• In Ten Years From Now If Living

    In ten years from now if living i will be an old man
    And very near the end of a long life span
    And though i have long lost the energy of youthful elan
    I wish to live on for as long as i can... more »

  • In That Beautiful Place

    Far from the noise of the big town street
    In the beautiful place where the waterways meet
    The gray shrike thrush is whistling today
    From the human hive of industry in view of the hills far away... more »

  • In That Country Far Away

    In the damp and rushy old fields the shy cock pheasants crow
    And brown trout for flies are jumping in pools where the Finnow flow
    And the hawthorns look resplendent in their white blooms of the May
    And Spring has brought her beauty to my Homeland far away.... more »

  • In That Old House In Tugun

    We swapped our life stories for hours after tea
    In that old house in Tugun overlooking the sea
    Serena and Janice, Queensland Dave and I
    And cat lover Helen our chat did enjoy.... more »

  • In The Illidge Sanctuary

    In Ralph Illidge Sanctuary on this sunny January day
    Utopia from here it is not far away
    A beautiful Summer evening with just a slight breeze
    The wood birds are singing high on the gum trees... more »

  • In The 2010 World Cup Finals

    'Tis like all things in human life this World game of football
    Of the praise and the glory the winners take all
    And with National pride as well as ego at stake
    For the losing teams and their fans disappointment and heartache... more »

  • In The African Night

    The cradle of Humanity anthropoligists say
    Africa the great Continent from here far away
    And though for the air ticket i cannot afford to pay
    If wishes come true i will go there one day.... more »

  • In The Age Of

    In the age of the selfie it does seem to be
    The new in words of the present is you look at me
    Since twenty first century technology has helped self promoters in a big way
    So many craving attention in the World of today... more »

  • In The Age Of Botox

    In the age of botox war on wrinkles is on
    But removal of wrinkles by injection will not replace what has gone
    It does not make ageing people fitter or healthier in any way
    Pride comes before a fall as a wise one did say... more »

  • In The Age Of Celebrity Worship

    In the age of celebrity worship our own small gods we do create
    And mortals like ourselves in the flesh we worship and celebrate
    People who are good at golf and tennis and various other games of ball
    We give them their big egos though pride can come before a fall... more »

  • In The Age Of Climate Change

    The last few days have been quite wet it has made a lot of rain
    And the migratory magpie geese back on Tower Hill lake again
    Where water is abundant they always congregate
    Birds known to be rare in Victoria though i have seen small flocks of them of late... more »

  • In The Age Of Narcissism

    To the flaws of others some are totally blind
    They do make small gods out of ordinary kind
    The narcissistic with them always do have success
    Self praise the impressionable never fail to impress... more »

  • In The Age Of Self

    Of any opportunity to big note themselves they do avail
    Those into self promotion and all it does entail
    It is only the influential they wish to befriend
    We are in the age of self promotion to say different would be to pretend... more »

  • In The Age Of Self Promotion

    Taking photos of self and texting friends nowadays does seem the in thing
    And many indeed far too many their own praises only too willing to sing
    In the age of self promotion with most self is the word of the day
    Me and my family and close friends what matters most we are okay... more »

  • In The Age Of Terrorism

    In every act of terrorism the innocent do die
    And that a fundamentalist can become a terrorist is surely not a lie
    A lack of respect for those they see as different lead some to serious crime
    In the age of the suicide bomber we live in such a time... more »

  • In The Age Of The Celebrity

    Millions of people are living in extreme poverty
    Though poverty is a relative thing would you not agree
    The poor one to you may not be so to me
    This is how it is and how it always will be... more »

  • In The Age Of The Selfie

    We are in the age of the selfie where self centeredness for many does seem the in thing
    The people who do crave attention their own praises they only sing
    They take love of self to the extreme their favorite words me, myself and i
    They do not grow kinder but older as self centered they live and will die... more »

  • In The Ageless Old Fields

    A long way from here this far southern shore
    To old Claraghatlea by the road to Rathmore
    But the fields of my youth do not seem far away
    For in fancy I do visit there every day.... more »

  • In The Beautiful Singing Lady

    I went in search of God searched everywhere around
    But no sight or trace of the Supreme Being anywhere to be found
    I searched amongst the bushes and gazed at the trees
    Their sunlit leaves rustling in the freshening breeze,... more »

  • In The Bendigo Botanical Gardens

    In the Bendigo City Botanical Gardens for it's beautiful trees of many countries in renown
    The roosting fruit bats in their thousands on bare branches hanging upside down
    The smell of their muskiness from the higher trees
    Comes wafting through the parkland in the freshening breeze... more »

  • In The Bendigo City Botanical Gardens

    In the Bendigo City botanical gardens deciduous trees turning brown
    Where from the branches of the tall trees gray headed fruit bats roost hanging upside down
    Bats in their hundreds roosting on almost every tree
    In Nature there is always amazing sights for to see... more »

  • In The Birdcage At Flemington

    In the birdcage at Flemington racecourse on Melbourne Cup day where the wealthy and famous hang out
    There are lots of multi millionaires and billionaires with big egos about
    An invite only marquee that is reserved for the privileged few
    That in horse racing there is so much class distinction is not saying anythingon any way that is new... more »

  • In The Bleak And Dark Laneways

    In the bleak and dark laneways off of Poverty Street
    A millionaire is one you could not hope to meet
    In disused factory doorways out of mind out of sight
    The poor of the city shelter from the night... more »

  • In The Blue And Clear Sky

    In the blue and clear sky just a few clouds of gray
    On what is a pleasant and warm Summer's day
    And Nature's sweet aroma of freshly mowed hay
    Wafts to me from sunlit meadows far away... more »

  • In The Bogs Of Claraghatlea North

    In the bogs of Claraghatlea North just west of Millstreet Town
    The hare sits in the rushes in her coat of chestnut brown
    Of man with gun and man's dog and fox she lives her life in fear
    And her's is never a deep sleep as she rests with one pricked ear... more »