• Jim Of Camperdown

    It has been awhile since his hair was light brown
    The balding old fellow Jim of Camperdown
    A well travelled fellow of Camperdown Town
    Though he will tell you that this is not a claim to renown... more »

  • Jim The Atheist

    Jim the atheist says it does seem a bit odd
    That they feel scared of death those who believe in god
    If they genuinely believed in a life after death they would be happy to die
    Do they harbour a tiny seed of doubt that god's existence may be a lie... more »

  • Jim The Farmer

    He sold off all of his milk cows last year at an auction the years have left him looking gray
    His son a computer technician works in the City his wife in the cemetery lay
    He now farms sheep and beef cattle he will never milk cows ever more
    He has just had his seventieth birthday he hopes to outlive the four score.... more »

  • Jim Used To Say

    Your word is your bond Jim Used to say
    But on this he feels very different today
    For renovations to his home to a bogus builder thousands of dollara as a deposit he did pay
    For trusting he did lose out in a big way... more »

  • Jimbo

    Jimbo who has just turned eighty is as strong as an ox
    One who is not in a hurry for the forever box
    Bald on the top with gray hairs on his broad chest
    On the coldest of weather all he wears is a pants, boots and a sleeveless vest... more »

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Though perhaps his best songs unwritten and never to be sung
    Jimi Hendrix died famous and wealthy and young
    At twenty seven from a drug overdose he passed away
    Death from misadventure or suicide or call it what you may... more »

  • Jimmy

    He is always talking to himself old Jimmy some say he's not right in the head
    His bungalow once well kept and clean looking from neglect looking more like a shed
    He is in his mid to late eighties his wife she has been dead for years
    He no longer goes to the Local he used to enjoy his few beers.... more »

  • Jimmy Cashman

    Jimmy Cashman of Inchaleigh was a good and honest man
    And he was a good friend to many in his successful life span
    Sad to think he's gone forever though he now can rest in peace
    From the suffering of his last months he at last has found release.... more »

  • Jimmy Cooper

    One of the finest Gaelic Footballers in Cork and Duhallow and the pride of Millstreet Town
    In his young years Jimmy Cooper knew of sporting renown
    By old timers around the turf fire on Winter nights stories of him were told
    When with distinction he wore Millstreet's famed green and gold... more »

  • Jimmy Cronin (Written March 03)

    Jimmy Cronin is a character of Millstreet
    And in Duhallow his is a well known face
    For years he coached the Millstreet young footballers
    And he became known beyond his Homeplace.... more »

  • Jimmy Doyle

    When i was in my late teens and that's going back in time
    Jimmy Doyle the hurler was in his glorious prime
    For Thurles Sarsfield and Tipperary a hero on the field of play
    But now he moves more slowly since he too has had his day.... more »

  • Jimmy From Duhallow

    I'd be a stranger today in Duhallow that is what old Jimmy says to me
    A stranger in Millstreet and Ballydaly in Cullen and in Knocknagree
    A stranger in Kiskeam and Newmarket in Meelin and in Boherbue
    I used to be well known in Dromtarriffe in Rathcoole and in Derrinagree... more »

  • Jimmy From Kallista

    There is a world beyond the woods of Sherbrooke
    And this Australia is a vast country
    But you tell that to Jimmy from Kallista
    And he will say Kallista will do me.... more »

  • Jimmy From Macroom

    When aging Jimmy was in his life's bloom
    He danced in the Castle Ballroom in Macroom
    His hair light brown back then is now silver gray
    And physically he has known a far better day... more »

  • Jimmy Hooker

    For one who claims to be illiterate unable to read or to write
    In his head he composes good poetry that in pubs and clubs he does recite
    The Tennant Creek aboriginal poet Jimmy Hooker is surely one worthy of note
    I have seen and heard him reciting his poetry on You Tube this fine entertainer and poet... more »

  • Jimmy In His Seventies

    Jimmy an old bloke I do know is grieving for his wife
    In their fifty years of marriage they enjoyed a happy life
    Last Spring Annie died of cancer in her seventy fourth year
    She may be in eternal rest but her spirit to him near... more »

  • Jimmy Mack

    If the soul dies with the body that won't worry Jimmy Mack
    For he has known the hard life he's been to hell and back
    One life he says enough for him the reaper he doesn't fear
    And if there's a god he must be deaf his prayers he did not hear.... more »

  • Jimmy Mclarnin

    The second oldest living world boxing champion behind Max Schmeling he will soon be ninety eight
    Jimmy McLarnin the pint sized Irish man he was an all time great
    He fought all of the great welterweights of his era Barney Ross and Billy Petrolle
    Lou Ambers, Tony Canzoneri, Fidel La Barbra and Sammy Mandell.... more »

  • Jimmy Scannell

    In Kiskeam in Duhallow his journey in life began
    And there from a boy he grew into a man
    He worked for Tom Mulcahy at Annagloor west of Millstreet Town more than three decades ago
    On looking back time does pass quickly at least it seems so... more »

  • Jimmy The Brave Old War Veteran

    On a flagpole above the town's war memorial in the freshening winds it does fly
    A symbol of pride to so many it's colors do flap in the sky
    The National flag of the Country brave young men for it have fought and died
    To so many it is something sacred and is loved by people Nationwide... more »

  • Jimmy The Bush Poet

    He may not be seen as a writer of note
    But he is good with rhyming words Jimmy the Bush Poet
    One who may have been more famous in a long gone time
    Yet he can spin quite a good yarn in rhyme... more »

  • Jimmy The Shearer

    Jimmy the Shearer a much traveled fellow he first saw light of day in Camperdown
    He has shorn in many shearing sheds in the big country and lived and worked in jobs in many a town
    In his late twenties a well traveled fellow yet to father children or to take a wife
    But in every town he's been in he has had a woman the fairer sex come and go to his life... more »

  • Jimmy Walker

    I often see him on the streets of the town
    The poor ageing fellow walking up and down
    What hair he has left on his head is silver gray
    With a walking addiction he walks every day... more »

  • Jim's Dream

    Jim to me this story did tell
    Rover the dog came to him for to bid him farewell
    Jim patted his head and Rover licked his hand
    A dog's unconditional love not hard to understand... more »

  • Jim's Last Walk

    A chill was in the morning air and rain clouds in the sky
    As he left his home for a short walk to the small wood nearby
    Breakfast in a half an hour dear his young wife to him said
    Though her he did not seem to hear strange thoughts were in his head.... more »