• Life Wasn'T Meant To Be Easy

    'Life wasn't meant to be easy' a quote from George Bernard Shaw
    But from that familiar saying your own conclusion you draw
    Those words maybe for the masses for those who drudge on and then die
    But life wasn't meant to be easy to everyone does not apply.... more »

  • Life Will Be Living In Nature

    Though of life like all others i have stories for to tell
    I will die and be forgotten as a man of doggerel
    In life i have been lucky the gift of life a marvelous thing
    And of the beauty all around me i feel happy for to sing... more »

  • Life Will Go On

    I am getting older the clock ticking on me
    And I only have memories of the what used to be
    Many Seasons have come and gone since my physical prime
    And it is only in memory we can go back in time... more »

  • Life Will Go On As Usual

    Every day people are born to life and every day people die
    But life as usual does go on and politicians lie
    And some in their thinking are convinced that they have god on their side
    And billions are in poverty in Countries Worldwide... more »

  • Life Without Them Goes On

    Many who thought they were irreplaceable where the deceased are now lay
    And life and business in the World without them is going on today
    They were looked on as important till life's reaper came reaping their way
    Death is the great equalizer as the wise person does say... more »

  • Life Works

    If the law does not catch up with you Karma will one day
    For our sins against others we will have some price to pay
    What goes around comes around as the wise teacher does say
    This is how life works and it has always worked in this way... more »

  • Life Works In This Way

    Most people interested in the accumulation of money that leads to success and fame
    The pauper like all paupers lives and dies as an almost unknown name
    But many wealthy people are never satisfied
    That us humans are hard to please cannot be denied... more »

  • Life's Doddering Stage

    Though many on their day far greater than me
    I am not the man that i once used to be
    There does come a time when we all feel our age
    I am one of those at life's doddering stage... more »

  • Life's Journey

    Life's journey isn't always smooth and easy
    And every day for you not a good day
    Yet every road you travel isn't bumpy
    And you meet some decent people on your way.... more »

  • Life's Journey For Everyone

    Life's journey for everyone comes to an end
    We are born to die why otherwise pretend
    The pauper the celebrity and the billionaire
    The Reaper of lives any life does not spare... more »

  • Life's Road To Nowhere

    Have you ever felt you are on life's road to nowhere
    Just one more statistical figure nothing more
    And life for you of late has been unpleasant
    A future of prosperity and happiness for you does not seem in store... more »

  • Life's Survival Battle

    Life's survival battle i fight every day
    As my debt to society i struggle to pay
    My money making ventures to success never lead
    And tis true our friends we know in our moments of need... more »

  • Life's Too Short For Worry

    Life's too short for worry so enjoy your day
    For the seconds and minutes keep ticking away
    And worrying creates more worries and turns hair to gray
    Laughter is the best medicine as some like to say... more »

  • Like A Beautiful Pink Camellia

    Like a beautiful pink camellia that's how you appear to me
    That bloom in chilly August on it's dark green mother tree
    So bright and fresh and pretty in the wintery wind and rain
    That's how you've always looked to me and that's how you will remain.... more »

  • Like A Hole In The Head

    She said you lack sense for one well past your life's prime
    Since you are one who waste hours of precious living time
    In penning this stuff known as doggerel rhyme
    It does seem such a waste though it is not a crime... more »

  • Like All

    From your gifts you have known of wealth, success and fame
    And many so many know of you by name
    A stone sculpting of you in a park in your hometown
    You have achieved your life's dream of Worldwide renown... more »

  • Like All Life Forms

    Like all life forms we are mortal and that is not a lie
    We are born from woman helpless and as helpless we will die
    Only Nature lives forever that is how it seems to me
    The only one i know of who outlives mortality... more »

  • Like All Other Forms

    Like all other life forms the great and the small
    All things that walk, swim and fly and crawl
    And like the great tree of the woodland that eventually does fall
    For us humans a last night and day for us all... more »

  • Like All Other Life Forms

    Like all other life forms we are born to die
    This applies to the earth worm as well as you and i
    On how long we live we do not have a say
    The Reaper of lives claims more lives every day... more »

  • Like All Other Olympics

    Like all other Olympics of the bygone years
    In the Olympics in Rio the joy and the tears
    For those who do not win Olympic medals the disappointment is great
    And as always the winners are those who celebrate... more »

  • Like All Others

    Like all others they eventually do run out of time
    But the rhymers they never do run out of rhyme
    Since they have no wish to give rhyming away
    They keep on rhyming on until their last night and day... more »

  • Like All Things Of Nature

    It may be in your young years or when you are old and gray
    But for you just like me there will be a last day
    A day when our ears become deaf to all praise and all scorn
    A day we live to since the day we were born... more »

  • Like And Dislike

    Like and dislike only human feelings when all is said and done
    But i cannot bring myself to hate anyone
    For hatred a stronger form of dislike that seems to grow over time
    That can lead the hater against the hated one to commit a serious crime... more »

  • Like Billions Of Amateur Writers

    Like Billions of amateur writers I pen more stuff every day
    And of life as well as Nature always something for to say
    The book of life the book of knowledge is surely not a lie
    And we never do stop learning until the day we die... more »

  • Like Every Migrant

    Like every migrant i had a first home place
    And to many there mine was a familiar face
    But the years have left me looking older and gray
    And in Claraghatlea i would be a stranger today... more »