• I'M One Of Those Blokes

    I'm one of those blokes who with words likes to play
    And i do pen a few doggerels every day
    But i no longer do dream of literary renown
    I left my dreams back there near old Millstreet Town.... more »

  • I'M One Of Those Under Achievers

    I'm one of those under achievers at least that's the tag put on me
    By those who measure the worth of people the faceless that we never see
    Those who promote rank and class distinction and condone the social divide
    Those who by their pigeon holing of people the dream of an Earthly Utopia have destroyed.... more »

  • I'M One Of Those Who In Karma Do Believe

    I'm one of those who in karma do believe
    And in karma what we sow we always receive
    What goes around comes around rings ever true
    And from life we do receive what we are due... more »

  • I'm Only Saying What I Know

    I'm only saying what I know and that is nothing new
    When I say the billionaires are scarce and the paupers are few
    And that the homeless of the World in numbers do abound
    Even in the known wealthy Nations they are not hard to be found... more »

  • I'M Telling You Something Here

    I'm telling you something here you ought to know
    That you will not find any flowers where weeds do grow
    The weeds that grow rank in the mild life giving Spring showers
    Outgrow and then stifle the beautiful flowers... more »

  • I'M Tired Of Ageing Politicians

    I'm tired of ageing Politicians talking of war
    Young soldiers risk their lives for them in Countries afar
    And yet they seem to get re-elected when the voters have their say
    They play their patriotic card and for them that does pay.... more »

  • Imagination

    The gift of imagination it is such an amazing thing
    You can imagine that you are a bird on the wing
    As over the tree tops and building you do fly
    A swallow chasing flying insects in the sky... more »

  • Immortality For Any Human Being

    Immortality for any human being is surely a lie
    The longer we live the sooner we die
    There is a last night and last day for us all
    To the scythe of the Reaper we eventually must fall... more »

  • Immortality Is Not For Mortals

    I am not well known wealthy and famous though I thought I might be a poet
    But it looks like for me that too won't happen I'll never be worthy of note
    But in the end does it really matter since we are life forms born to die
    The sparrow who chirps on the hedgerow is no less a mortal than I.... more »

  • In 100 Years From Now

    In 100 years from now
    There will be pig, goat and cow
    And donkey, horse, sheep, rabbit and hare
    Though many wild birds and animals may be rare.... more »

  • In 2007 There's A New Beginning

    In 2007 there's a new beginning and there is great hope for the year ahead
    And the World may be a better place to live in and far less people who mourn for their dead
    The murdering and the maiming cannot last forever and peace for us cannot be that far away
    One can only hold fervent hope for the future and a better World to live in for the youth of today.... more »

  • In A Brighton Park

    The noisy miners pipe on bush and tree
    In a Brighton park near Melbourne by the sea
    On a pleasant day and Summer in her prime
    And a scene that would inspire a poet to rhyme.... more »

  • In A Century From Now

    The future generations will hear the lowing of a cow
    And the song of the magpie a century from now
    And the creek from the brown hill will journey on down
    Through dry stony places and paddocks of brown.... more »

  • In A Class Of Your Own

    If for the goodness in others you do not look hard to see
    And you are as good a person as you can be
    And for to help others out you go out of your way
    And you perform your good deed or two every day... more »

  • In A Country Church

    Here in this little country church
    Where peace has found a home
    I am the only person here
    Though quite happy on my own.... more »

  • In A Different Way

    People have a choice in their own destiny
    Most people with this i know do agree
    But i look at this in a different way
    I happen to believe that destiny decides everyon'e future despite what many does say... more »

  • In A Fair Human World

    For the sins of the parents in the judgements of others the off-springs should not be made to pay
    In a fair Human World it would not be this way
    But the judgmental are many they have never been rare
    And of how their judgements affect others they do not seem to care... more »

  • In A Fair Human World It Would Not Be This Way

    The majority of the wealth of the World is owned by the few
    And in this i am not saying anything that is new
    Whilst poor people of hunger are dying every day
    In a fair Human World it would not be this way... more »

  • In A Fair World

    I cannot empathize with the poor since I'm not in poverty
    And I can only imagine how miserable life must be
    For those who go to sleep hungry they live with death each day
    In a fair World this would not be it would be fair to say.... more »

  • In A Fair World It Should Never Be

    In a fair World it should never be one must lose for one to gain
    That out of one's misfortunes another does prosper is beyond me to explain
    This is the capitalist society it always works this way
    In the Human World few things are fair as some are known to say... more »

  • In A Far Away Place

    In a far away place by a far away town
    The birds chirp and sing as the sun is going down
    In the cool of what has been a nice summer's day
    The coastal paddocks scent sweetly of freshly mown hay... more »

  • In A Financial Hole

    Though they may be entrenched in a financial hole
    There is nothing wrong with people on the dole
    Since job seekers are many and jobs are in the few
    And this is not saying anything that is new... more »

  • In A Human Where Millions Are Hungry

    In a Human world where millions are hungry and Homelessness and Statelessness nowadays is rife
    It would take a hard hearted person to dismiss this with 'such is life'
    Or words such as this is not my problem some with others cannot empathize
    That due to good fortune they too may be paupers they do not seem to realize... more »

  • In A Human World

    In a Human World where the wealthy minority to live on have far more than enough
    And the millions of homeless are living and sleeping rough
    And the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps on growing ever wide
    Many millions of people of a fair go in life are denied... more »

  • In A Human World Where

    In a Human World where the Stateless and Homeless have never been rare
    A million poor people for every millionaire
    We are living in an age of inequality
    With billions of people in extreme poverty... more »