• In The Breeze Of A September Day

    The sweet scent of freshly mowed grass for silage or hay
    Is wafting in the breeze of a September day
    And the golden bill blackbird his finest does sing
    On this nice sunny day in the Southern Spring... more »

  • In The Brown Stony Country

    The magpie on the wattle flutes the one with silvery bill
    In the brown stony Countryside by the old stony hill
    In the dry and stony paddocks farmers any crops cannot grow
    And in the freshening winds of Autumn days the seeds of thistles blow... more »

  • In The Busy Big Town

    On the sidewalks many people walk up and down
    I am a stranger in the busy big town
    Of few happy faces where few say hello
    The big town where many come to and from go... more »

  • In The Cameron Street Cemetery

    In the Cameron Street cemetery where the bones of the coalminers lay
    The flowers on their graves they are blooming today
    So many of them were the sons of Italy
    That beautiful Land by the northern sea.... more »

  • In The Cascade Gardens

    In the Cascade Gardens from here far away
    The lorikeets chirp in the bright sun of day
    And the male green southern fig bird I fancy I hear
    The gray brown mottled female to him perched near.... more »

  • In The Cemetery Of St Mary's

    Many hearts that beat with kindness forever are still
    Under the earth in view of Cashman's Hill
    Some of them died youg and some lived to die old
    And like many their life stories in book form will never be told... more »

  • In The City To Stay

    He is from the wooded hills of the yellow tailed black cockatoo
    The birds known to some people as the weerloo
    And though from his hometown in the high country he lives far away
    His thoughts return to there more than once every day... more »

  • In The Cold And Damp Dawn

    An overnight frost has left the fields looking gray
    In the cold and damp dawn of a December day
    And only house sparrows the birds that cannot sing
    Chirp on the bare trees ten weeks from the Spring... more »

  • In The Colours Of Nature

    Everyday everywhere all around me
    Beauty i do not have to pay to see
    In the colours of Nature true beauty is seen
    She is and will always be the World's beauty queen... more »

  • In The Cool Duhallow Spring

    The yellow primroses are blooming on the bohreen ditch today
    And the nesting birds are singing in the morning cool and gray
    And the sparrows on barn rafters build their straggly nests of hay
    And the swallows have returned from warm climates far away... more »

  • In The Cool Gray Of The Dawning

    In the cool gray of the dawning I hear the blackbird sing
    One of Nature's finest minstrels of the far southern Spring
    From the males of his own kind he has borders to defend
    When the urge to breed is on him he trusts none as a friend... more »

  • In The Damp Fields

    In the damp fields where the rushes in clusters do grow
    Old River Finnow it ever does flow
    On towards the Blackwater it babbles on it's way
    With a tongue never silent by night or by day... more »

  • In The Damp Rushy Fields

    In the damp rushy fields near the Town of Millstreet
    Where the Cails from Kippagh and the Finnow does meet
    I grew to love Nature when I was a boy
    And learning about her I still do enjoy... more »

  • In The Days Of Genghis Khan

    Back in human history in the days of Genghis Khan
    To be a hero in war was to prove yourself a man
    But in the Human World in some ways things have not changed since then
    We still have the attitude that war separates the boys from the men.... more »

  • In The Days Of Tanyard Champion

    Some memories does last a lifetime and remain as a source of joy
    Early on in my life's journey i was a ten years old boy
    In the days of Tanyard Champion Ireland's track greyhound of the year in fifty seven this is going way back in time
    Back then his owner trainer Pat Cashman from the top of Tullig was beyond his physical prime... more »

  • In The Drought Ravaged Landscape

    A landscape where even gums and wattles are rare
    The brown and wide paddocks for lack of rain looking bare
    The waterless creek bed and bone dry roadside drain
    And the parched countryside is in need of rain... more »

  • In The Far Away Hills

    In the far away hills the dark brown weerloo
    The birds known to many as yellow tail black cockatoo
    With their strong beaks are shredding the monterey pine cones for their tiny dark seeds to eat
    What does not look appetizing to them a nutritious treat... more »

  • In The Far Away Town

    The cold northern winds blowing and the rain bucketing down
    And the storm-water drains overflowing in the far away town
    On the dimly lit main street on a wet Autumn night
    Few cars or trucks pass up and down and not a person in sight... more »

  • In The Far Away Town That Is Known As Somewhere

    Many kilometers off of the highway that leads to elsewhere
    Is the far away town that is known as Somewhere
    Not known as a tourist attraction or worthy of note
    As from anywhere it does seem far too remote... more »

  • In The Far Wooded Hills

    Away from the noisy streets of the far town
    Where day and night the noisy traffic buzz up and down
    In the wooded hills three miles off of the highway
    In a beautiful place it is so quiet today.... more »

  • In The Fields By The Sullane

    In the fields by the Sullane that flows through Macroom
    The wildflowers of Nature are now in full bloom
    And the ageing migrant remembers today
    The place where he lived in as a boy near a town far away.... more »

  • In The Fields Near Millstreet

    I learned about life in the fields near Millstreet
    In the place of rushes where the rivers do meet
    The little brown lark from the tussock did fly
    To carol his song in the gray morning sky... more »

  • In The Fields Of Carriganimma

    In the fields of Carriganimma the gorse has lost it's gold
    And last Spring's lamb has fully grown and October getting old
    And dunnock in the windblown hedge refuse to chirp and sing
    And Winter nearing every day and distant seems the Spring.... more »

  • In The Fields Of Claraghatlea North

    In the fields of Claraghatlea North far north and far away
    The migrant redwings chirping in the dawning cold and gray
    And the salmon swim upstream to spawn as yesterday's flood goes down
    In the river known as Finnow within sight of Millstreet Town... more »

  • In The Fields Of Cloghoula

    In the fields of Cloghoula by the road to Macroom
    The wildfowers of Summer are in their full bloom
    And in the rushes by the headland hedgerow
    Well hidden from view the shy cock pheasant crow,... more »