• Life Does Have It's Heartaches

    He has left town the sturdy young Kiwi shearer the fellow who is known as Jim
    He has left a young woman heavy hearted Linda is so in love with him
    The sheep have been shorn around these parts and more to be shorn elsewhere
    The sheep farmers in need of more shearers in shearing sheds in the big country out there... more »

  • Life Every Day

    We learn as we live from life every day
    And for our every lesson some price for to pay
    There are good days and bad days and good and bad years
    life has it's moments of laughter and tears... more »

  • Life For Many

    Life for many is not easy it does seem this way
    For those who have some new challenge to face every day
    Where some are hungry and homeless and some are financially down
    Not many smiling faces on the poor side of the town... more »

  • Life For So Many

    There are millions of people in the World today
    Who only know of life in the hardest way
    The stateless, the homeless and the refugee
    Who are condemned to a life of extreme poverty... more »

  • Life For You

    You may feel the World is against you since nothing for you is going right
    And life for you is a great battle every day with your demons you fight
    Without a job and little prospect of such in a high unemployment town
    A smile from your face seems far distant when you are financially and mentally down... more »

  • Life Goes On

    For some of us there may not be a tomorrow but life goes on no matter who comes or goes
    The rose tree stem this year that had a rose upon her will next year give birth to another rose,
    The President dies and for weeks the people mourn him but the grass without him in the fields will grow
    And life goes on as life has gone on always no matter who may come or who may go.... more »

  • Life Goes On Without Me

    The robin is still singing in the wood at Claramore
    And life in old Duhallow it goes on as before
    And the farmer has his barn full of silage straw and hay
    Feed and bedding for his animals when fields are bare and gray.... more »

  • Life Has Been Good To Me

    Any of my past bad experiences are not worthy to tell
    Since in war zones and drought stricken regions millions live in Earthly Hell
    In the refugee camps of the big World out there
    The dispossessed, hungry and homeless not made to feel welcome elsewhere... more »

  • Life Has Got

    Life has got it's joys and sorrows and it's laughter and it's pain
    And memories of our good and bad times through our lives with us remain
    Everyone can't be a success one's big loss is another's gain
    The complexities of chance of birthright is way beyond us to explain.... more »

  • Life Has It Sob Stories

    On my own in a cafe eating a piece of fruit cake
    And washing it down with an orange milk shake
    On the verandah overlooking the bay
    Around four thirty p m a quiet time of day... more »

  • Life Has It's Crosses

    He was fifteen when a drunk driver knocked him down and killed him to bring a quick end to his brief life span
    His parents left to grieve for their teenager one who would never grow into a man
    Their only child for them it is heart-breaking to lose their son in such a tragic way
    Six months ago for him they are still grieving he would be sixteen years old today... more »

  • Life Has It's Moments

    Life has it's moments of laughter and life has it's moments of tears
    On the life's journey we are on there are sad and happy years
    Memories stir up human feelings and such feelings do run deep
    For people we loved and laughed with at their passing we do weep... more »

  • Life He Does Blame

    He is short on money and feeling quite sad
    And he does feel that life has been treating him bad
    The praises of life at present he does not sing
    But he forgets that life does not owe anyone anything... more »

  • Life In Shamrock Glen

    the happy little singing wren
    Who sang it's songs in Shamrock Glen
    Has tragically fallen prey
    Of the dreaded sparrow hawk today.... more »

  • Life Is

    Life is what you make of it some are known to say
    But for many so many it is not this way
    Those born of poor parents with this would not agree
    Without school education they only does know of extreme poverty... more »

  • Life Is A Competition

    Life is a competition that's how it seems to be
    Young people compete for a uni degree
    Competition in sport to be the best athlete
    Even for a job start people have to compete... more »

  • Life Is A Great Teacher

    You know your true friend when you are in most need
    For like 'tis said such a friend is a friend indeed
    One who stands by you when you are feeling down
    A cash strapped and depressed poor soul of the town... more »

  • Life Is A Thing She Enjoy

    The Seasons are catching up on her and time has left her grey and lame
    Yet lots of life left in the body of the one who walks with the aid of a frame
    The reaper on her may be waiting but she still looks lucid and bright
    And to father time she won't surrender without putting up a good fight.... more »

  • Life Is All That Does Matter

    We read and hear of talented people but in truth one can say
    The greatest gift they have they share with everyone living today
    They may boast of their talents and their worldly success
    But life is the greatest gift they do possess... more »

  • Life Is All That Matters

    You may feel suicidal racked by inner strife
    But why even contemplate on surrendering your life
    The greatest gift that anyone does possess
    Many who have lived through tough times have later known of success... more »

  • Life Is For To Be Lived Well

    Life is for to be lived well as many do like to say
    But if for the work that you do yours is below average pay
    How can you hope for to live well at all
    If your monetary income to live well on too small... more »

  • Life Is For Winners

    Not everyone can be the best in the town
    And few even do know of local renown
    But you can only live as good as you can
    And that goes for every woman and for every man.... more »

  • Life Is Full Of Surprises

    Life is full of surprises seems true for to say
    We learn as we live something new every day
    Yet as we do learn we come to realize
    That of life we know little this should not be a surprise... more »

  • Life Is Not Always Great

    Life is not always great for those on the summit of renown
    Those who create heroes and heroines can also drag their idols down
    For the wealthy and famous their lives not their own
    The price they do pay for becoming widely known... more »

  • Life Is Not Easy As Some Like To Say

    Life is not always easy as some like to say
    In neighborhood and family feuds there can be hell to pay
    A tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye
    As a saying to the revengeful types does always apply... more »