• I Remember The Time

    I remember the time when the Gaelic Footballers of Millstreet
    In the Cork County Senior Championship for the best were a hard team to beat
    But time does bring change as some like to say so
    And that is going back a few decades ago.... more »

  • I Remember With Fondness

    I remember with fondness those i may never again meet
    That i have not seen since i lived in Millstreet
    Some of them at peace now forever does lay
    And some as i am from Millstreet ageing far away... more »

  • I Respect All Decent Human Beings

    I respect all decent human beings but to none I dip my hat
    And I would fight for no Country my life worth more than that
    And I love all wildborn creatures and Nature is my queen
    As she wears my favourite colours my favourite colours green... more »

  • I Respect Them

    I respect them though the last post for them will not be played
    And never in their honour will there be a parade
    And yet their anthem for peace to my ears sounds so sweet
    Those peace loving peace marchers who walk along the street.... more »

  • I Retain The Memories

    In the flat rushy fields in Liscreagh in Millstreet
    Where the Cails from Kippagh and the Finnow does meet
    The rooks on the beech trees cawing at gloam of day
    In fancy i can hear them though from here far away... more »

  • I Rhyme

    I rhyme not for the love of wealth and fame
    Or that mine would become a celebrated name
    I only rhyme because i love to rhyme
    I have been penning stuff since i was in my life's prime... more »

  • I Saw A Man

    I saw a man over four meters tall
    The tallest that i ever can recall
    He looked so dark though the sky was semi bright
    For it was indeed a starry moonlit night... more »

  • I Saw God In Gortavehy

    I saw God in Gortavehy
    One June evening fair and still
    And he boating in the mountain lake
    By Caher's rocky hill.... more »

  • I Saw Him The Great Willie Neenan

    The fox on the high field was barking in a voice though familiar wild and shrill
    In the cold depths of mid Winter when January was blowing out it's chill
    The pale moon did offer a faint light in memory time does stand still
    I saw him the great Willie Neenan running on the high road to Bealach Hill... more »

  • I Search For Meaning In My Life

    I search for meaning in my life but meaning i can't find
    It's just like chasing shadows through the meadows in the
    My boss is off on holidays out cruising with his wife... more »

  • I Searched For God

    I searched for God around me everywhere
    Searched for him in the woods but did not see him there
    Searched for him in the river the stream and the rill
    Did not see him there so I climbed up the hill... more »

  • I See My Reflection In Other Faces

    On every street i see unsmiling faces
    The coldness of Urban Humanity
    And when i notice the indifference in others
    My own reflection i can only see.... more »

  • I See Myself As A Judgemental Person

    I see myself as a judgemental person
    But to judge others i don't have the right
    So many people to make ends meet struggle
    And life for them is such an uphill fight.... more »

  • I See Them Every Morning

    I see them every morning in the early morning sky
    And they pierce the silence of the dawn with grating harsh like cries
    The sulphur crested cockatoos towards feeding paddocks fly
    What's grating to the human ear is beauty to the eye.... more »

  • I Should Go Back To Millstreet

    If I should go back to Millstreet some might recognize me
    And some might ask why did you leave to live by the Southern sea?
    You boarded the bus in Millstreet Town that took you far away
    From Duhallow and Clara hill on that cold December day.... more »

  • I Should Have

    I should have said sorry to Matthew
    And I should have kissed Jelna goodbye
    And I should have asked Joan out to dinner
    Instead I'm left to wonder why... more »

  • I Simply Refuse

    Though wrong in some way to me they may have done
    I simply refuse for to hate anyone
    I leave them to Karma for their sins to pay
    What goes around comes around life is this way... more »

  • I Sing Not

    I sing not of the celebrated I sing of the unsung
    And I sing not of the legends in the days when I was young
    I sing of the quiet achievers my toasting glass to them I raise
    Of every unsung hero or heroine I'll gladly sing their praise... more »

  • I Sing Of

    I sing of the stream that babbles on it's way
    Downhill to the river by night and by day
    A journey that ends at the far ocean shore
    The sound of it's babble is forever more... more »

  • I Somehow Feel

    I somehow feel that people are like the Seasons we come and go but the land does remain
    In the sands of time those we see as important are like us all another tiny grain
    Yet Mother Nature she does live forever as the one immortal she lives on and on
    She has the power of self regeneration and she'll be here when all others are gone... more »

  • I Sometimes Think Of Buninyong

    I sometimes think of Buninyong when I'm in reflective mood
    And of the people I knew there to me they were never rude
    They always made me feel welcome there just like a welcome guest
    And many of them sad to say now in their eternal rest.... more »

  • I Spent Hours Of My Young Years

    I spent hours of my young years listening to grown men talking of the politics in Ireland's Dail
    And of the then three major Irish political parties Fine Gael and Labour and Fianna Fail
    As well as arguing about hurling and Gaelic Football
    Though financially these things for their lives did nothing at all... more »

  • I Stand By My Friend

    I stand by my friend since my friend stands by me
    When others criticize me with them she does not agree
    She will not allow others for to put me down
    I love her as a friend the best in the town... more »

  • I Stand For

    I stand for the people who are hard done by life
    For the homeless person and the battered wife
    For the political prisoner and the refugee
    I am what i think that is all i can be... more »

  • I Still Have Visions Of A Place I'Ve Been

    I still have visions of a place I've been
    Where badger in the fading light move out
    From his deep and sandy sett in the quiet glen
    To search for food and roam the fields about.... more »