• I Was Born To Be A Rhymer

    I have penned rhymes of Australia on the great Pacific shore
    And i have penned rhymes of Ireland and the heights of Claramore
    Where on a clear day the views are very scenic and one can see far and wide
    Far beyond the twin Paps Mountains in Sliabh Luachra's green countryside... more »

  • I Was Boy Of The Fifties

    Above the brown mountain bogland skylark carols in the sky
    And the soft piping of the curlew is always a thing of great joy
    Spring is approaching the old Land closer with each passing day
    And the wild birds will be nesting in March and April and May.... more »

  • I Was Of The Countryside

    I was of the countryside west of Millstreet
    A half an hour walk through the fields to where the waterways meet
    But what was for everyone also for me
    And the past just a memory of what used to be... more »

  • I Was Raised In The Home

    I was raised in the home to badger and gray crow
    Where dark brown water bird dipper with breast white as snow
    Sings in the stream that flows to the river down the field by the hill
    With babbling tongue that is never still... more »

  • I Was Raised On Old Stories

    I was raised on old stories of Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra's rebel men
    And of the heroes of the ambush at Tureengariffe Glen
    But in time that was more than nine decades ago
    And the enemy back then is no longer the foe... more »

  • I Was Raised On Rebel Music

    I was raised on rebel music and rebel verse and song
    That stirred up patriotic feelings but could not right a past wrong
    And what now does it matter when all is said and done
    Forget the long dead heroes and battles lost and won.... more »

  • I Was The Dunce Of The School

    I was called many cruel things in my young years such as buffoon and idiot and fool
    Such insults to me were quite hurtful when i was the dunce of the school
    I remember in primary school at the teacher i used to stick out my tongue at him behind his back
    Till once he did happen to see me at it which left my right palm sore and black... more »

  • I Was Told By Someone

    I was told by someone confidently
    That someone was not saying nice things about me
    Though he would not tell me the rumor monger's name
    Or even the source from where the rumor came... more »

  • I Wear The Gray Time Brought Me

    I wear the gray time brought me on my half bald head
    And some i went to school with are now with the dead
    And time telling on me and life does go on
    And i live in the now and the past it has gone... more »

  • I Went For A Walk

    I went for a walk on the lake-side path today
    And so disappointed am I for to say
    That the lake is covered in blue green algae from end to end
    To Nature few humans have been a good friend.... more »

  • I Went For A Walk On The Woodland Pathway

    I went for a walk on the woodland pathway
    The birds chirped and sang on a mild Summer day
    Yet one bird by it's call I did not seem to know
    My wonder of Nature only seems to grow... more »

  • I Went In Search Of Rednecks

    I went in search of rednecks I heard that they were rare
    But I found them to be plentiful I saw them everywhere
    I saw them digging dykes and drains in mud up to their knees
    And I saw them in the Parliament People of high degrees.... more »

  • I Went To See The Film Michael Collins

    I went to see the film Michael Collins
    And I must admit it reduced me to tears
    The tragedy of Ireland's tragic history
    The civil war and the blood letting years.... more »

  • I Will Always Be A Fellow From Duhallow

    I will always be a fellow from Duhallow and will be so until my dying day
    Though i have lived for years in this far southern Country the accent i was born into with me stay
    It is true you can take the man from the Country but you cannot take the Country from the man
    Claraghatlea in Millstreet in Duhallow was where the life's journey for me began... more »

  • I Will Always Be A Stranger In This Town

    Here I'll never even know local renown
    I will always be a stranger in this Town
    Some of the locals body language tell me what their tongues don't say
    He is not one of us he is from far away.... more »

  • I Will Always Remember

    I will always remember the friends I have known
    Though in distance and years apart from them I've grown
    They are happy at home I went to live elsewhere
    I will always remember my friends over there.... more »

  • I Will Be A Claraghatlea Fellow Till The Day I Do Die

    In Claraghatlea i was born and raised and spent my physical prime
    Though i have not been back there for quite a long time
    To say that i do not miss it would be telling a lie
    I will be a Claraghatlea fellow till the day i do die... more »

  • I Will Be Made To Pay

    For my sins against others i will be made to pay
    If not now then surely on some future day
    To the one known as Karma in some sort of a way
    For Karma is real despite what some do say... more »

  • I Will Follow

    I'll follow the one who with good ideas impress me
    Doesn't matter if it be a he or she
    If they respect all Human Beings and Nature
    Then of my support they have my guarantee.... more »

  • I Will Go Home To Millstreet

    Since i left the green countryside by Millstreet Town
    The roadways of life i have been up and down
    And like many of my travels i have stories to tell
    I feel lucky in ways memory serves me well... more »

  • I Will Go On Rhyming

    Perhaps from penning doggerel i ought to have a rest
    I have been told by a few that for me it would be best
    For to give my brain a break from it maybe i should heed their advice
    But penning stuff is my addiction and for such there is a price... more »

  • I Will Go On Rhyming For As Long As I Can

    Years ago i used to think i might become a poet
    A fellow well worthy of literary note
    But now i realize that thought proved me wrong
    To the distinguished literary club i could not hope to belong... more »

  • I Will Have Had My Innings

    If I should die tomorrow do not waste a tear on me
    Instead say of life's worries he finally is free
    He is with Mother Nature now and at peace where he lay
    The wild birds chirp and whistle and life goes on today.... more »

  • I Will Keep Living On

    The boys and girls i went to school with in the town from here far away
    Like i have lived would have lived a far better day
    The most of them i have not seen for many years
    But for the what has been i have shed all of my tears... more »

  • I Will Keep On Penning On

    I have been writing stuff now for more than a while
    And this one more doggerel penned in sonnet style
    The rhymes that come to me on paper i pen down
    Though i'll never know the status of literary renown... more »