• In Their Beautiful Place

    Though to the people who live there mine was a stranger's face
    They made me feel welcome in their beautiful place
    The people as beautiful as the place they live in
    It is true about goodness it does come from within... more »

  • In Their Compassion And Kindness

    They may never be of the very well known
    But the seeds of good karma in their kindness is sown
    In the good deeds they perform for them no financial gain
    And recognition as such they feel no desire to attain... more »

  • In Their Life Times

    In their lifetimes their mark they may have made
    But in time the greatest names from history fade
    The long dead heroes we may well recall
    But time is the one who does take care of all... more »

  • In Their Lifetimes

    In their lifetimes they knew of local renown
    And memories of them today live in people in the town
    Though silence and darkness where they now do lay
    They live in the minds of their descendants today... more »

  • In Their Marriage Vows

    Through bad times and good times they'd remain as man and wife
    In their marriage vows they vowed it would be for life
    On their wedding day some five years ago
    But from each other far apart they did grow... more »

  • In Their Narcissistic Way

    So many live their lives in their narcissistic way
    The look at me people in the Human World of today
    Their three favourite people are me, myself and I
    This is how they will be until the day they do die... more »

  • In Their Own Sick Minds

    They plan the deaths of and murder people they do not even know
    Which causes me for to wonder how this can be so
    In their own sick minds they write their own laws
    Is Humanity not considered in their political cause... more »

  • In Their Own Small Ways

    In their own small ways they can be very small
    Some quite wealthy and famous people not good people at all
    To the promotion of self they are only inclined
    Suppose in every class every sort one does find... more »

  • In Their Own Way

    They only can look at life in their own way
    And they will vote for the same political party till their last voting day
    They never do waver from their point of view
    I speak here for many and not of a few,... more »

  • In Their Quest For Power

    In their quest for power and political renown
    Opposing political party members in parliament verbally run each other down
    The government and the opposition members about each other do not have any nice things to say
    For the sake of power this is the political way... more »

  • In Their Thinking Quite Small

    Those who claim to have god on their side in their thinking quite small
    For if there is a god this god is for all
    They are arrogant people those who believe they have god on their side
    In their words they only cause a religious divide... more »

  • In Their Ways So Small

    Many famous and wealthy celebrities in their ways so small
    They are not in any way near to nice people at all
    Praise has gone to their heads of them one can say
    Far too many of their sort in the Human World of today... more »

  • In These Times Of Economic Downturn

    In these times of economic downturn jobs have never been so few
    And stories of financial hardship one can say are not new
    And the gap between the rich and poor has never been so wide
    Not surprising so many do feel they do not have God on side... more »

  • In Thing

    People with the biggest egos i do meet with every day
    If they did not have themselves to talk of they would have nothing to say
    Since they can only talk of their own successes conversing with them i do not delay
    A competition for attention with some at least it is this way... more »

  • In This Age Of Propaganda

    Like many I grow older but I do not grow more wise
    And like they say I do suppose boys always will be boys
    And I too have grown cynical I cannot distinguish truth from lies
    In this age of propaganda that should come as no surprise.... more »

  • In This Beautiful And Sunny Land

    In this beautiful and sunny Land of the far south
    No shortage of material for to write rhymes about
    Though low the water dams and bone dry every drain
    This evening we did have a few showers of rain... more »

  • In This Beautiful Place

    When i am long dead one more forgotten face
    The birds will sing in this beautiful place
    And the river will flow to the ocean shore
    With a babbling voice that is forever more... more »

  • In This Bureaucratic Governed World

    In this bureaucratic governed Human World the greedier seem to thrive
    Whilst the millions of have nots struggle to survive
    A thousand poor for every millionaire
    The distribution of wealth as ever seems unfair... more »

  • In This Human World

    In this Human World we live in ourselves with others we compare
    But of what it takes to be a good person many do not seem aware
    Few aspire to be better people though at what they do they want to be best
    Many know of material success though many do not pass the good person test.... more »

  • In This Multicultural City

    In this multicultural City where every race dwell
    Every individual have their own story to tell
    People of every Nation from places far and near
    Of every culture you will find them here.... more »

  • In This Penning Of Rhyme For Me No Money

    In this penning of rhyme for me no money and money is fame
    As the late Neily Flynn used to say it is a hungry belly game
    And though my physical best years now in the long gone
    I do enjoy rhyming so i do rhyme on... more »

  • In This Place By The Pacific Shore

    I had my dreams for to follow though dreams for few lead to wealth and renown
    One reason i left Duhallow and the fields near Millstreet Town
    More than three decades in years since gone by on looking back time seems to fly
    Perhaps i will never again from the heath on Clara eat whortleberries in July... more »

  • In This Respect

    Before the baby walks the baby does crawl
    In this respect what applies to one applies to all
    Including the child of the monarch and the child born into poverty
    Part of our Human Nature would you not agree... more »

  • In This The Age Of Advanced Technology

    In this the age of advanced technology people with big egos abound
    Wherever people with mobile phones are of you are around
    You notice they are texting or taking selfies self absorbed in their way
    Narcissistic love of the self an in thing of the Human World of today... more »

  • In This The Age Of The Worldwide Web

    In this the age of The World Wide Web many do enjoy some sort of fame
    Though people may read thing about you and yet not remember your name
    For like most things fame has many faces some than others far better known
    And some they are locally famous those that we refer to as our own... more »