• I Used To

    I used to daydream that i might be a poet
    Or somebody worthy of literary note
    But such thoughts in my mind are forever dead
    I go into old age as a rhymer instead... more »

  • I Used To Believe

    I used to believe if i prayed at Tubrid's Holy Well
    That it would save me from the hot fires of hell
    But i was quite young and quite naive back then
    And sometimes innocent boys grow into cynical men... more »

  • I Used To Daydream

    I used to daydream I might be a poet
    Or even one of minor literary note
    And though our life aspirations we pursue
    Daydreams for many never do come true... more »

  • I Used To Have Friends

    I used to have friends when i lived in Millstreet
    But nowadays mostly strangers there i'd only meet
    Since i last lived there 'tis going on twenty five years
    For my first home-place in Duhallow i have shed all of my tears... more »

  • I Used To Live

    Where I used to live when my hair was dark brown
    Today I would be a stranger to many near and in Millstreet Town
    I have not been there for some thirty three years
    And for what used to be I have shedmy last tears... more »

  • I Used To Think

    I used to think on Spring twilights he sang his song for me
    The gold billed blackbird by my first home upon the cypress tree
    But i was green to Nature's ways and thought had proved me wrong
    It is to proclaim their territory that inspire birds to song... more »

  • I Used To Think I Would

    I used to think i would grow old and die in Millstreet
    In the green countryside where the waterways meet
    In the fields of the badger the rook and the silver back crow
    Where the evergreen rushes in clusters do grow... more »

  • I Used To Think That

    I used to think that i would go back to Millstreet to grow old and die
    But if i told you i feel this way today that would be a lie
    In this great Southern Land i may live my last day
    And it does not worry me where my remains will lay... more »

  • I Visit Duhallow Again

    So few from Duhallow nowadays I do meet
    And since it has been awhile now since I've lived in Millstreet
    Where Finnow to Blackwater through rushy fields flow
    So few faces there nowadays I could hope to know.... more »

  • I Visualize Them As They Were

    I visualize them as they were some twenty years ago
    But were i to meet them today perhaps them I'd not know
    And me they may not recognize if by chance we did meet
    We may pass each other by as strangers do when walking down the street.... more »

  • I Want To Be A Better Person

    I want to be a better person and live as compassionate and kind
    For when i look for the flaws in others to my own flaws i do become blind
    And help anyone of help in needing this is if of course that i can
    It is now my only ambition for to become a better man... more »

  • I Want To Be Happy

    The thing that I crave for money cannot buy
    For with it I know life I would really enjoy
    I want to be happy and of all cares free
    But when I look in my mirror a sad face I see.... more »

  • I Want To Live

    The longest lived human life in time not a long span
    On average three score and ten years a few years more for a man
    And since a life after bodily death may be based on a lie
    Why be in any big hurry for to die... more »

  • I Want To Live On

    For my years of living I've little to show
    So little of Life or of Nature I know
    But the lust is in me for to keep living on
    For few will remember me when I am gone... more »

  • I Want To Live On For As

    Far younger than i am are among the dead
    My best years behind me old age is ahead
    I am happy for to have seen in another New Year
    Though that time is not on my side to me is obviously clear... more »

  • I Want To Live On I Have No Wish For To Die

    Just an aging crock of an old country town
    Were i born a horse by now i would have been put down
    The Reaper of Lives thus far i have denied
    The lady of luck has to be on my side... more »

  • I Want To Live On To A Very Old Man

    I may look old and my best days are gone
    But that doesn't matter i want to live on
    Yes i want to live on to a very old man
    Death is forever and life is a short span... more »

  • I Want To Live On Why Should I Wish To Die

    For any Country or cause my life i would not give
    And why should i since i want to live
    In time for as long as i possibly can
    And die in my sleep without pain as a very old man... more »

  • I Was A Young Man Of The Sixties

    I was a young man of the sixties and I poached for fish in the Finnow
    Till father time left me much slower and to father time I too did bow
    And the boys and girls I went to school with they too have known a better day
    And from the old green fields of Millstreet some of them too live far away.... more »

  • I Was Baptized A Christian

    I was baptized a Christian in that I did not have a say
    And don't waste your prayers on me when I do pass away
    If there is a hereafter for my own sins I must pay
    What goes around comes around as some are known to say... more »

  • I Was Baptized A Roman Catholic

    I was baptized a Roman Catholic in that i did not have a choice
    But nowadays i feel happy to lend my voice
    To freedom of choice not religious control
    To tell others what to do in life is not my role... more »

  • I Was Born And Raised In Claraghatlea North

    I was raised in old Claraghatlea North and there I first saw light of day
    North of here even as the crow does fly ten thousand or more miles away
    In my flights of fancy I see Clara Mountain that old hill by famed Millstreet Town
    The home of Noel C Duggan's Green Glens Arena that can lay claim to Worldwide renown.... more »

  • I Was Born And Raised In Ireland

    I was born and raised in Ireland in North Cork near Millstreet Town
    And it has been awhile believe me since my hair it was dark brown
    I have done a bit of travelling far south of Hibernia's Shore
    Far from where old Clara Mountain overlooks green Claramore... more »

  • I Was Born By A Northern Mountain

    I was born by a northern mountain though perhaps far from that mountain I will die
    But my past to this day remains with me and my heritage I won't deny
    In the Parish where I grew to manhood I would feel like a stranger today
    Few there now would even recognize me the years have left me... more »

  • I Was Born Close To Nature

    By my old home far north of here the babbling rill did flow
    I was born close to Nature but of Nature little i do know
    On the hedgerows of the old fields the birds welcomed the Spring
    One can only look on Nature as a most amazing thing... more »