• Lucky The Strangers To Fame

    If you are well known and famous those who judge you are not few
    To me you may say you tell me something i already knew
    But if you are a stranger to many even on your side of the town
    Then few to criticize you and verbally put you down... more »

  • Lucky To Be Alive

    Some children to adulthood do not survive
    Those who reach three score and ten years are lucky to be alive
    And to survive to beyond your eight decade you need great health and good luck on your side
    So many years younger than they are have died... more »

  • Lucy Hope

    She is not a religious woman and she doesn't believe in prayer
    And though down to her last dollar of hope she will not despair
    And two days till welfare payment 'she can't go to grocery store'
    And her three children must go hungry and the youngest only four.... more »

  • Lucy Said To Me

    Lucy said to me do you miss Ireland far away
    Since out of Australia she addedfor a long period of time i could not stay
    She did have me thinking for an answer to her question i felt lost
    Migration to the migrant always comes at a cost... more »

  • Luibin Na Rince

    In the village of Cullen there is the corner of dance
    'Luibin na rince' I think it's Gaelic name
    You see it at the left on hill up village
    If you are journeying northwards towards Kiskeam.... more »

  • Luigi

    Though you never hear him say that life is unfair
    Luigi the old bloke with the silver hair
    He is one of those who knows it quite tough
    Most of his life's journey has been very rough... more »

  • Luke

    When i meet Luke and this is not often he complains to me of his wife
    He blames her for his sad existence and all that is wrong in his life
    He never has a happy story unhappiness to him lives near
    I always tell him i am in a hurry since his sad tales i do not wish to hear... more »

  • Luke In His Eighties

    Old Luke in his eighties once did say to me
    I am not what my mum and dad wished me to be
    Like my older deceased brother Dr John for years a respected M D
    But we all look at life in our ways differently... more »

  • Luke's Clients

    Luke who drinks at the local pub works for the D.S.S.
    He says his clients the poor and the unemployed not seen as a success
    The forgotten fringe dwellers in life they've lost their way
    And some of them in their twenties have never worked a day.... more »

  • Lunatic Juice

    Some can drink a lot of alcohol and still seem sober and sedate
    Whilst some only after a few drinks tend to grow to an aggressive state
    And act in a manner unbecoming as if they did have a screw loose
    To some alcohol is just a drink and to others tis lunatic juice,... more »

  • Macarthur

    Between Hamilton and Port Fairy in a scenic Countryside
    Where on a bright and a sunny day one can see for far and wide
    Is the Township of MaCarthur it is a quiet old place
    But if you are a local there your's is a well known face... more »

  • Macaulay's Heroes

    Macaulay who wrote The Lays Of Ancient Rome
    For his heroes did go a long way from home
    For Horatius Cocles his hero huge odds not afraid to face
    Was a legendary warrior of Roman Race... more »

  • Macho Males

    Many macho males frown on men who in public weep
    They say their tears for their private rooms they should keep
    Yet when our life's crosses seem too heavy to bear
    We lighten the sorrow the sorrow we share.... more »

  • Macroom In Mid Cork

    A long way from here to mid Cork and Macroom
    In the fields there now Nature's flowers are in bloom
    And in the Town gardens on every rose tree
    Pink and red roses a sight of rare beauty to see... more »

  • Mada And Ted

    As is said about dogs they cannot shed tears
    Mada and Ted had been canine friends for years
    Mada in peace now at Illowa lay
    With Ted left to grieve at her passing today... more »

  • Maddy Bowen

    It is mostly biographies of the wealthy and famous that are published to sell
    Though in everyone's life there is a story to tell
    It is only the lives of celebrities the gullible masses celebrate
    Though in death everyone does share a similar fate... more »

  • Made In China

    I see this little note book in China has been made
    And I can only wonder how much money was paid
    To the person who made it perhaps a cent or two
    If what we hear of China is anyway near true.... more »

  • Madge The Poetess

    Madge the Poetess has a way with words than her there is none better
    For to pen a poem or a short play or for to write a letter
    Yet she does not yearn for wealth and fame for the love of writing she writes only
    Without her note book and pen she says she would be very lonely,... more »

  • Madoninmarch

    In view of Mt Tarrengower surrounding Maldon Town
    The high partly wooded countryside is looking bare and brown
    The kangaroos and wallabies hungry not much sustenance on grass brown and dry
    And no sign of rain in the mostly blue sky... more »

  • Mae West

    'Come up and see me sometime when I've got nothing on but the radio' Mae West used to say
    She was a renowned sex symbol and her legend lives today
    She was a sexy woman that should never be a sin
    And even into old age she made love to younger men... more »

  • Maf And Thomas

    Though the relationship between them will never be great
    Maf the female chow chow and Thomas the cat getting on better of late
    And though the miaowing of a cat on her nerves does grate
    Karen and Peta's favourite moggy she has learned to tolerate.... more »

  • Magella

    She is such a beautiful person with shoulder length hair of silver gray
    Though she is in her early eighties and she has known a far better day
    Magella she never had children her long term partner Jimmy last year passed away
    She says she would feel so much happier if he were living it is quiet where he now does lay... more »

  • Maggie May

    Her rather sly smile her real self betray
    The ruler in her home ageing Maggie May
    Six times a grandmother with her husband Ed
    The ruler of her home by herhe is led... more »

  • Magnolias

    A thing of such great beauty a lovely thing to see
    The purple flowers that in Spring bloom on the magnolia tree
    A memory to live on when other memories fade
    Only by Mother Nature such beauty can be made... more »

  • Magpie Is Warbling

    A magpie is warbling on a July night
    Under a starry sky in the moonlight
    With his breeding borders for him to defend
    At this time of year he treats none as a friend... more »