• In The Town By The Bay

    The children in the park playground do laugh whilst they play
    'Tis sunny today in the town by the bay
    The flute of the magpie melodious to hear
    The bird that does sing every day of the year... more »

  • In The Town By The Sea

    The good memories till death will be living in me
    Of the beautiful town overlooking the sea
    The sound of the waves splashing on the rocks of the shore
    A sound that's destined to live forever more... more »

  • In The Town Far Away

    The songs of the birds carrying in the wind driven rain
    In fancy he is back in the past again
    With his young friends on the sidewalks cycling up and down
    Where he was born and raised in the far away town.... more »

  • In The Town Park

    It is such a beautiful evening the birds sing on the sunlit trees
    I sit in the cool shade of the lilly pilly enjoying the freshening breeze
    A beautiful day for the Autumn a high of 28 and a low of 24
    One might say almost perfect weather than this could anyone wish for more?... more »

  • In The Twilight

    In the twilight of the evening just half an hour before nightfall
    The long billed corellas high on the gum trees on their roosting branches do call
    On the fourteenth day of the Autumn with an Autumnal coolness in the breeze
    I do like these cool and fresh evenings with a high of under twenty degrees.... more »

  • In The Twilight Of My Life

    In the twilight of my life only darkness ahead
    And in a decade or two from now i may be dead
    But life will go on that's what does matter most
    And to great Mother Nature we will drink a toast.... more »

  • In The Vastness Of Nature

    One never is short of things on which to write
    Like butterflies flitting in the bright sunlight
    Or the pleasant aroma of the blossoming trees
    That wafts in the air of the freshening breeze.... more »

  • In The Village Of Rathmore

    She had loved him and she still does and love's ache hurts to the core
    But he left her and forgot her in the Village of Rathmore
    Promised her he'd be back to her he'd return by the May
    But she never more did see him and where he live now who can say.... more »

  • In The Warm Sunshine Of January

    In the warm sunshine of January in the Parkland by the sea
    The nectar gathering bees are buzzing around every flowering bush and tree
    On a pleasant day in mid Summer of around 26 degrees
    With the hoarse cries of the wattlebirds floating in the freshening breeze... more »

  • In The Warmth Of Early Summer

    In the warmth of early Summer quite melodious and clear
    The blackbird is singing to tell rain is near
    If not tonight or tomorrow then later today
    Nature's creatures are telling us rain's on the way... more »

  • In The Warmth Of November

    In the warmth of November in the late southern Spring
    The roses in bloom and the songbirds do sing
    The sun shining bright in the sky blue and gray
    On what is a near enough to a perfect day... more »

  • In The Wealthy Cities

    In the wealthy cities where the aspirational for success compete
    From ill fitting shoes poor people walk on sore and blistered feet
    Just to survive from day to day their challenge in life to meet
    They have lost their dreams of greatness the poor homeless of the street... more »

  • In The Wide Brown Country

    To the wide brown country the Seasons come and go
    South in South Australia where the Murray flow
    Through the wide brown country where the brown dust fly
    When the gales are rushing down the southern sky.... more »

  • In The Wood By Mushera

    I logged pine treees by Mushera mountain a few decades ago
    When the hills all around they were covered in snow
    The early Spring mornings were cold often zero degrees
    And frost in the air and frost on the trees... more »

  • In The Wood By Mushera Mountain

    In the wood by Mushera Mountain the birds sing all the day
    And the hawthorns look resplendent in their white blooms of the May
    And downland towards the river it's voice is never still
    The clear stream from the mountain goes babbling down the hill,... more »

  • In The Wood Over There

    I hear the wild birds singing in the wood over there
    Their songs clear and melodious in the clear morning air
    The children of Mother Nature are welcoming the day
    Their songs much like a birthmark to their identity a give away,... more »

  • In The Wooded Hills Of Sherbrooke

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder some have been known to say
    And in fancy I can see them they don't seem far away
    And I see and hear the galahs in their feathers of pink and gray
    In the high paddock by the wooded hill in the bright sunlight of day.... more »

  • In The World Every Day

    There are people dying in the World every day
    In bombings and shootings and in every foul way
    In accidents or illnesses, heart attack or stroke
    From the sleep of death none have ever woke... more »

  • In The World Far Too Many People

    In the World far too many people of that there's little doubt
    And with the increase in the human population wildlife is losing out
    The Amazon rainforest trees being removed for crop growing at an alarming rate
    Leaving bird and animal and insect life forms to face an uncertain fate... more »

  • In The World Many Good People

    In the World many good people who never receive the credit to them due
    But that we all have our flaws does happen to be true
    It is human to have flaws it does seem this way
    Though some more flawed than others is only fair to say... more »

  • In The World Many Unhappy People

    In the World many unhappy people and those without worries are rare
    And though money can be to your advantage you ask the multi millionaire
    If she or he are reasonably happy their answer most likely would be
    If you wish to know about happiness ask somebody other than me... more »

  • In The World Of Nature

    In the World of Nature around us there is so much for to see
    Nature's beauty it is all around you and it is all around me
    The rain clouds in the sky are a dull foggy gray
    And the rain drizzling down on this mid Winter day... more »

  • In The Worst Sort Of People

    Though some do not seem to know how to be kind
    In the worst sort of people some good you will find
    On the journey through life many from grace do fall
    But the potential for evil it is in us all... more »

  • In The Yarra Ranges

    The white cockies on the high gums are calling near where the narrow mountain road winds up and down
    It's fifteen K's from Gembrook down to Emerald and thirteen from there as far as Belgrave Town
    The mountain ash the tallest of the gum trees stand proudly in their thousands all around
    They tower above you by the narrow roadway these giant monarchs of the higher ground.... more »

  • In Theeyeseyes Of The Beholder

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is how it seems to be
    If you look for beauty then beauty you will see
    One person's flower to another is a weed
    We are different in our thinking quite different indeed... more »