• In A Human World Where Loves Rule

    In a Human World where love rules there would not be discrimination of gender or race
    And for fear and hatred of others in our minds there would not be a place
    We would not have misogyny, xenophobia, nationalism and patriotism that to wars that can lead
    And of terrorism, murder and violence we would not hear of or of read... more »

  • In A Human World Where Many Grow Poorer

    In a Human World where many grow poorer for one to become a millionaire
    Who can blame the forgotten have nots for thinking that life is unfair
    The homeless poor of the big city to survive have to battle the odds
    Many of them die in their twenties the children of the lesser gods,... more »

  • In A Human World Where People

    In a Human World where people do compete for wealth and for fame
    For everyone sometime it comes to the same
    For the famous and non famous there is a last night and day
    Death is the great equalizer it has always been this way... more »

  • In A Human World Where Self Proclaimed Poets

    In a Human World where self proclaimed poets are many the true poets are few
    In the age of self promotion such a thing nothing new
    Many who do pen doggerel claim the title of poet
    And proclaim themselves worthy of literary note... more »

  • In A Human World Where The Hungry

    In a Human World where the hungry and homeless are not rare
    Where there are so many paupers for every millionaire
    For millions of homeless people sleeping rough tonight
    Life for them birth to death is an uphill fight... more »

  • In A Hundred Years

    In a hundred years from now to me it will not matter
    Since I'll be part of Nature's earth and clay
    And life without me will go on as usual
    And the birds will sing at the dawning of the day.... more »

  • In A Hundred Years From Now

    In a century from now to me it will not matter my bones will be in decay
    Then none will remember and none of me will say
    That fellow was a loser of the judgemental I'll be free
    There does come a time when everyone is lost to memory... more »

  • In A Hundred Years From Now Stars Will Shine

    In a hundred years from now stars will shine in the night sky
    And the migratory birds to breed from south to the northern Spring will fly
    And i will be long dead one more forgotten name
    And life on Planet Earth will go on as the same... more »

  • In A Hurtful Way

    In a hurtful way on the feelings of others they intrude
    Some people only know how to be rude
    They do cause offence when cruel things they do say
    Words can be hurtful when used in such a way... more »

  • In A Leafy Grove In April Far Away

    On my flights of fancy i often does hear
    The skylark above Gneeves Bog in the Spring of the year
    A musical speck in the gray of the sky
    As up to the cloud World he sing as he fly... more »

  • In A Literary World

    In a literary World of millions of writers the great writers few
    That is common knowledge not anything new
    A minority indeed the literary millionaire
    Such people were and are and will always be rare... more »

  • In A Minority

    If you believe what a politician does say more likely than not you have believed a lie
    For most politicians live by their lies and by their lies they will die
    This is how they are and they always will be
    Since honest politicians are known to be in a minority... more »

  • In A Moment Of Peaceful Reflection

    In a moment of peaceful reflection I listen to the mynas call
    And gaze on the beautiful pink wallflowers that bloom by the red brick garden wall
    I feel so at peace with the World on this bright and sunny Winter's day
    The magpie on the blackwood is fluting in his cloak of black and light gray,... more »

  • In A Paddock In Illowa

    In a paddock in Illowa six young emus with their dad
    In his role as a sole parent he is not doing bad
    He brooded the eggs and now raise the young on his own
    Apart from their egg laying any help from the females to raise the young he has not known... more »

  • In A Perfect World

    In a perfect World there would not be refugees
    Risking their lives in unseaworthy boats for asylum in Lands overseas
    And we would not have wars that cause needless deaths when cities are destroyed
    In the name of us against they far too many have died... more »

  • In A Place Far Away

    A long way from here this far southern shore
    From the high fields of Clara by old Claramore
    Yet in my flights of fancy I hear the clear rill
    Babble through Claraghatlea from it's home by the hill... more »

  • In A Small Country Township

    In a small Country Township one can feel all alone
    Around me dry gray Countryside around me rock and stone
    The day is warm and breezy the weather is so dry
    And the sacred ibis on silent wings above the paddocks fly.... more »

  • In A Success Driven Age

    I do not dislike them and i can honestly say
    That apart from the views they hold they are okay
    But tis our different opinions make us interesting some are known to say
    And we all look at life in a different way,... more »

  • In A Thousand Years From This Day

    In a thousand years from this day birds will build their nests in Spring
    And on the tree that marks his borders a golden billed blackbird will sing
    And on the old shed rafters in their nest of feathers in a ball of hay
    The house sparrows brown fledgelings will chirp all through the day.... more »

  • In A Tongue Never Silent

    The creek from the high country flowing ever brown
    Babbles in the scrub land by the mountain town
    On it's way to the river to the far ocean bay
    In a tongue never silent by night or by day... more »

  • In A Tribal World

    He was not there to support the local footballers in their big win
    Not tribal in his ways the one who does not fit in
    Not involved in sports this does not interest him at all
    And this does include any code of football... more »

  • In A World

    In a World of many writers not everyone's a poet
    And not everyone's a playwrite or a novelist of note
    We all cannot be winners many must lose for one to win
    But to yearn for wealth and glory should never be a sin.... more »

  • In A World For Winners

    In a World for winners to be a winner everyone choose
    But for one to win big many do have to lose
    This is how it is and how it will stay
    For winners there are losers life works in this way... more »

  • In A World Of His Own

    To himself he only has words for to say
    The old bloke i meet often though not every day
    To him i said hello a few times but he did not reply
    He merely talked to himself as by me he walked by... more »

  • In A World Of Love

    In a World of love of such one can only dream
    Joy peace and compassion would reign supreme
    The war men would find themselves marginalized
    And those who love peace their greatest wishes realized... more »