate experts have said... more »

  • I Pity Those

    I pity everybody who is Homeless and I pity every Stateless refugee
    And I pity those who have a drug addiction these people they are far worse off than me
    And though I do find life an uphill battle compared to them I ought not to complain
    And to say the least it is quite disappointing when from others suffering some do stand to gain.... more »

  • I Pity Those Struggling With Inner Strife

    I pity those struggling with inner strife
    They are missing out on the best thing in life
    Which is happiness which does lead to peace of mind
    Though a truly happy person is one hard to find... more »

  • I Pity You

    For you life is an uphill battle
    Success from you seems far away
    Out of work in a job depressed job market
    To welfare from minimum pay.... more »

  • I Question

    I question myself on what life is about
    And my worth as a person I often do doubt
    Society in general I fail to impress
    And in Big Brother's eyes I am not a success.... more »

  • I Really Do Not Want To Believe

    I really do not want to believe when i hear
    That some C E O's are paid eight millions dollars a year
    In a World where there is so much poverty
    That does seem ridiculous would you not agree?... more »

  • I Recall A Wise Person

    I recall a wise person to me once said
    We grieve for ourselves when we grieve for the dead
    We grieve for a love and a friendship to us lost
    That to our feelings does come at a huge personal cost... more »

  • I Recall A Wise Person To Me Once Said

    I recall a wise person to me once said
    We grieve for ourselves when we grieve for the dead
    We grieve for a love and a friendship to us lost
    That to our feelings does come at a huge personal cost... more »

  • I Remember Her

    I remember her for her beautiful smile
    And her down to earth ways free of conceit and guile
    I often saw her in the park or walking on the street
    And sad to think her i will never more meet... more »

  • I Remember I Heard Burns Afton Water

    I remember i heard Burns Afton Water in the Square in Millstreet Town
    Sung by an old traveling musician with gray in his hair of brown
    As he played on his concertina at the September Horse Fair
    The beauty in his singing voice and music wafting in the morning air... more »

  • I Remember Millstreet

    I remember Millstreet as a welcoming Town
    Which was one of it's many just claims to renown
    As some of it's people are famous and known far and wide
    Beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside... more »