• It Is Cold And Wet Today

    It is cold and wet today where the waterways meet
    In the green countryside by the Town of Millstreet
    The Boggeragh Ranges cloaked in the fogs of rain
    And brown storm water flowing in every field drain... more »

  • It Is Cold Now In Duhallow

    The wintery wind from Tullig hill down through Aubane does blow
    And the high fields by Mushera Mountain wear their blanket of snow
    The wet fields by the river with frost are hoary gray
    It is cold in Duhallow so very cold today.... more »

  • It Is Cold Today In Duhallow

    In the gray fogs of rain Clara hidden away
    It is cold in the fields west of Millstreet today
    The streams bank high to the river in brown flood waters flow
    And the cold wind is soughing in the naked hedgerow... more »

  • It Is Destiny

    Though i have worked in pipelines crews in Ballarat
    I cannot say i have been there and done that
    A story of my life will never be published to sell
    There are many with far greater life stories to tell... more »

  • It Is Difference

    If you insist you are right in your opinions then you must believe you cannot be wrong
    But then to new ideas you cannot be open since to the arrogant you do belong
    You believe that those not with you must be against you if with in all you say they do not agree
    You do not allow for difference in thinking that is how you do seem to me... more »

  • It Is Each To Their Own

    Politics, current affairs and sports and football
    Are things that does not interest him at all
    He and his girlfriend does love bird watching walks on Sunday
    It is each to their own as some do like to say... more »

  • It Is Early Spring In Ireland

    It is early Spring in Ireland but the sky looking gray
    It has rained overnight and will rain more today
    And the cattle in farmyard sheds bellowing for silage or hay
    Many days from the calendar Spring to the true Spring of May... more »

  • It Is Easy To Criticize

    It is easy to criticize other people quite easy indeed would you not agree
    It may be the person we are criticizing in ways superior to you or to me
    We should save our criticisms for bureaucrats since they do affect our lives in some way
    These are the people we should be criticizing for their greed the likes of us have to pay... more »

  • It Is Easy To Publish

    It is easy to publish anything you do write
    Just email it off to a free literary online submission site
    For to be published on the internet in Countries Worldwide
    Why pen stuff from the public gaze for to hide... more »

  • It Is Easy To Rhyme

    With what i am about to say most people would agree
    It is easy to rhyme as easy as can be
    Dan rhymes with Ann and see rhymes with tree
    It is easy to rhyme even easy for me... more »

  • It Is Easy To Write Rhymes

    It is easy to write rhymes as most would agree
    No not at all hard you can have this from me
    And in a World where rhymers are many and poets are few
    You may say to this do tell us what is new... more »

  • It Is Ego Related

    So many out for to make for themselves a name
    Everyday competing for material wealth and fame
    The impressionable the praises of the wealthy and famous do sing
    This need for recognition is an egotistical thing... more »

  • It Is Governments

    It is governments who do cause people divide
    And instil in their citizens nationalistic and patriotic pride
    And who they want you to love and to hate and who they want on their side
    It is governments on these things who always decide... more »

  • It Is Hard To Care About

    It is hard to care about one who about you does not care
    Who little in common with you seem to share
    That we like some better than others seems natural to me
    It is hard to like everyone would you not agree?... more »

  • It Is Hard To Feel Happy

    It is hard to feel happy if you are financially down
    And one of the unemployed in the poor side of the town
    Where the out of work are many and jobs are few
    And hard times to most people there nothing new... more »

  • It Is Hard To Write Anything Good

    It is hard to write anything good not even good rhyme
    Something that would live over decades of time
    And though writers are many good writers are few
    In this i am not saying anything that is new... more »

  • It Is Harder To Make A Good Friend

    In life it is hard to make a trusting friend and easy to make a foe
    And our past goes with us to wherever we go
    Few do wish to know the sad sack of the town
    And you will never know your friends until you are financially down... more »

  • It Is Human

    Though your happiest of memories are of the good times you have had
    In life there are good times and times that are sad
    And your happiest memories can have you close to tears
    As you think of the good times of your younger years... more »

  • It Is Human After All

    Though your happiest of memories are of the good times you have had
    In life there are good times and times that are sad
    And your happiest memories can have you close to tears
    As you think of the good times of your younger years... more »

  • It Is In So Many People

    It is in so many people this desire for money and fame
    To be admired by many as one of a great name
    Yet few admired by many are humble of mind
    Many of the town's known to be high achievers to narcissism inclined... more »

  • It Is Indeed A Marvellous Achievement

    It is indeed a marvellous achievement to go through life without making a foe
    At sometime as you go on your life's journey you will meet one that you wish you did not know
    In the World out there are many toxic people who want to win in their every business deal
    Who find it okay to rip off other people fair play to them does not seem to appeal.... more »

  • It Is Lack Of Self Confidence

    When you feel despondent when life on you gets tough
    It is lack of self confidence telling you that you are not good enough
    To be looked upon as a success on your street
    The challenges in life you seem unable to meet... more »

  • It Is Love Of Rhyme

    For many years i have been a rhyming buff
    Just one who has written a whole heap of stuff
    Not one of the young brigade of rhyming men
    Of years i have lived a year with three score and ten... more »

  • It Is Mentally

    It is mentally good for us a healthy sense of self esteem
    But too much of it is not good for anyone it does seem
    As an over inflated sense of self importance causes the ego to swell
    And with an over inflated ego in the mind all is not well... more »

  • It Is Merely A Fact

    It is merely a fact and facts never lie
    That we are mere mortals just born to die
    Some may achieve greatness and their praises we sing
    But life for them too is a temporary thing... more »