• It Is A Fact Of Life And Fact Nver Lie

    It is a fact of life and fact never lie
    That the longer you live the sooner you will die
    And the longest lived human life in time is not a long span
    The woman by a few years on average does outlive the man... more »

  • It Is A Fact The Future Belongs To The Young

    As some people do grow older with hair dye they cloak their gray
    And with anti aging creams they smooth away the wrinkles of time's decay
    But pride does not keep them living one day longer time on them does tick away
    And those who will be humanity's future are the children of today... more »

  • It Is A Fact Us Humans

    It is a fact us humans are mortals and fact does not lie
    But it is how you live that does matter and not how you die
    You may not die as a heroine or hero of the town
    But in your life if in your deeds or your words you never put anyone down... more »

  • It Is A Flat Old Countryside

    It is a flat old countryside of paddocks brown and bare
    Where houses are not many and trees and bushes rare
    And mixed flocks of straw neck and white ibis in large numbers do abound
    With their long bills they probe for slugs and worms in the soft patches of ground... more »

  • It Is A Gift

    Is every social gathering you attend a challenge for you to face?
    On such occasions you are not the only one who does feel out of place
    For shyness is something known to quite a few
    In this i am not saying anything that is new... more »

  • It Is A Gift Few Do Have

    All of humankind are our sisters and brothers
    But if you cannot love yourself you cannot love others
    At least anyhow that's how it seems to me
    Though with that sort of thinking some may not agree... more »

  • It Is A Lovely Day

    The parks and paddocks lush and green wildflowers bloom by the roadway
    And birds are singing in the wood it is a lovely day
    A forecast low of nineteen and a high of twenty three
    And pink flowers in large clusters on the rhododendron tree,... more »

  • It Is A Man's World After All

    Compared to the media coverage male celebrities receive female coverage seems small
    And no doubt there is truth in the saying 'it is a man's World after all'
    Even in the twenty first century so many Countries in the World where women are socially kept down
    For women than men it is so much harder to achieve the status of renown... more »

  • It Is A Nice Enough Day

    It is a nice enough day for mid Autumn with sunshine on the bushes and the trees
    And pied currawong the dark crow sized birds are calling their voices carrying in the southerly breeze
    That blow uphill across the wooded hillside for April it is such a pleasant day
    Quite soon the welcome swallows will be flying north to Winter in the tropics from here far away... more »

  • It Is A Tragic Time We Live In

    It is a tragic time we live in with the violence in the World of today
    For God and for National fervour the price in death is huge to pay
    Two wrongs never ever make a right or words to that effect the wise say
    It did take more than one side without a doubt to start the war of us against they,... more »

  • It Is A Warm Day For September

    It is a warm day for September around the 25 degrees
    The nesting birds chirping and singing with only a very faint breeze
    The Goddess of Spring in her glory the pittosporums in their grey flowers
    The paddocks looking lush and greener as a result of the early Spring showers... more »

  • It Is A Winners World

    It is a winners World after all
    Only winners the historians recall
    In all things in the Human World it is the same
    To the winners go the prestige and the fame... more »

  • It Is All About Ego

    For this thing known as success every day people with each other compete
    To be best in your neighborhood or best on your street
    To be best in your Nation and best Worldwide
    The ego inflated by this thing known as pride... more »

  • It Is All About Greed

    It is all about greed and lust for wealth and fame
    The siblings of narcissism for want of a better name
    That is creating the huge gap in equality in the social divide
    In a Human World where hidden poverty has nowhere left for to hide.... more »

  • It Is All About Money

    What of this purchase how much for it did you pay
    It is all about money in the Human World of today
    How much are you paid weekly in the job you work in
    Those living on low incomes few friends can hope to win... more »

  • It Is All About Self

    It is all about self and it is all about show
    And it is not all about who you are but all about who you know
    Few climb to the top of success hill on their own
    Am i telling you here something you should have known... more »

  • It Is All I Can Be

    I was fitter and healthier and livelier on my feet
    Twenty six years ago when i lived in Millstreet
    In twenty six years many a night and a day
    And time rusts steel and iron as the wise one did say... more »

  • It Is All Thanks To Nature

    It is all thanks to Nature for the sexual drive
    Without it life on Earth could not hope to survive
    The inborn ego desires our genes to live on
    In the life we create when the life from us has gone... more »

  • It Is All To His Due

    In his younger years he used to daydream of football renown
    The hard working man of the old rural town
    And though he was voted the best player on ground on a long gone regional grand final day
    For a far greater honor than that he was hoping for to play... more »

  • It Is Always My Lack Of Money

    It is always my lack of money that does make a failure of me
    For money does speak every language as most people would surely agree
    But this is how life it seems to work and this is how it always will be
    And everyone is considered a loser who lives in or close to poverty... more »

  • It Is Always So Sad

    It is always so sad to see an aging man in tears
    The alcohol stirred up in him the memories of happier years
    His thoughts did return to his beautiful wife
    For thirty nine years the great love of his life... more »

  • It Is Always The Poor

    That human life is taken so cheaply the thought rather chilling
    Trillions in money spend on weapons for killing
    That money and power does corrupt there can be no denying
    In a World where millions of people of Malnutrition are dying... more »

  • It Is Always The Winners

    It is always the winners who write the war history
    The winning war leaders are never tried for crimes against humanity
    It is always the losing leaders end up in jail and are killed by firing squad or hung
    The praises of losing leaders of a war are never ever sung... more »

  • It Is As A Rhymer

    Though in sports Worldwide as games not seen as important at all
    In Ireland the big games are Hurling and Gaelic Football
    A Hurling or Gaelic Football team in every Irish Village and town
    Where to be a great Gaelic Games player does guarantee one a place in National renown... more »

  • It Is By Gift Of Chance

    It is by the gift of chance that life came to us before learning to walk the baby must learn to crawl
    And on unsteady feet life's first steps must be taken and the baby rise and walk again after a fall
    The ups and downs of life start as a toddler and in life there are many an up and a down
    And there are many who do know of life's fluctuations in every village and city and town... more »