• In The Pirianda Garden

    In the sunny sky amidst the blue just a few clouds of gray
    In Pirianda Garden on a nice November day
    The crimson rosellas chirping as they fly from tree to tree
    Nature is at her finest in her full bloom around me... more »

  • In The Place

    In the place i was born in and raised in i did not choose to stay
    From there the lure of the wander did lure me away
    Back there now the hawthorns are in their white blooms of the May
    And in the leafy groves nesting birds sing for to greet the new day... more »

  • In The Prime Of May In Annagloor

    When the hawthorns look resplendent cloaked in their white blooms of the May
    In the leafy groves of Annagloor the birds sing all the day
    And contented cattle out of wintering sheds from months of eating silage and hay
    Gaining weight on nutritious young grass chewing their cuds do lay... more »

  • In The Prime Of October

    In the mostly sunny blue sky just a few wooly looking clouds of gray
    In the Moyne Shire it is such a beautiful day
    In the prime of October in the far Southern Spring
    The wildborn nesting birds chirp, whistle and sing... more »

  • In The Prime Of Ruby Murray

    Her beautiful singing voice to many brought such joy
    In the prime of Ruby Murray i was a schoolgoing boy
    The beautiful songstress from Donegal Road Belfast was famous Worldwide
    The marvellous Ruby Murray then she was old Ireland's pride... more »

  • In The Prime Of September

    The paddocks looking yellow where the capeweed does bloom
    And bright golden flowers on the gorse and the broom
    And the flute of the shrike thrush is pleasant to hear
    In the prime of September in the Spring of the year... more »

  • In The Prime Of Summer

    In the prime of Summer on warm July
    Countless stars shining in the clear sky
    The scream of a barn owl echoed in the still of the night
    And the cross on Clara was visible in the moonlight... more »

  • In The Quiet Country Town

    Though sad songs of death some are known for to sing
    The great gift of life is a wonderful thing
    The warm sun glowing in a blue Summer sky
    And dark swallows above the green parkland do fly... more »

  • In The Quiet Old Cemetery

    In the quiet old cemetery in view of the hill
    The silence profound in the wintry chill
    Where the bones of the long deceased ancestors of the locals lay
    Though their influences live on in their descendants today... more »

  • In The Quietness Of A Summer Morning

    In the quietness of a Summer morning in the sunshine after rain
    The rufous whistler in the woodland he is singing once again
    And brown butterflies are dancing in the very gentle breeze
    Around the shrubs and bushes in the shadows of the trees... more »

  • In The Ralph Illidge Sanctuary

    In Ralph Illidge Sanctuary between Cobden and Warrnambool
    The day it is sunny though pleasantly cool
    On a weather temperature high for the day of eighteen degrees
    In this beautiful place of majestic gum trees... more »

  • In The Refugee Camps

    In the refugee camps of the World are millions of poor refugees
    They are the forgotten survivors of droughts, wars, famines and disease
    It would seem that their lives hardly matter they are like the pawns of a chess game
    Yet those responsible for their predicament for their plight will not take any blame... more »

  • In The Rushy Fields

    Just west of the Duhallow Town of Millstreet
    Above the rushy fields where the rivers do meet
    The little brown skylark does sing as he fly
    A musical speck in the gray morning sky... more »

  • In The Rushy Fields Of Millstreet

    The skylark o'er the rushy field carolled as he did fly
    And singing whilst ascending just a small speck in the sky
    Till in the gray foamy looking cumulus he seemed to disappear
    The little bird had vanished though his music I did hear.... more »

  • In The Saltpan Country

    Down in the Saltpan Country the saltpans white as snow
    You won't see many animals where only saltbush grow
    All through the thirsty Summer the days are warm and long
    In the dry and the bare countryside known as the Coorong... more »

  • In The Sands Of Time

    In the sands of time the largest footprints seem small
    And time strips all power of the most powerful of all
    Babies are learning from life before they learn how to crawl
    And people are born to die and empires do fall... more »

  • In The Shadows Of The Hills

    The road winds up and down
    To and from the little mountain town
    In the shadows of the hills
    Of the free flowing mountain rills... more »

  • In The Sliabh Luachra Of Today

    Where poets and musicians and storytellers in numbers did abound
    Of their kind in the Sliabh Luachra of today not many to be found
    The long dead migrants of Caherbarnagh and the Paps countryside
    Took their stories and poetry and music with them Worldwide... more »

  • In The Snowy Mountain Country

    In the Snowy mountain country where the Snowy river flow
    The temperatures at zero and the winds of Winter blow
    And the hungry fox is barking out there on the moonlit hill
    His voice re-echoes in the silence something loud and wild and shrill.... more »

  • In The South Western Grampians

    In the South Western Grampians of Victoria the Summer hills are brown
    And from Casterton to Hamilton the roadway winds up and down
    The creeks are barely flowing the roadside drains are dry
    And the sun is brightly shining in the clear afternoon sky.... more »

  • In The Southern July

    I have loved Mother Nature since i was a boy
    And learning of her ways today i enjoy
    And though my wonder of her it only does grow
    So little about her i can claim for to know... more »

  • In The Sunny Blue Sky

    In the sunny blue sky just a few patches of gray
    For late August in late Winter it is such a beautiful day
    The coastal countryside looking so green after the recent rain
    With such splendid weather it is so hard to complain... more »

  • In The Sunshine Of Illowa Today

    Black cattle in the sunshine of Illowa grazing today
    Such a beautiful afternoon for late Autumn and May
    In the mostly blue sky just a few clouds of gray
    And the calendar Autumn just a few days away... more »

  • In The Things I Dislike In Others

    In the things i dislike in others i only do see
    The things in reality i dislike in me
    Perhaps they mirror the flaws in my personality
    At least anyhow this is how it seems to be... more »

  • In The Thinking Of Bureaucrats

    In the thinking of the bureaucrats profit before people does count
    Ten million dollars in annual company profits to them a small amount
    They pay their C E O's huge salaries to keep their expenditure down
    You will not find any bureaucrat living on the poor side of the town... more »