• I Will Keep On Rhyming On

    In rhyme words perhaps i have said all that one should say
    But what i love doing i cannot give away
    For so many years i have been a rhyming buff
    Perhaps i have become addicted to penning of stuff... more »

  • I Will Keep Penning On

    The word poet to me does not apply I have said that before
    I write for love of rhyming words just that and nothing more
    I do not write for money and I do not write for fame
    In fact to me this writing verse is a hungry belly game... more »

  • I Will Keep Penning On Since Lots To Write About

    The stuff I pen few read and perhaps none do recite
    But I will keep penning on since I do love to write
    I am getting on in years and succes not coming my way
    But I'll keep penning on since with words I am one who loves to play.... more »

  • I Will Keep Rhyming On

    My rhymes i email to an internet site
    But it is not for money or fame i do write
    I suffer of a rhyming addiction the urge to rhyme in me is strong
    To a dying breed of poetasters i do belong... more »

  • I Will Keep Rhyming On Despite What Some Do Say

    Some tell me i ought to give rhyming away
    That in rhyme i have said all that i have to say
    And that i must be addictive for to keep rhyming on
    When my best days in life are in the forever gone... more »

  • I Will Love You Truly

    I will love you truly till the day i will die
    Since you are my soul mate how lucky am i
    To have met one like you so beautiful, compassionate and kind
    Since people like you are in life as a friend hard to find... more »

  • I Will Make The Most Of Every Day

    I'm just your average run of the mill rhymer
    One who is many years beyond his prime
    And though I've written over six thousand pieces
    I'm not prepared to bow to father time.... more »

  • I Will Never Give Rhyming Away

    I may not be seen as much of a writer though for many years now a rhyme buff
    Some referred to as poets are known to write poetry I'm one of those known to pen stuff
    I've written a whole heap of doggerel addictive as many might say
    For as long as I retain my health and my faculties I will never give rhyming away... more »

  • I Will Not Applaud You

    You tell me of how brave and of how marvellous you are
    And that for my free speech you fought in a war
    But I did not ask you to risk your life for me
    So I will not applaud you for your chivalry.... more »

  • I Will Not Be Climbing Clara

    This Summer i will not be climbing Clara on an evening in July
    When the brown skylarks are singing in the blue and sunny sky
    Overlooking Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra and the countryside for kilometers around
    There is so much natural beauty when viewed from the higher ground... more »

  • I Will Not Be Telling Others

    I will not be telling others how tough life is on me
    Since all they would offer is feigned sympathy
    Such as sad to hear this but we have cares of our own
    And as you do know of hard times we too have known... more »

  • I Will Not Be Telling Others How Tough Life Is On Me

    I will not be telling others how tough life is on me
    Since all they would offer is feigned sympathy
    Such as sad to hear this but we have cares of our own
    And as you do know of hard times we too have known... more »

  • I Will Not Be Your Convert

    If you feel you are god's disciple well that suits me fine
    Since what happens to my soul that worry is mine
    And for your own salvation i feel you should pray
    Just leave me to Nature i will be okay.... more »

  • I Will Not Call You Mr President

    I will not call you Mr President Mister Bush for you will do
    For to any higher human principles you never could be true
    You remind me of the garden weed who stifle the pretty flower
    That's what you've done to many people with your gross abuse of power.... more »

  • I Will Not Cast The Stone

    His bad behavior of late one could never condone
    But leave it to the one without sin for to cast the stone
    His crime not a bad one not that bad at all
    He is for the court for his involvement in a pub brawl... more »

  • I Will Not Criticize You

    I will not criticize you since you are clever and wise
    But you and I like everyone else see things through different eyes
    When you say my verse is slipshod perhaps you may be right
    But I never said I was a poet I am a lesser light.... more »

  • I Will Oppose The Men Of War

    I will oppose the men of war until the Reaper takes me
    Until the breath that gives me life it finally forsakes me
    I'll use words for to oppose them they send the young to battle
    To fight for the colour of their National flag and die like slaughtered cattle.... more »

  • I Will Pen On

    Though on my worth as a writer I often cast doubt
    I never am short of things to write about
    From Life and from Nature we learn every day
    We learn as we live as some are known to say... more »

  • I Will Remain True To Mother Nature

    I have written reams of verses though my books are slow to sell
    But had I written of sporting heroes for myself I might do well
    Still I'd rather write of Sherbrooke and it's majestic gum trees
    And the songbirds of the wooded hills singing in the freshening breeze.... more »

  • I Will Rhyme On

    For many years i have been a rhyming buff
    And i am one of those who has penned reams of stuff
    The rhymes keep coming to me on notebook paper i pen them down
    But never for financial gain or for literary renown... more »

  • I Will Say Again

    I will say again what I've often said before
    I write for enjoyment that and nothing more
    Whilst some say on paper I've said all one can say
    What I enjoy doing why should I give away... more »

  • I Will Take The Money

    In assets quite poor with little cash to my name
    I will take the money you can have the fame
    Your fame it will not buy you a loaf of bread
    No you have the fame I'll have money instead... more »

  • I Will Take You Home To Millstreet

    I will take you home to Millstreet when the may is in her bloom
    And the green meads cloked with wildflowers scent of nature's sweet perfume
    And the dark winged barn swallows white unders and throat rust brown
    Wheel above the lush green pastures bordering Millstreet's country town.... more »

  • I Will Write You A Rhyme

    I will write you a rhyme of a far away place
    Where mine years ago was a familiar face
    To many there today a stranger i would be
    A new generation would not know of me... more »

  • I Wish

    Life seemed so good when I was in my twenties
    Before time left me looking old and gray
    I used to play soccer and gaelic football
    And I could run and chase the ball all day.... more »