• It Is Mid Winter Now In Duhallow

    It is mid Winter now in Duhallow the weather cold enough to snow
    And from the bleak hills of the Boggeragh the chill winds of January blow
    And swollen by streams and smaller rivers the Blackwater in flood waters of brown
    Is raging bank high in the old fields in the flat country towards Mallow Town... more »

  • It Is Mosly About Ego

    It is mostly about ego and money and fame
    These three are quite similar though not quite the same
    But for one to win big many do have to lose
    And the tag of loser anyone does not choose... more »

  • It Is Mostly About Money

    It is mostly about money in the Human World of today
    Without it you are friendless it does seem this way
    You are in trouble if of in money you are in need
    What does this say about us as people not that much indeed... more »

  • It Is Mostly About Winning

    It is mostly about winning it does seem this way
    For the loser it has been a very sad day
    The winner the one that most do wish to know
    In the smiling face of the successful happiness does show... more »

  • It Is Mostly Bad News

    It is mostly bad news in the World every day
    Of murder and mayhem in Lands far away
    In mistrust amongst tribes that leads to war and strife
    Where little respect is shown for human life... more »

  • It Is My Addiction

    Till the Reaper claims the life's breath from me hopefully as an old man
    I will carry on rhyming for as long as I can
    It is my addiction that I won't deny
    Since addictions of all sorts to most do apply... more »

  • It Is My Enemies Who Rule Me

    Our Government from terrorists say they will protect us yet all they seem to do is broadcast fear
    To stay in power they prey on the voters phobias and negativity pays for them it does appear
    They tell us who to like and who to dislike and they tell us who should be our friend and foe
    And the gullible voters do vote into parliament the people whose thinking does belong to years ago... more »

  • It Is My Lack Of Cash

    It is my lack of cash that does keep me away
    From where i first looked on the lamp of day
    Claraghatlea just west of the Town of Millstreet
    So many there that i never more will meet... more »

  • It Is My Little

    It is my little Karen and Linda and my little Johnny and Fred
    And my little Jane and Roseanna and my little Timmy and Ted
    In that all of our children are special my husband Joe does agree
    And what makes me even more happy is all of them do look like me... more »

  • It Is My Own Fault

    It is my own fault if i am not a financial millionaire
    For i cannot say life to me has been unfair
    The chances of financial success that came my way i left them go by
    As is said success is only for those who for it their hardest does try... more »

  • It Is My Precious

    It is my precious Kathy and my precious Eve
    And my precious Johnny and my precious Steve
    They are so very clever and so much like me
    And so very talented genius is in my family... more »

  • It Is Nice To Be Nice

    In the way we behave towards others we surely have the choice
    And it should go without saying that it is nice to be nice
    And if you are nice to others they will be nice to you
    In life as we are often told we receive what we are due... more »

  • It Is Nice To Be Nice With Those Words I Agree

    On the way we treat others we do have a choice
    In the words of the wise one it is nice to be nice
    A smile and a cheerful hello does not cost one a thing
    And a moment of happiness to someone does bring... more »

  • It Is Not

    It is not for how long that you live 'tis only for how well you live
    Are you one of those selfish people who only know how to take but not give?
    In society's eyes very successful and financially a huge success
    Out of your business you make a huge profit though your workers must make do on less.... more »

  • It Is Not A

    It is not a big dog kills the most people or a spider or a snake
    And it is not a great white pointer shark though humans to eat they do take
    Those who swim in deep waters too far out from the sea shore
    They who love the danger perish therein you've heard that one before.... more »

  • It Is Not A Bad Life

    For me to say I'm financially well off would be a big lie
    But there are millions of poor souls far worse off than i
    They live their sad lives on the brink of despair
    With far heavier crosses than i have to bear... more »

  • It Is Not A Nice Memory

    It is not a nice memory with others to share
    The painful loud shrieks uttered by a dying hare
    Under a starry sky in the faint moonlight
    In the mouth of a fox in the dead of the night... more »

  • It Is Not About How Much

    It is not about how much money you have or how long you do live
    It is more about how kind you are and of how willingly you give
    If you are one who lives your life in giving to receive
    Then on a higher principle you are one who does believe... more »

  • It Is Not An Excuse

    It is not an excuse for you to use for a serious crime
    That as a young person you have known of a hard time
    Many young people who have known it far tougher than you
    Bad things to others never would do... more »

  • It Is Not By The Best Of Example They Lead

    It is not by the best of example they lead
    But those into self promotion they seem to succeed
    The humble at heart always seem to lose out
    The bigger the success the bigger the mouth,... more »

  • It Is Not Death

    It is not death that bothers me though the thought of death i fear
    And do not waste your prayers on me for your prayers i will not hear
    And do not waste your tears on me just leave me to rest in peace
    At least from the cares of living i will have found a release,... more »

  • It Is Not Everything

    For to be wealthy and famous so many desire
    To be looked up to by many and one many admire
    But some of the wealthy and famous not happy in their fame
    And prefer theirs would not be such a well known name... more »

  • It Is Not For

    It is not for the dead that one ought to weep
    But for the living poor condemned to sleep
    In drafty disused factory doorway or a door-less shed
    Uncovered with the cold ground for a bed... more »

  • It Is Not For Fame Or Fortune

    It is not for fame or for fortune that the urge for to write in them is strong
    It is just that they find contentment in writing for they are the makers of song
    They write just for their own enjoyment a short story, poem or a play
    Without any wish to become wealthy and famous they are not ambitious in any way... more »

  • It Is Not Hard

    It is not hard for to write rhyming sonnets as many would tend to agree
    But most literary critics say rhyming outdated in the twenty first century
    To many poetry buffs rhyming it is not true poetry each to their own as they say
    What most literary critics dismiss as doggerel was poetry of a bygone day... more »