• A Nice Evening In September

    The sun it is out so good to be alive
    A beautiful evening for to go for a drive
    It is so refreshing the cool coastal breeze
    And the birds they are singing on the bushes and trees... more »

  • A Nice Gentle Person

    A grandfather and fifty year old widower his hair silver gray
    A nice gentle person in his own quiet way
    One I do see often though not every day
    A bad word of others I never hear him say... more »

  • A Nice October Day

    The Magpies on the grass lay enjoying the sunshine
    On a near to perfect day in October quite warm and fine
    A high for the day of twenty three degrees
    With few gray clouds in the blue sky and hardly any breeze... more »

  • A Nice Old Man

    About him he had such an amiable way
    For everyone he had a cheerful good day
    A down to earth old bloke and free of conceit
    And nicer than him one could not wish to meet... more »

  • A Nice Winter Day

    Above the coastal paddocks on this sunny August day
    A freshening breeze blowing up from Gormans Bay
    For the Moyne Shire a pleasant Winter day of a weather temperature high of sixteen
    And the countryside looking quite healthy and green... more »

  • A Nice Winter's Day

    The magpie larks call in the park by the bay
    For June and early Winter such a beautiful day
    And the familiar music so flute like and clear
    Of the Aussie magpies who sing every day of the year... more »

  • A Night In August

    A cool moonless night just a few visible stars in the sky
    The masked lapwing cry in the parkland nearby
    For the safety of their young from predators they have reason to fear
    On a night in late Winter near the Spring of the year... more »

  • A Night In Early August

    The night cold and dark few cars pass up and down
    On the dimly lit streets of the old country town
    And a boobook owl calls out mopoke in the parkland nearby
    To small birds the one who has death in it's cry... more »

  • A Night In July

    The magpie's voice is echoing in the moonlit Winter sky
    And the weather wet though pleasant for the first week of July
    And the birth of Spring draws nearer with every passing day
    Across the World towards the southern shore Goddess of Spring is on her way,... more »

  • A Night In Late Autumn

    The sky is dark the countryside is quiet
    But the spur winged plovers cry out in the night
    Above their territory they call and fly
    Perhaps the hunting fox is prowling by.... more »

  • A Non Existent Phrase

    I have been described as one of illiterate rhyme
    A non existent phrase but for everything there is a first time
    By a would beliterary critic who does not write well
    Since she or he need lessons on how to spell... more »

  • A Non Stop Bragger

    He told me that he was well educated and that he had been in university
    And he knew a lot about poets and poetry and that he could boast of a literary degree
    And that he was well versed in Chaucer and Shakespeare as well as Dante's Divine Comedy
    But to tell the truth I found him rather boring five minutes talking to him seemed too long for me.... more »

  • A Nostalgic Young Man

    His old Shire from the City a three hours drive and nostalgia can be a strange thing
    For he miss the wide brown paddocks where the brown singing bushlark sing
    He is doing his best to settle in to life in the big Town
    Where all day and night on the busy street traffic buzz up and down... more »

  • A November Dawn

    Where the overnight frost have left the fields looking gray
    The dark rooks are cawing on bare trees far away
    And the shy redwings chirp on the windswept hedgerow
    At a time of the year when grass refuse to grow.... more »

  • A November Day

    The pleasant scent waft in the breeze of the freshly mown hay
    And the blackbird singing sweetly in the warm sun of the day
    And the capeweed in their yellow blooms in their billions one can see
    In the paddocks and roadside margins by the roadway to the sea... more »

  • A November Day In The South

    We only can go back in time in memory
    And the now is all that does matter would you not agree
    The sun it is shining on this pleasant Spring day
    And the nesting birds are singing in the park by the bay... more »

  • A November Night

    The sky is not as dark as I thought it might be though the moon it is not out tonight
    Whilst on the gums in the nearby Parkland brush tail possums snarl and fight
    And in the roadside drain the tiny frogs are singing their songs only tell us of rain
    How they can detect a subtle change in the weather is beyond someone like me to explain.... more »

  • A Once Proud Nation

    In the U S of A once a proud Nation forty million people live in poverty
    And this is not something to be proud of in such a wealthy Country this never should be
    The U S Government advising Governments of other Nations on human rights and democracy
    But perhaps they should heed their own advice since in their own Nation there is huge inequality... more »

  • A Pack Of Lies

    That from hard work and endeavour up the social rank you will rise
    To me anyhow does seem a pack of lies
    'Tis just an old cliche that and nothing more
    That some like to quote and we have heard before.... more »

  • A Paper Deed By Law

    A paper deed by law may give you a legal claim to property and land
    And this in itself is not hard to understand
    But when you say you own land i feel you have it wrong
    For how can one own to what one does belong?... more »

  • A Parody 'No Racial Prejudice Intended'

    Came to Australia short of a bob
    Went to Centrelink for job
    But lady behind the counter say
    You don't have to work, we pay.... more »

  • A Parting

    By the alder tree in Finches Lane as the moon shone in the sky
    The tears ran down her warm cheeks as she kissed her love goodbye
    Tomorrow he'd be leaving home at the dawning of the day
    For to meet the airport bus to take him to the plane for far away.... more »

  • A Passed Down Thing

    The bird born and raised in an enclosure if you set it free
    It well may return to it's cage or aviary
    For outside of it's enclosure no welcome for it anywhere
    Even it's own kind may reject it in the big World out there... more »

  • A Passing Acquaintance

    He must know a lot about literature since he has a literary degree
    The balding gray haired Uni professor in his fifties that in the park i sometimes see
    Walking hand in hand with his younger partner or wife a beautiful blond in her late twenties or early thirties maybe
    They always say good morning or good day they seem like nice people to me... more »

  • A Perfect Death

    We all do have our own small fears and phobias
    The most courageous often go to an early grave
    But I for one would rather die of old age
    And leave it to the fearless to die young and brave.... more »