• A Much Better World

    If people could learn to live in harmony
    What a beautiful World to live in 'twould be
    Where people would not go to war over culture, religion and land
    And against violence and terrorism united would make a stand... more »

  • A Multicultural Millstreet

    I've been told 'tis a changed place from the place I did know
    Where the old Finnow river to the Blackwater flow
    But the landscape as such would not have changed much at all
    Every bend of the river I still can recall.... more »

  • A Multicultural Millstreet I Thought I'D Never See The Day

    A Multicultural Millstreet I thought I'd never see the day
    And the changes keep on happening in the old Town far away
    From images on the Millstreet Web site few faces I do recognize
    A multicultural Millstreet that comes as a surprise.... more »

  • A Multicultural Place

    Where ancient Clara Mountain does look down
    On the green countryside by Millstreet Town
    A lot of things have changed since i've lived there
    Though such it would seem occuring everywhere... more »

  • A Multicultural Spot

    For a multicultural spot go to Flinders Street Station
    You see them there from every Land and Nation
    The local Aussies amongst those from distant places
    And the good and bad of all of the World's races.... more »

  • A Multicultural Town

    This is a multicultural town
    And all shades live here black, white and brown
    From all around the World everywhere
    And little in common they share.... more »

  • A Myth And A Fallacy

    The praises of youth and beauty often sung
    But nobody forever stays young
    Beauty does fade to time's decay
    Life it does work in this way... more »

  • A Name That Is Feared

    A name that is feared by people Worldwide
    The one responsible for dreams and ambitions destroyed
    In every village and city and town
    By the Reaper of lives tall poppies are cut down... more »

  • A Natural Beauty

    A natural beauty to view that is free
    The beauty of Nature is all around me
    A beauty to us that is always near
    On every Season and every day of the year... more »

  • A Natural Occurrence

    Most people have known moments of inner strife
    It does seem a natural occurrence in life
    Seems almost impossible to be happy every day
    To know moments of anxiety is the human way... more »

  • A Natural Thing

    To want to be liked is a natural thing
    It makes us happy when others our praises do sing
    But most people sensitive to criticism or so 'twould appear
    Nice things said about them they only wish to hear... more »

  • A Near Perfect Day

    The temperatures in the mid twenties around twenty five degrees
    And the sparrows are chirping on the bushes and trees
    And white butterflies flitting in the warm sunlight
    In near perfect weather so breezy and bright.... more »

  • A Never Do Well

    Without any story of personal success to others to tell
    So few wish to know of the never do well
    Yet on his side of the town than him none as brave
    A few years ago the life of a year old baby girl in a house fire he did save... more »

  • A New And A Better World

    A new and a better World I may not live to see
    But the time is not far distant when all people will live free
    Of oppressive regimes and terrorism and greed and poverty
    For all of those poor victims of capitalism who live in penury.... more »

  • A New Love Will Come To Her

    Her ex boyfriend gone to live in the warmer clime she feels lovelorn and sad
    But such is life I do suppose the good times go with the bad
    He was the great love of her life and to him she was true
    But he is young and restless and adventure he pursue.... more »

  • A New Year Song

    It's time for us to celebrate the birth of a New Year
    And we will drink, be merry and have good fun and cheer
    And we will sing Rob Burns song 'For Sake Of Auld Lang Syne'
    And give John another glass of beer and Kate a glass of wine.... more »

  • A Nice Autumn Day

    The leaves are now brown on the deciduous trees
    And there is a coolness in the afternoon breeze
    It rained for a couple of hours overnight
    And everywhere looks so fresh in the Autumn sunlight... more »

  • A Nice Day

    A nice day for a fitness enthusiast to go for a run
    And jog for an hour in the park in the sun
    Or if you are one who like to relax to lay in the shade of the trees
    Out of the full sun to the buzzing of bush flies and bees... more »

  • A Nice Day By The Hopkins

    A nice day by the Hopkins River for the middle of July
    On timber post midst the waterway the pied shag hang her wet wings out to dry
    Where the coots in large flocks assemble in for them a good feeding place
    For awkard looking little birds on land on water they move with grace... more »

  • A Nice Day In Early December

    A beautiful evening of warm sunshine and breeze
    With a forecast high of twenty three degrees
    On the gum trees the young long billed corellas to their parents for food do call
    They may be dependent on parenting perhaps till the early Fall.... more »

  • A Nice Day In July

    Though not a mosquito or bee or wasp or fly in sight
    The Magpies are piping in the Winter sunlight
    A beautiful day for the time of the year
    And with each passing day Spring is drawing ever near... more »

  • A Nice Day In October

    The sun feels pleasantly warm on this nice October day
    And the magpies are warbling in the park by the bay
    And the golden bill blackbird on a wattle does sing
    For to proclaim his borders in the prime of the Spring... more »

  • A Nice Day To Be Walking

    A freshening coastal breeze and the white surf waves roar
    A nice day to be walking by the southern shore
    The silver gulls mewing as above the foreshore they fly
    And just a few clouds of grey in the mostly blue sunny sky... more »

  • A Nice Evening In Illowa

    A nice sunny evening in Illowa of nineteen degrees
    With a refreshing coolness in the coastal breeze
    That blows across the paddocks up from Gormans Bay
    So pleasant to be outdoors on such a nice day... more »

  • A Nice Evening In March

    Though with each passing day Winter is drawing near
    Sunny March in the southern Fall a pleasant time of year
    Some of the leaves on the deciduous trees are beginning to brown
    In the early Autumn in the southern town... more »