• In This Vast And Sparsely Populated Land

    In this vast and sparsely populated Land there is so much to see
    From Cape York at the very top to Tasmania on the sea
    The deserts of Central Australia and Queensland's brown outback
    Where most by roads off of the highway end up in a dirt track.... more »

  • In This World

    In this World there are all sorts of people the timid and bashful and shy
    The arrogant and the deceptive those who find it easy for to cheat and to lie
    We all share a few things in common we live for awhile and we die
    Though our different personalities make us interesting are they any different to I?... more »

  • In This World Of More Than Six Billion People

    In this World of more than six billion people of every race and breed of woman and of man
    The longest lived just live a few years with the century and in time that's not a very lengthy span
    And in their lives so many have to suffer and of malnutrition many even die
    Whoever first spoke of an egalatarian society only spread false hope that grew to a lie.... more »

  • In This Writing Of Rhyme

    In this writing of rhyme there is neither money nor fame
    Try other forms of literature if as a writer you wish to become a great name
    Try writing novels or plays or poetry instead
    Of penning rhyme which as a literary form is dead... more »

  • In Those Old Hills

    In those old hills the black tribes lived and hunted in those brown hills thousands of years ago
    And those old hills had many trees growing on them and some of those trees to great heights did grow
    'Til white men came and with their saws and crosscuts they cut down the trees leaving the hills looking bare
    And any damage done to Mother Nature as we ought know is so hard to repair.... more »

  • In Those Old Rushy Fields

    O'er an old rushy field in Duhallow like a tiny speck in the sky
    A little brown skylark is carolling as up towards the gray clouds he fly
    Till out of my sight he has vanished though his pleasant song I still hear
    In the silent sky his voice echo so beautifully natural and clear.... more »

  • In Time And Distance

    In time and distance the past seems far away
    But the old fields i love are still near me today
    And my friends of the past in my thoughts do remain
    And in my flights of fancy i meet them again.... more »

  • In Time It Has Been

    In time it has been seven years with a score
    Since i climbed upon Clara above Claramore
    And took in the views of Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra and Gortavehy's face of stone
    And Anu's breasts near Rathmore known as the Paps of Shrone... more »

  • In Time It Only Takes Two Decades

    In time it only takes two decades for a babe to an adult to grow
    And the prime of life years last a decade till time on the body does show
    The Seasons seem to pass too quickly and too soon we grow old and gray
    Though some with cosmetics and hair dyes try to cloak the signs of time's decay... more »

  • In Tower Hill

    Home to echidna, black wallaby and gray kangaroo
    And koala, emu and yellow tailed black cockatoo
    And where long billed corellas in large flocks reside
    In a coastal place in South West Victoria that is known far and wide... more »

  • In Tower Hill Cemetery

    All day and night the cars pass up and down
    Between Warrnambool City and old Port Fairy Town
    In the Moyne Shire on the Princes Highway
    By the cemetery where the dead at Tower Hill lay... more »

  • In Towerhill In Koroit

    The birds chirp and sing in the dawn clear and gray
    In Towerhill in Koroit for to welcome the day
    High above the stone cliffs in the southern sky
    The great wedge tail eagle has death in her cry... more »

  • In Truth I Can Say

    I must have been lucky in truth i can say
    In the kind and generous people i meet every day
    People who to help others often go out of their way
    Respect to them and their kind one only can pay... more »

  • In Truth One Can Say

    We never stop learning in truth one can say
    And in life we do learn something new every day
    Yet the more we do learn the more we realize
    That we do know so little this not a surprise... more »

  • In Truth You Are A Winner

    It does not really matter if you were not good enough
    Since you really did hang in there though the going for you too tough
    Remember there's a difference when one talks of great and good
    And though you did not get a place you did the best you could.... more »

  • In Tubrid Today

    Today people doing the rounds in Tubrid Well
    Of miracles from there some have stories to tell
    The Well of Tobair Ide is a natural spring
    To see the clear water surface in bubbles is an amazing thing... more »

  • In Understanding People

    In uderstanding people I've a long way to go
    And even those close to me that I think I do know
    I do not know that well I've come to realize
    The workings of Human Nature never cease to surprise... more »

  • In Us We All Do Have

    In us we all do have our own inner voice
    And on how we treat others we do have the choice
    Do not expect respect from others if respect to them you do not show
    Some people sad to say lack in the inner glow... more »

  • In Vaughan's Old Cemetery

    In Vaughan's old cemetery in Spring
    The birds of Nature chirp and sing
    Above the graves where the bones of the dead lay
    The unnamed dead from far away... more »

  • In View Of Cashman's Old Hill

    The silence one might say is almost profound
    In the quiet of the Tanyard in the burial ground
    In the gray of the twilight just after sundown
    In view of Cashman's old hill close to Millstreet Town... more »

  • In War Winners Are Losers

    The winners write the war history or so it has been said
    And though they may have their celebrations they cannot bring back the dead
    For the dead are gone forever in eternal rest they lay
    And in war winners are losers despite what some do think or say,... more »

  • In Warrnambool

    In Warrnambool 'tis often windy even on a warm Summer's day
    Than most other places five to six degrees cooler made cool by the cool winds from Lady Bay
    A beautiful part of the World and a city that has won renown
    For the famous steeplechase known as the Grand Annual each Easter in the Racecourse near Warrnambool Town,... more »

  • In Warrnambool Today

    The long grass in the coastal paddock is the colour of hay
    And the full tide covers the beach to the sand dunes in Warrnambool today
    The weather is quite pleasant with a freshening coastal breeze
    The weather forecaster says a high of twenty one degrees... more »

  • In Wars Over Decades

    In wars over decades all around the World millions of soldiers and civilians have died
    But that from wars any lessons not learned is a fact that cannot be denied
    One war seems to lead to another and in every war many a war crime
    It seems there will not be peace in the World at least not in my lifetime... more »

  • In Ways Differently

    We all look at success in ways differently
    The one successful to you may not be so to me
    The wealthy and famous you only admire
    And of singing their praises you never do tire... more »