• In The Mountain Wood Of Mushera

    In the wood by Mushera Mountain some two decades ago
    I worked in all kinds of weather in wind, sun, frost rain and snow
    Felling spruce and pine trees for a living so much per ton i got paid
    In a job one more than earned every penny that one made.... more »

  • In The Mountain Woodland

    The higher branches of the tall mountain ash trees in the freshening winds wave
    In the mountain woodland overlooking the Town of Belgrave
    And the morning air echo to the voices of the pied currawong
    The dark crow sized birds tell of rain in their song.... more »

  • In The Moyne Shire

    The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
    It has been raining in the Moyne Shire since before daybreak today
    But of the quick change in the weather i have not heard one complain
    Since the dry countryside is in need of rain... more »

  • In The Moyne Shire To Many

    In the Moyne Shire to many mine is a stranger's face
    But i feel at home in this beautiful place
    At most times of year the coastal lands look green
    As fine as the finest beauty i have seen... more »

  • In The Moyne Shire Today

    The dry sun-burnt paddocks the color of hay
    It is forty degrees in the Moyne Shire today
    The air full of the buzzing of bush flies and bees
    And a warm wind is soughing in the bushes and trees... more »

  • In The Nearby Wood

    In the nearby wood in the dawning gray
    The shrike thrush is whistling to greet the new day
    To be a fine songster one of it's claims to fame
    The brown and gray bird known as the gray shrike thrush by name... more »

  • In The Night Air

    Hundreds of small moths around the orange street light fly
    And a boobook owl calls on moonlit trees nearby
    And the sounds of the night are around everywhere
    And how pleasant to walk out in the cool night air.... more »

  • In The Nobbies

    In the Nobbies Phillip Island on the cliffs above the sea
    The silver gulls breed in their thousands a squawky noisy colony
    They feel security in numbers no place for a bird of prey
    If a hawk or kite approaches they are quickly chased away.... more »

  • In The North West Cork I Lived In

    In the North west Cork i used to live in politically it was Fine Gael and Fianna Fail
    With the Labour Party in third place compared to the other two their voting block small
    But times there i believe have changed little at all
    That some things never change wise words worthy of recall... more »

  • In The Now

    We live in the now and yesterday has gone
    And tomorrow will dawn and life will go on
    And for some people this will be their final day
    We are born to die life works in this way... more »

  • In The Old Brown Country

    The landscape at most times it looks gray to brown
    North, south, east and west of the old country town
    And the cry of the fox hunting on the dark hill
    Can be heard through the night when the breezes blow chill... more »

  • In The Old Castle Ballroom In Macroom

    Back in the sixties they were in their prime
    But women quickly age and lose their bloom
    And on sunday evenings they would dance till two
    In the old Castle Ballroom in Macroom.... more »

  • In The Old Fields Of Ballydaly

    The old fields of Ballydaly as ever looking green
    But in the cool winds of October few wild flowers to be seen
    And the gray fog rolling over old Caherbarnagh hill
    And the dipper is not singing in the flooded mountain rill.... more »

  • In The Old Fields Of Claraghatlea

    In the old fields of Claraghatlea from here far away
    The nesting birds sing at the dawn of the day
    And the swallows quite close to the rank rushes fly
    As the rain drizzles down from the overcast sky... more »

  • In The Old Rushy

    In the old rushy fields where the waterways meet
    Just west of the County Cork Town of Millstreet
    The mottled meadow pipits of feathers brown and gray
    In the greeness of April are singing today... more »

  • In The Old Rushy Field

    A mile at the most west of the Town of Millstreet
    In the old rushy field where the rivers do meet
    The hawthorns are cloaked in their white blooms of the May
    And the wild born male pheasant is cucking today... more »

  • In The Old Rushy Fields

    Back there where the Cails and the Finnow does meet
    In the old rushy fields by the Town of Millstreet
    In the heavy cover from view hidden away
    The shy male pheasant is crowing today... more »

  • In The Old Seaside Town

    On the esplanade the cars buzz up and down
    It is holiday time in the old seaside town
    Young and old people out in the warm sunlight
    On a Spring afternoon that is breezy and bright.... more »

  • In The Old Town Far Away

    He has travelled in distant places from his beloved Hometown
    And worked with many races of black and white and brown
    But in his flights of fancy he hears the babbling rill
    That flows down through the high fields near the old town... more »

  • In The Only Pub In Penshurst

    In the only pub in Penshurst saturday is the big night
    Some of the locals there for a meal and drinks of their worries make light
    And some even have their children there in a child friendly place
    And everyone seems happy a smile on every face.... more »

  • In The Paddocks Of Illowa

    In the paddocks of Illowa in the prime of the Fall
    The magpies are warbling and the pee wees do call
    And in April in Illowa many a blustery day
    And less of sunshine and more of windy and rainy weather to follow in May... more »

  • In The Park By The Bay

    How lovely to walk in the park by the bay
    And hear the birds chirp and sing on a nice sunny day
    The weather near perfect just a gentle breeze
    Of a forecast high of twenty three degrees... more »

  • In The Park By The Mountain

    In the greenery of the park in the mountains where Nature's beauty does abound
    In the heat of the sun after a Spring shower you see the steam rise from the ground
    The birds in the woodland are singing enjoying the warmth after the rain
    Though Nature in her ways mysterious beautiful insights from her we do gain... more »

  • In The Park By The Sea

    Evening picknickers enjoying their cake, sandwiches and tea
    Sitting at picnic tables in the park by the sea
    An hour before sunset on a nice Summer's day
    With the sun low in the sky above the western bay... more »

  • In The Park In The Children's Playground

    In the park in the children's playground on a nice sunny day
    The unbridled laughter of children at play
    In thought carry me back to a place far away
    Good old memories live on as the wise often say... more »