• Joe Feels He Is A Lucky Fellow

    Joe feels he is a lucky fellow as lucky as one could wish to be
    He says i do not know how it is to be homeless or to live the life of a refugee
    With a beautiful wife and two lovely healthy children a boy of nine and a girl of ten
    Joe feels he is very lucky one of the luckiest of men... more »

  • Joe Frazier

    His three great fights with Muhammad Ali will live on in boxing history
    Joe Frazier was truly a champion few heavyweights as great as he
    He enjoyed his moments of glory though nothing in life seems to last
    In boxing his name it will always be mentioned when they recall champions of the past.... more »

  • Joe From Pakenham

    He's only fifty years plus he looks much older
    He looks near seventy 'Joe from Pakenham
    And I've been told that he was decorated
    For his bravery in the sixties in Vietnam.... more »

  • Joe From Yarram

    I have yet to see Joe unhappy he says life is too short for tears
    And each evening he's down at his local with his mates enjoying a few beers
    In a small group they gather around him in silence as if in a spell
    He always has a captive audience as old yarns and stories he tell.... more »

  • Joe Garvey

    Joe Garvey who died on his ninety eight year in Brosna County Kerry first saw light of day
    And in Millstreet Town in Duhallow his last remains does lay
    For many years he taught in the secondary schools of Millstreet Town
    And to be a good family man and teacher were surely his claims to renown... more »

  • Joe H

    Joe H is a very nice fellow though social gatherings cause him distress
    One who is a marvellous wordsmith but his barrier to renown bashfulness
    He does not attend poetry gatherings and in public his poems he does not recite
    And he does not talk of poetry to others though beautiful poems he does write.... more »

  • Joe Hughes

    'Twould seem that he has not lived there for somewhile
    Between Joe and his Hometown of Drogheda there's many a mile
    In the literary World he is one of note
    And no doubt about it Joe Hughes is a poet.... more »

  • Joe In His Early Seventies

    Joe in his early seventies his balding head silver gray
    And clearly he has known a far better day
    But in talking to women he does have a way
    Charm has sex appeal and never does age as some are known to say... more »

  • Joe In His Nineties

    Old Joe in his early nineties with gray hair on his balding head
    Is ten times a great grand dad Jane his wife is long dead
    He was in his life's prime more than sixty years ago
    But you never hear him say time has become his foe... more »

  • Joe In His Prime Years

    In his prime years he plowed with clydesdale horses many decades ago
    But time is catching up on the old fellow Joe
    From farming to milk collection truck driving on the south west coastal countryside
    In his working for a living the genial Joe has made friends far and wide... more »

  • Joe Ray From Bunyip

    You don't take him too seriously as he doesn't mean all he say
    And he borders the outrageous the funny man Joe Ray
    To provoke peals of laughter he goes close to the obscene
    The jester of our workplace the reveller supreme.... more »

  • Joe Sullivan

    Joe Sullivan i always will remember he died quite young of years perhaps a few with the two score
    And sad to think that he will never more drive on the roadway from Millstreet to Rathmore
    I found it so sad to read of his passing an accident caused his premature end
    He will be sadly missed by all who knew him and to many people he was a good friend.... more »

  • Joe T

    Joe T is a compulsive rhymer a fellow addicted to rhyme
    His wife Elle left him for a non poet she says he is wasting his time
    In composing his rhymes, poems and ballads the stuff he writes is slow to sell
    He thinks one day he will be wealthy and famous though Elle says he pens doggerel.... more »

  • Joe The Attendant

    Joe the attendant at the Sturton Road tip
    On political bureaucrats likes to verbally let rip
    A well educated and well traveled fellow no doubt
    Who does know what he is on about... more »

  • Joe The Bard

    Joe the bard is feeling weary and looking old and gray
    And it seems very obvious that he has known a better day
    A shadow of the man he once was it would be fair to say
    But as ever he is penning verse with words he has a way... more »

  • Joe The Dare

    He drives on with his boot down to the floor
    At speeds of 180 kilometres an hour or more
    And he pass all other motorists as if they are standing still
    And he slows little as he drives uphill.... more »

  • Joe The Ex Greyhound Trainer

    He used to train greyhounds for a living though that was a long time ago
    The dogs he trained were grade race dogs only for the top races they were too slow
    He never trained a big race winner top class dogs to say the least few
    And the trainer only as good as his dog is so happens to be very true.... more »

  • Joe The Infidel

    The god fearing who do not know him well
    Claim that to satan his soul he did sell
    And that old Joe the infidel
    For himself has booked a place in hell.... more »

  • Joe The Poet

    It has been awhile now since Joe was in his prime
    Some four decades of years that is going back in time
    To be local poet laureate his claim to renown
    The best of the better known poets of the town... more »

  • Joe The Shearer

    His craggy wrinkled face tells of time's wear and tear
    Bald at the top of the head surrounded by silver gray hair
    He has been to many places and walked on many a path
    Since he left the rural City of Ararat.... more »

  • Joe Will Tell You

    Joe will tell you all is well in his life
    Kate to me a loving and devoted wife
    Our beautiful daughters of twenty and nineteen
    Are working in good jobs Jo Ann and Irene... more »

  • Joe Without Teeth

    Known by the nickname of Joe Without Teeth
    A friendly old bloke that I often does meet
    A down to earth fellow unshackled by guile
    He greets everyone with a broad toothless smile... more »

  • Joe Zinco

    Joe Zinco is a young man from Lakes Entrance and on his birthday in March he'll be twenty four
    He is working his way around Australia and he will go beyond his Homeland shore
    South to New Zealand and then north to Asia and Europe and to the Americas maybe
    By the bug of wander he's been badly bitten and in the bigger World there is so much to see.... more »

  • Joe's Greatest Disappointment

    The day that the football club won it's only flag young Joe was seventeen
    He missed out on a medal that day too young to make the team
    The club he captained later on in a Grand Final defeat
    At the final siren by one heart breaking point his side were barely beat.... more »

  • Johanna Lehane

    A good mother to her children and to Tim Lehane a good wife
    Johanna worked hard all of her working life
    From Aubane near Mushera in the flesh she has gone
    But good memories of her in her family and friends will live on... more »