• Joyce Kilmer

    Joyce Kilmer was a poet and a soldier and he died in battle in nineteen eighteen
    And his famous poem 'Trees' a thing of beauty and it helps for to keep memories of him evergreen
    He passed from life in his very early thirties when perhaps his best songs had not yet been sung
    And perhaps there might be some truth in the saying that only the very best are taken young.... more »

  • Jud Sheehan

    Jud Sheehan used to play for Slanan Rovers
    But he died before his prime as a young man
    Today he would be only in his forties
    Of life years he deserved a longer span.... more »

  • Jude From Koonwarra

    Jude from Koonwarra is beyond her prime
    She is in her late thirties and like they say time
    Doesn't wait for any woman or for any man
    And three score and ten the average human life span.... more »

  • Jude Jordan

    As a ward of the State of Victoria no respect to her was shown
    And the story of her tragic life is becoming well known
    Violated by her so called mentors even before she was a teen
    Some who profess to be men of God are morally unclean.... more »

  • Judge Not And Thou Shalt Not Be Judged

    I try to live honest as I can and to none bear a grudge
    And of how I live my life is not for you to judge
    I have never harmed you in any way
    And the respect I give to others to you I too pay... more »

  • Judgemental Yobbos

    Some yobbos are self righteous in their own way
    On things controversial they do have their say
    They form their own judgements though the facts they've not known
    One can say they are in a group of their own.... more »

  • Judy Buckley

    In Claramore as Judy Pomeroy she first saw light of day
    And later became the wife of Denis Buckley of Mount Leader from there not far away
    A good mother to her children and to the late Denis a good wife
    In view of Clara Mountain she lived most of her life... more »

  • Julia Gillard

    Julia Gillard is a habitual liar this is what those who oppose her do say
    But it always takes one for to know one since they themselves too are this way
    It is true that we dislike in others the things in ourselves we do not wish to see
    Most politicians are habitual liars this is how it does seem to me... more »

  • Julia Gillard Leaves Politics

    Julia Gillard leaves politics in an honorable way
    But of her predecessor and the man who replace her as Australia's P M the same one cannot say
    He should have resigned from Parliament three years ago
    For every friend Kevin Rudd has he has a foe... more »

  • Julia Mary Mccabe

    In our family Julia Mary and Sheila are one of the same
    She is Duggan by birth and McCabe now by name
    Kind and generous she would help you if she could
    We feel proud of our Sheila in her so much good.... more »

  • Julia Mary Murphy

    A good mother to Freda, John, Timmy and Margaret and to Paddy Murphy a good wife
    And in famed Rathduane House she lived most of her life
    She lived on to a ripe old age for to grow old and gray
    and with the dearly departed at peace she now forever lay.... more »

  • Julian Assange

    Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder is a brave fellow indeed
    He has taken on big governments more of his kind we do need
    Uncovered and published their secret documents exposed them for what they are
    Those who dismiss him as a traitor or a terrorist carry their grudges too far... more »

  • Julian Burnside

    Julian Burnside is a good and decent person a lawyer who helps the Stateless refugees
    The people who are in Australian Detention Centres the boat people from war zones overseas
    Their only crime to look for a better life in any case this should not be a crime
    Many of them back to where they came from deported after a few years of hard detention time... more »

  • Julian The Agnostic

    I've often thought about this place called heaven
    If indeed there is even such a place
    And I've my doubts about this life hereafter
    For I have never seen an angels face.... more »

  • Julie Bishop's Frightening Stare

    All of the Australian Political Opposition members are only too aware
    Of Australia's Government Foreign Minister known for her frightening stare
    The most fearless of the opposition members she has been known to stare down
    Though this is only Julie Bishop's just claim to renown... more »

  • Julie Statkus

    She always seems so happy a big smile on her face
    And humanitarian causes she openly embrace
    She sticks up for the underdog and speaks out for refugees
    With socialist minded people I always feel at ease.... more »

  • July

    Above a rushy meadow in early July
    The little mottled brown skylark does sing as he fly
    A musical speck in the blue and gray sky
    Of human kind one who will always be shy... more »

  • July By The Mountains

    I can visualize the sweet scent of hay
    Under a blue sunny sky with just a few clouds of gray
    A gentle freshening breeze on a nice summer's day
    In July by the mountains from here far away... more »

  • July Far Away

    In the blue sunlit sky just a few clouds of gray
    And the sweet scent of grass mowed for silage or hay
    And the swallows chirp in pursuit of flying insects as they do every day
    Above the old fields in July far away... more »

  • July In Duhallow

    Today above the rushy fields where the waterways meet
    In the green countryside by the Town of Millstreet
    A musical speck in the gray of the sky
    The mottled brown skylark sings as upwards he does fly... more »

  • July In Koroit

    Behind the gray clouds the sun hidden away
    But the magpies are singing in Koroit today
    Though nearing mid Winter in early July
    For the past few days the weather has been pleasant and dry... more »

  • July In Lisnaboy

    The sun it is hidden behind clouds of gray
    And the pleasant aroma of grass mown for silage or hay
    Comes wafting to me in the afternoon breeze
    That rustles in the leaves of the deciduous trees... more »

  • July In Sherbrooke

    The wattle trees a blaze of yellow flowers
    But it has rained all morning till mid day
    The Sherbrooke woods are shrouded in gray fog
    And Spring seem far so very far away.... more »

  • July In South West Victoria

    The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
    And the rain drizzling down on a wet wintry day
    July in south west Victoria a cool and wet time of year
    Yet the song of the magpie is pleasant to hear... more »

  • July On Clara

    I only have memories of Summers long gone by
    When the tiny blue whortleberries were ripe on the heather on Clara in July
    The organic fruits of Nature such a tasty treat
    When ripe in July quite delicious to eat... more »