• Love To Have As A Gift

    That we need more love in the World only true for to say
    For people with love in them perform good deeds every day
    Without love in you love with others you cannot share
    This is something that everyone of should be aware... more »

  • Love To It Has Many Sides

    Love to it has many sides and feelings and of love's ways little I can claim to know
    You will not find it in the fields and hedgerows and on bushes and on trees it does not grow
    Quite different to passion and infatuation the feelings of love grown on intimacy
    The many ways of love seem very complex and in truth seems too big a thing for me.... more »

  • Love Transcends All Barriers

    The passing years has wiped most of his memory
    As well as leaving him looking weary, old and gray
    But his ageing wife she lovingly cares for him
    And she tells him that she loves him every day.... more »

  • Love Turned Upside Down

    They thought their love would last a lifetime thought can make a fool of us some say
    Their children raised and they both are Re-married and not on speaking terms today
    The blaming and counter blaming between them is over and their separate ways they have gone
    But bitterness does not die easily and the bad blood between them lives on... more »

  • Love Upside Down

    You cannot love everyone you know in your side of the town
    And some say that hate can be love upside down
    That when love ends in acrimony ill feelings set in
    In love as in life 'tis not easy to win... more »

  • Love With Peace And Justice

    It's a troubled World we live in the World of today
    But love with peace and justice only decades away
    In fifty years or less from now there won't be mistrust and hate
    The war lords and the men of war will have passed their use by date.... more »

  • Love, Kindness And Compassion

    Love, Kindness and Compassion does not come from elsewhere they can only come from within
    By making yourself a better person you make the World better to live in
    Those who take and take and never do give
    Are never making the World in better to live... more »

  • Love's Disappointment

    The woman he loved would not become his wife
    She married a man far wealthier than he is for a better life
    Joe in his seventies is single today
    And time on him is showing he is balding and gray... more »

  • Love's Not All Joy And Happiness

    For loving someone truly the price can be huge to pay
    That is how it is and that's how 'twill be for it has always been this way
    The poets write about love the singers of it sing
    Though few talk of unrequited love though there is such a thing... more »

  • Lovesick Johnny

    The rhododendrons flowering in the garden
    The willy wagtail sing on wattle tree
    But lovesick Johnny feeling so unhappy
    He pines for love that never was to be.... more »

  • Low Self Esteem

    In my lifetime of my inhibitions i may never be free
    My number one enemy surely is me
    My barrier to any success in my life is of my low self esteem
    One can be their own number one enemy it does seem... more »

  • Lower Forms Of Criminal Coward

    Their religious beliefs they take beyond too far
    For to kill defenseless people carry bombs in a car
    Or to commit mass murder take their own lives in suicide
    So many because of them have been maimed for life or died... more »

  • Lowitga For Head Of State

    I do respect Elizabeth Australia's absent Queen
    Though in the sunny Southern Land she is not often seen
    She lives in her huge palace in London far away
    But she will remain Australia's Queen as long as the likes of John Howard have their say.... more »

  • Lucinda

    Lucinda is a wise old poetess and she is showing her decades in gray
    But she doesn't use hair dyes or wear makeup for to hide signs of ageing away
    And to those who ask her what age she is I'm not telling you she will say
    The years may have left me looking older but I feel healthy and okay.... more »

  • Luck On His Side

    Struggling to support his wife and young son and daughter on very low pay
    He was a poor working man yesterday
    On his way home from work he bought a lotto ticket last night his luck was in
    Today he is a millionaire five million dollars he did win... more »

  • Luckier Than Most

    I am sixty two will soon be sixty three
    And so many Countries I never will see
    I will live till the Reaper claim my life's breath whenever that be
    And life in the World will go on without me... more »

  • Lucky

    I feel lucky in the scenic places to i have been
    And the beauty in my travels that i have seen
    And the people i have met that i write of in rhyme
    Something i have been doing over decade of time... more »

  • Lucky Are

    To it there is always a joyful ring
    Laughter it is such a wonderful thing
    One has to feel for the sad sacks of the town
    Never smiling and looking sad and feeling down... more »

  • Lucky Are They

    Lucky are they who are happy and of worries carefree
    All of the money in the World could not buy what they possess that's how it would seem to me
    Yes money cannot buy you happiness just ask the billionaires
    He and she looking so unhappy their faces full of cares... more »

  • Lucky Are Those

    Lucky are those without designs on fame
    Who never wish theirs would become a great name
    In words or deeds they never drag anyone down
    And live their quiet lives on their side of the town... more »

  • Lucky Are Those With Compassion

    Lucky are those with the gift of compassion for others they genuinely do care
    The people who rise above the ordinary though sad to say their type are rare
    they do not seek power over others they do their good deeds every day
    And for to help those who are in need of help they always go out of their way... more »

  • Lucky I Was Born A Human

    Tired in the Autumn of my existence though many like me in the town
    Were I a horse to be processed for pet meat like most ageing horses I'd have been put down
    Lucky I was born a human though I look ageing and gray
    On life's journey I struggle onwards though for me a last night and day... more »

  • Lucky In

    I am lucky in life in truth i can say
    In the beauty i see around me every day
    The beauty i do not have to pay to see
    That wherever i turn to look is around me... more »

  • Lucky In Life

    I feel lucky in life in truth i can say
    In some of the nice people i do meet every day
    With those who talk of a terrible World to live in i cannot say i agree
    At least this is how it does seem to me... more »

  • Lucky The People

    So lucky the people who are not well known
    One can say of them they have lives of their own
    None for to applaud them and none to drag them down
    As they live their quiet lives on their side of the town... more »