• Jingoism

    It is among extreme patriots and nationalists and religious fanatics Worldwide
    And to xenophobia and racism it is closely tied
    Jingoism one of the main causes of mistrust of difference and racial divide
    To humanity surely it is not a sense of pride... more »

  • Jo

    Her poems are full of beauty of sunshine, birds and flowers
    And of the workings of Nature she can converse for hours
    And as wise and as knowledgeable as anyone I know
    A living encylopaedia is the ageing Poetess Jo.... more »

  • Jo Mountwinter

    She may be in her eighties and the years have left her gray
    But she sticks up for the underdog and of her one can only say
    That she is one in a billion people like her are rare
    There's only one Jo Mountwinter with her none to compare.... more »

  • Joan

    She sits on a timber seat in her back garden
    The birds are singing on the sunlit trees
    And the pleasant aroma of the flowers and roses
    Come wafting to her in the gentle breeze.... more »

  • Joan And Carmel

    Since I've last seen them 21 years in time has gone
    They soon will be forty the clock is ticking on
    Married with children in Millstreet Parish Joan Cotter and Carmel Dinneen
    It has been awhile now since they were nineteen.... more »

  • Joan Cronin

    Joan Cronin nee Noonan ofCoolinarne died at ninety eight years
    Her many friends and her family have farewelled her in tears
    To her late husband Denis a devoted wife
    A great grandmother she was a good person who lived an honourable life... more »

  • Joan Duggan

    In the West End she lived for most of her long life span
    Joan Duggan a sister to Ka and to Dan
    A quietly spoken person her friends in her lifetime had grown
    As a science teacher to generations of students she was well liked and well known... more »

  • Joan Hickey

    Joan Hickey I remember from my schooldays though that was more than forty years ago
    And she now lives distant from Inchaleigh near Millstreet from those old fields where the Finnow waters flow
    She now lives in Clapham in London but she'll return to live
    in Inchaleigh one day... more »

  • Joan In Her Nineties

    Speak as loudly as you wish since you she will not hear
    Even though to her you are standing near
    What you say of her will not bother Joan
    For she cannot lip read and she is as deaf as a stone.... more »

  • Joan Long

    That life is unpredictable is surely not a lie
    Joan the youngest of Jer and Mary Long's six children is the youngest of them to die
    Such a beautiful person in every way
    In the quiet of St Mary's her remains now lay... more »

  • Joan Lynch And Billy Corkery

    Devoted to each other from their younger years in life
    For more than thirty years in England they have lived as man and wife
    In England they raised their children and in England they live today
    Though the fields of Shannaknock and Kippagh from their thoughts never far away.... more »

  • Joan Mcsweeney

    In her prime years among Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra beauties she was one to the fore
    Joan Twomey of Rathduane between Millstreet and Rathmore
    As Mrs McSweeney in Killarney she raised her family
    But to live to a very old age for her was not meant to be... more »

  • Joanne O' Riordan

    What a story of this girl from Duhallow's Millstreet Town
    Her name is Joanne O' Riordan hard to keep a good one down
    The first Duhallow person the United Nations to address
    Of her awesome achievement can one find words to express... more »

  • Jobs For The Boys

    The things that most politicians get up to it never do cease to surprise
    Their statements are often ambigious and they have been known to tell lies
    they play the game of nepothism which in bureaucracy they disguise
    And of their own they do take good care, it is known as jobs for the boys.... more »

  • Jock

    As gray as a badger old Jock the Scottish bloke
    From gambling and drinking he often is broke
    One of the most likable people in his side of the town
    He manages to smile even when financially down... more »

  • Jody

    In her parents home in the high paddock she first saw the light of day
    From the nearest big city in kilometers by road far away
    A beautiful young country girl with curly locks of chestnut brown
    She was a primary school student in the quiet old country town... more »

  • Joe

    Joe in the pub repeats the same story he so often has told us before
    How in the nineteen sixty Grand Final he kicked a goal the winning score
    He was shouldered from the football oval with the cheers of the fans in his ears
    He is still living in the past glory now lost in the past decades of years.... more »

  • Joe And Ann

    Whilst Joe is supposedly drinking with his mates down at the local pub
    His wife Ann is out walking with the women's walkers club
    At least that's what Joe think she is doing and he wishes to believe
    That Ann to him is faithful and him never would deceive.... more »

  • Joe And June

    To the scythe of life's reaper we eventually will fall
    It is a young person's World after all
    Old Joe in his local pub can only talk of the past
    But only memories of what was for him does last... more »

  • Joe And Kate

    Joe is a happy old fellow always with a smile on his face
    Yet to see him with a sad look on his features for such there is no space
    He is one of those who takes joy with him and always a pleasure for to meet
    Wherever that happens to be at on the park, shopping center or the street... more »

  • Joe And Rover

    Of years he must be at least thirteen or more
    Old Rover the black Labrador next door
    The octogenarian widower Joe did get him from the local pound
    An antidote for his grief at the death of his wife Jane in Rover he found... more »

  • Joe And Tim

    Old Joe's big german shepherd Tim his protector and mate
    Without Joe's permission will not allow anyone to enter his premises he stands guard at the gate
    The old man says his faithful dog is his greatest living friend
    For true mateship and protection on him he can depend... more »

  • Joe Blow

    Joe Blow climbed to the summit of Mt Everest when he was twenty three
    And swam in the Atlantic ocean from Greece to Italy
    And in Northern Canada penned to the ground a full grown Kodiak bear
    A legend in his own mind and men like him are rare.... more »

  • Joe Buckley

    Joe Buckley was a good man and in him nothing small
    For Millstreet and Slanan Rovers he played Gaelic football
    And for the Millstreet Athletic Club he was a famed athlete
    One of the great all rounders to come out of Millstreet.... more »

  • Joe Dinneen

    His brother Patrick compiled the first Irish-English Dictionary and was big in the Irish literary scene
    But things were very different for the old poet Joe Dinneen
    And though he penned the marvellous ballad of Sliabh Luachra's Moving Bog
    It's been said that his barrier to greatness was his fondness of the grog.... more »