• Life Is Only About Living

    You may be financially wealthy or you may be struggling to survive
    But life is only about living yes only about being alive
    The dead can't be of assistance to anyone though their legacy they leave behind
    In death we still sing the praises of those who in life were good and kind.... more »

  • Life Is Quite Fair To Some

    Life is quite fair to some and to some only there are many who have been to hell and back
    The gods of luck do never seem on their side though to keep living courage is something they do not lack
    I pay no heed to those who talk of life choices since life choices to everyone do not apply
    Since circumstance of birth it is a known fact the right to a fair go many do deny... more »

  • Life Is The Greatest Gift

    The millions out there with your talents you may impress
    But what has made you wealthy and famous is not the greatest gift that you possess
    A gift that is far greater than wealth and fame
    That every living person has and life is it's name... more »

  • Life Is This Way

    As long as they do not defame me with lies with me this is fine
    For what others think of me is their business not mine
    They have their opinions and talk it is cheap
    But what we sow in life is what we do reap... more »

  • Life Is Too Short

    Life is too short for bearing a grudge
    And why should one wish to be anyone's judge
    Live and let live is the best you can do
    How you choose to live is only up to you... more »

  • Life Is Tough For Many

    Life is tough for many in the big World out there
    The homeless and hungry have never been rare
    Too many far too many of malnutrition dying or have died
    And the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps growing ever wide.... more »

  • Life Is What

    Life is what you make of it as some like to say
    But in reality it is not this way
    For millions of people who are doing it tough
    Who are often hungry and live and sleep rough... more »

  • Life Is What You Make Of It

    Life is what you make it is partly true
    And what we receive from life is what we are due
    But for everybody such is not the case
    Not for those by chance of birth born in the wrong place... more »

  • Life Is What You Make Of It As Some Do Like To Say

    Life is what you make of it as some do like to say
    Though circumstance in all of this does have some part to play
    The one from a broken home and homeless as a teen of success stands little chance
    Life is what you make of it does seem can depend on circumstance... more »

  • Life Is What You Make Of It Some Are Known To Say

    Life is what you make of it some are known to say
    Though not everybody does see it that way
    If you are quite poor and in financial strife
    How can you speak positively about life.... more »

  • Life Is Worth The Struggle

    We hear so much of terminal illnesses of people dying in their prime
    But the longest life is not that long we all become victims of time
    And whether you live to be one hundred or die at twenty five
    The thing that keeps us living is our desire to survive... more »

  • Life Is Your Greatest Gift

    Wealthy people may know of fame through success
    And have many admirers and so many impress
    Yet the poorest of people in truth than them no less
    Since they too have the greatest gift a human being can possess... more »

  • Life Isn'T That Bad

    If you feel that life has done you wrong
    And the will to die in you is strong
    Don't give up life's worth another try
    Only an insane man would rather die.... more »

  • Life It Goes On As Usual

    Life it goes on as usual beyond that far southern shore
    And the cars and trucks buzz to and fro between Millstreet and Rathmore
    And the dipper he is singing in the silver tongued mountain rill
    That babbles down the high fields by ancient Clara hill.... more »

  • Life It Is No Path Of Roses

    Life it is no path of roses
    Only a mixture of woe and joy
    And long before the time of Moses
    People have been known to cry.... more »

  • Life It Is Said

    Of life it is said we must give to receive
    On such a philosophy i am one who believe
    Kindness can beget kindness happens to be true
    If you are kind to others good things may be your due... more »

  • Life It Is The Greatest Gift

    The wealthy and the famous of the World of today
    To many their lives of great interest it seems to be this way
    Stories of them in newspapers and magazines and they are often seen on t v
    So many impressionable people in the Human World is how it seems to be... more »

  • Life It Just Goes On

    They came from different backgrounds and were different as chalk and cheese
    And she was quite ambitious and he not hard to please
    And he was one of those without an ambitious life plan
    And the parents for their daughter see him as the wrong sort of a man.... more »

  • Life Must Be Very Sad For Her

    Life must be very sad for her so feeble, old and gray
    From her bed helped to her wheelchair her life's hours tick away
    A drive in the nursing home bus once a week with her elderly mates she does look forward to
    She can only live for as long as she can but then that's all we all can do,... more »

  • Life On Earth Goes On As Usual

    George W Bush bit into a pretzel but as he swallowed he struggled for breath
    And he hit the floor in a weakness the President was near to death
    But after an hour he recovered a graze on his face from his fall
    And years from now in his autobiography the incident he will recall.... more »

  • Life On No Hope Street

    He is in a cocoon of sadness and stress
    The poor bloke who lives at the No Hope Address
    In the poor side of Town where job starts are rare
    And where many are jobless and must live off of welfare... more »

  • Life Seems Too Short

    Life seems too short for stress and care and worry
    Since I came to this Land seems like only yesterday
    But the babes back then their prime years now approaching
    And two decades and a year have since ticked away.... more »

  • Life The Greatest Gift

    Life is your greatest gift in truth one can say
    Feel happy you have woke for to greet a new day
    Though luck it is not on your side of late
    And in your life you have nothing to celebrate... more »

  • Life Through The Eyes Of Mrs Nash

    I came here from the County of Fermanagh almost fifty years ago
    From the Land of het and shamrock, small green fields and green hedgerows
    Met a gentleman from Kerry married him and settled down
    Here in Victoria Australia The Garden City Melbourne Town.... more »

  • Life To None Is Indebted

    Those who believe that life does owe to them only disappointment on themselves does bring
    For life to none is indebted and does not owe anyone anything
    Some do blame life for their misfortune when they have none other to blame
    But life is impervious to human criticisms and does not have a sense of shame... more »